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"Alright, round 2," Alfred said as he, Mathew, and Francis rejoined the circle. "Gilbert put your clothes back on."

The albino shrugged. He struggled back into his tight black pants just as lewdly as when he took them off. He left off his belt, claiming it was too much of a hassle for the short amount of time he'd be wearing it.

"Okaaaay~" Alfred continued, "If anyone needs a cold shower, please feel free to go." No one moved, but quite a few faces were tomato red. "I'm first. Dare."

"Shut your eyes and pucker up," he read. "The group gets to pick, while you aren't looking, a random person to give you a 10 second kiss. You may not open your eyes until the person in back, mixed in with the group."

Following orders he squeezed his eyes shut. He could hear the other nations arguing over who got the great pleasure of (read: was forced to endure) kissing him. A shudder passed through his body as he heard, "I will do it, da." He was very grateful when he heard a garbled mix of English and French shouting the Russian down. Finally the choice was made.

Alfred could hear the person kneel down in front of him. Two gentle hands rested on his shoulder. Not Ivan, he thought. The Russian wouldn't have been so gentle.

Petal soft lips pressed firmly to his own. It was hesitant, yet firm, telling Alfred not to pull away. A probing tongue pushed instantly into his mouth, tasting and exploring.

He leaned back on his hands, but the person just followed him forward. A hand slipped off Alfred's shoulder to help him balance. Alfred was finally getting into it, his hand coming up to rest on the other man's hip.

"Time's up!" Arthur shouted, "Alfred keep your eyes closed." The American shot back up, angry that he had been so overwhelmed by a simple kiss. His face connected with his kisser's. He felt his glasses clink against the other man's glasses.

"Oh my God!" Alfred shouted. His eyes snapped open as he scrambled back. "You hade me make out with my brother!? That's gross!" Mathew just smirked, returning to his spot, ignoring Alfred's ranting.

"Think about it this way, mon fils, it could have been worse," Francis told him, with a distinct nod in Ivan's direction. "Now it's Mathieu's turn."

"Dare," Mathew told Alfred before he could even ask.

"You must close your eyes and spin around 10 times," Alfred read. "Then, while keeping your eyes closed, find the nearest person and tell them "I love you," and then kiss them." He paused after reading it. "No. Mathew can't do that one." He stated.

"Why not, da?" Ivan asked.

"Because he's my brother! It's bad enough he's already had to make out with someone, he doesn't need to do it again!" Mathew just rolled his eyes. His brother could say what he wanted, but he was no blushing virgin. He walked purposefully towards the center of the circle, Alfred too busy arguing to notice his movement. He closed his eyes, and began to turn slowly counting to ten. Stumbling forwards, he grabbed the closed person, his shaky hand's grasping their shoulders.

"I love you," he mumbled, before pressing his lips to the other person's.

"Besides the fact that he's too young to be making out with anyone… hey!" Alfred finally noticed that he brother was already up, kissing Feliks. "That's not fair!"

"Oh shut up," Mathew said, "it was just a peck." He returned to his seat. "Francis, your turn." He said, purposefully not looking at his brother.

"Dare," Francis smirked, keeping the conversation going before Alfred could complain some more.

"Find the youngest person playing the game. Give them a passionate kiss for 15 seconds," he finished reading, "Feliciano, how old are you?" Alfred asked.

"Ve~ 20." The brunette said, smiling.

"Romano?" Alfred asked.

"Older than him," Lovino frowned.

"A…Arthur?" Alfred continued to plead.

"You should know," Arthur scowled.

"Like, give up already," Feliks said, "We all know who's the youngest here."

"I am," Mathew said quietly, "And you act like it's such a bad thing."

"It is a bad thing!" Alfred shouted.

"Come here, mon fils," Francis smirked, beckoning Mathew towards him.

"I'm counting the seconds!" Alfred warned him. Francis just waved his hand; ignore the American as he pulled Mathew closer with his free hand. He pressed his lips hard against Mathew's lips, one free hand burying in the Canadian's hair. He licked Mathew's lips, eagerly slipping his tongue into the other man's mouth.

"Eww, like I can totally see his tongue," Felik said, staring intently at the two.

"I did not want to hear that," Alfred muttered, clamping his hands over his ears. He looked down at his cell phone clock, checking the time. "Alright times up!" he yelled, grabbing his brother by his jacket hood and yanking him back into his seat.

"That was only 5 seconds!" Francis complained.

"No it wasn't!" Alfred argued back, "It was 15. I was counting. Arthur?"

"Truth," The brit replied, "I'm not one to touch my own son." A few of the nations snickered, remembering that Arthur had a "special relationship," with Alfred.

"Have you ever had to pretend you were sober, even though you were wasted? How did it turn out?"

"No." Arthur replied.

"Oui," Francis said at the same time.

"It was my question," Arthur growled.

"But you lied," Francis justified.


"Alright, Francis, why don't you tell us, if Arthur won't." Alfred said with a smirk.

Francis opened his mouth to speak, but Arthur cut him off.

"Fine fine," He said quickly, "I don't need that frog embellishing it." He looked around the room. "Last time I said I was sober when I wasn't I woke up in someone else's bed. There. That good enough?"

"Ve, who's was it?"

"Take a guess," Arthur growled.

"Moi," Francis mouthed.

"Alrighty then," Alfred said, "Toris?"


"What was the first real "drinking" experience that you had? Tasting your parent's wine doesn't count. How were the results of your first experience?"

"Feliks and I stole some of my boss' brandy," Toris admitted, "We were in the barn, drinking, and... ow!" Feliks smacked him upside the head.

"Don't tell them that!" Feliks told his partner. Alfred opened his mouth to ask what "that was, but was interrupted by Ivan laughing.

"What?!" Feliks turned on to face the Russian.

"He knows," Toris whispered.

"Ew! Oh my god! How does he know!?"

"Russia knows everything, da."

"Okay!" Alfred interrupted before they could start another World War, "Feliks, truth or dare?"


"Pick the person in the group that you would want to make out with. Now randomize 1 to 10. If you get 1-4, you get to make out with that person privately for 15 seconds. If you get 5-9, the person you picked gets to choose who you must make out with IN FRONT OF THE GROUP for 15 seconds. If you get 10, you must make out with the person you chose AND a person of their choice, for 30 seconds in front of the group."

Feliks looked around the room, trying to choose. The obvious choice would be Toris; after all he was his partner. However the odds were against him. If he choose Toris he would quite likely end up with someone else of Toris' choosing. Therefore what he actually needed was someone nice (immediately striking Ivan off the list.) who he both wouldn't mind kissing, and who would likely let him make out with Toris. His eyes quickly scanned the faces in the group, desperately seeking the kindness he needed.

"Well?" Alfred asked. Feliks' eyes finally found what he was looking for. The perfect oblivious, kind person.

"Feliciano," Feliks said, crossing his fingers for good luck.

"Alright, Tori… wait, what?"

"I totally said Feliciano, like weren't you listening?"

"Oookay," Alfred said, clicking a few things on the computer. "You're number is 7. So Feliciano, who do you choose?"

"Ve~ Toris is his partner. It should be him."

A huge grin crossed Feliks face as he turned to Toris. His plan had worked perfectly. He leaned forward quickly, capturing his neighbor's lips with his own. His fingers threaded through brunette locks, trying to pull the other man closer. Fifteen seconds ended all too soon, though and they had to stop.

"Love ya," Feliks whispered as he pulled back.

"Ivan, your turn."

"Dare, da."

"Remove three articles of clothing that are cotton. Leave them off for a complete turn. If you do not have any cotton clothing on, you lucked out."

Ivan shrugged, unbuttoning his coat. Once he was off, and carefully folded by Toris, he moved onto his shirt, not bothering to remove his scarf. Several nations gasped at his scars, many of which were obviously self-inflicted. All nations had scars –results of many disputes ore inner conflict, but none has quite as many as him. Ivan stoically ignored them all. After passing his shirt to Toris to fold he removed his socks.

Only once all his removed clothes ere folded did he look up and smile. "Anything else?" he asked Alfred.

"No…" Alfred replied, his eyes still chasing a scar that ran down Ivan's chest, disappearing at the top of his pants. It had obviously been a deep gash – it would have killed an ordinary man. Of course, Ivan wasn't ordinary was he?

"Gilbert," Alfred didn't answer, but at least he tore his eyes away from Ivan's chest. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Of course he was too awesome for the truth.

"You can't do this one," Alfred said scanning the dare. "You don't have a partner."

"Read it anyway," Gilbert shrugged.

"But you don't have a partner..."

"Read the damn dare."

"Your partner must get into a chair and sit, comfortably, while you orally pleasure them for 3 minutes." Alfred looked up. "See? You can't do it. You don't have a partner."

"I have a partner," Gilbert stated.

"What?!" Alfred looked up sharply.

"He has a partner," Mathew repeated softly.

"So we need a chair, right?" Gilbert jumped to his feet and moved to one of the fancy hotel chairs, "Come on, Mattie, come sit."

Three jaws (Arthur, Alfred, and Francis to be exact) hit the floor as Mathew Williams moved to join his boyfriend at the chair.

"Sit, sit," Gilbert pushed Mathew into the chair, crawling on after him.

"Are you going to start the time or do I just get free range?" He asked, turning his head towards Alfred.

"I can't watch," Alfred whined, motioning for Gilbert to begin. Alfred clamped his hands over his eyes.

Gilbert leaned forwards, kissing Mathew passionately.

"Jealous, eh?" Mathew asked when Gilbert finally pulled back.

"Just have to remind you who your boyfriend is," Gilbert muttered between kisses down Mathew's jaw and neck. "You've been quite a busy boy after all." Gilbert had made it to the edge of Mathew's shirt, and began to work his way back up, "Making out with your brother," kiss, "Your father," kiss, "That cross dresser." The last kiss was longer, his tongue invading Mathew's mouth.

"Hmm, well you owe me," Mathew told his lover, as Gilbert slithered down to kneel between his legs, "Al will never let me hear the end of this."

"Don't worry, I'll make this worth your while," Gilbert pulled down Mathew's pant's zipper with his teeth. A moan escaped Mathew's lips as Gilbert licked his cock, through his boxers.

"Did he just moan?!" Alfred yelled, flinging his hand off his eyes. Luckily most of the action was blocked by the armrest, or he might have died right then and there. (Not that it helped much either. Everyone could still se that Gilbert's face was between Mathew's legs and the bright blush spreading across Mathew's face.)

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Alfred pulled one of the pillows off the bed and put it over his head. He looked rather like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. The muffled chant of "oh my god," could still be heard from under the pillow.

Gilbert had finally gotten Mathew's boxers down to his hips, releasing his erection. He took the head into his mouth, sucking hard, causing Mathew to moan and clutch the arm rest. He took him deeper, forcing his throat relax. With one final suck he released his lover's cock.

"Lift," he muttered, pulling Mathew's pants down to his knees.

"Are they done yet?" Alfred asked wearily, pulling his head from under the pillow. He saw exactly where Mathew's pants were and slammed his head back down.

"Just relax," Gilbert muttered. His mouth moved lower, sucking on Mathew's balls.

"It's hard to relax," Mathew replied, "ah… when they're all… ngg… watching."

"They're just jealous," He planted a kiss on Mathew's thigh.

"Of you… uhh… or me?" Mathew's face was flushed, his eyes squeezed closed.

"Both," Gilbert said. He looked Mathew straight in the eyes, planting a kiss on his cock.

"Alright! Times up!" Arthur yelled from the group. "IT was over 5 minutes ago, but some bloody idiot couldn't keep his eyes on the clock!"

"Some of us were enjoying the show, Angleterre!"

"Only you would enjoy watching your own son being blown frog!"

So says the one in a 'special relationship' with Alfred!"

"You still owe me," Mathew told Gilbert as he pulled his pants back up.

"Mhmmm," Gilbert pulled him close, giving him a lingering kiss. When they finally returned to the group all was well. Alfred had returned to a sitting position, the pillow that had once covered his head was now plopped in his lap, and Francis and Arthur had been separated and told to "shut it!"

"Alright, Antonio, truth or dare?"


"Everyone loves a nice, soft pillow. Lucky you! You get to take off all your clothes and wear nothing but a full size bed pillow for three rounds. It is up to you how you use it, or what you cover," Alfred read. "You know. This thing gives some odd dares."

"What!?" Lovino spluttered, getting ready to tear Alfred apart verbally. Antonio just sighed, ignoring his lover. He pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it to the side. Sure he could do a full strip tease like Gilbert had the previous round, but what would be the point? Besides, he didn't want cute little Lovi to get even madder at him for this than he already was.

No one really took notice of Antonio. Not even when he waltzed halfway across totally starkers to get a pillow. Everyone was too intent on watching the little Italian rant.

"Ready to continue?" he asked once he was sitting back down, pillow half skewed over his lap.

Alfred covered his laughter with coughing. "Yes. Lovino?"

"Truth," Lovino grumbled.

"Who, at your current party, do you think can hold their alcohol the least?" Alfred read.

"Simple. Arthur."

"Ooookay~," No one but Arthur even questioned it. "Feliciano, truth or dare?" Alfred asked.

"Ve~ Truth," Feliciano smiled.

"Are you a virgin still? If so, why? If not, who was your first time with and how was it?" Alfred read. Feliciano opened his mouth to answer, but was quickly interrupted.

"Like that's totally easy," Feliks said, "it's got to be Ludwig." Ludwig turned bright red and started to protest along with Feliciano, but again they were cut off.

"Non, non," Francis contradicted, "It would have been earlier. C'est Roderich."

"What!?" Lovino exploded, "I knew he was a fucking pedo!"

"I think it was Lovino," Antonio said, his eyes staring off in the distance, "A little brotherly love."

"What!?! Lovino launched himself at Antonio, "Oy! Bastard! You think I'd touch my own brother!!?"



"What the-"


"Like oh my god ew-"

"Ancient Rome!"

"You perverted old frog!"



"QUIET!!" Ludwig yelled, effectively shutting everyone up. Lovino was still straddling Antonio, who had lost his pillow somewhere in the struggle, and was trying to strangle him for the "brotherly love" comment. Feliks had been in the process of explaining to Toris that he had "like totally never touched the little wimp." And Francis and Arthur were still fighting over which was the biggest pervert.

"Feliciano?" Alfred asked the now quiet room.

"Ve~ No," Feliciano said, "I've never... you know." Everyone's jaw hit the floor.




"Nope," Feliciano smiled, "I've been with Ludwig for foreverrrrr, but we've never..." The entire room burst out laughing, as poor Ludwig turned bright red. "He wanted to wait for some time special!~" Feliciano defended him.

"Oh my god!" Gilbert fake cried, "My brother has principles! I've failed!" He fell over laughing. Ludwig just growled turning red.

"Ludwig, truth or dare?" Alfred asked once the laughter and catcalls finally died down.


"Another player gets to take 3 cans of beer," Alfred read. "This player gets to REALLY shake one of them up, then set them back down in front of you and mix them up. You must pick up a beer, lean your head back, and open it over your face. If it is the shaken one, chug it."

Ludwig looked mournfully at his two remaining beers and all their dead comrades. He had been planning on saving both of them for the next round, not risk wasting one of them on a dare.

"Tsk, stupid potato-bastard," Lovino scoffed. "Can't bring himself to risk a beer."

Ludwig huffed, putting his last two beers in front of him.

"Hey! That was mine!" Gilbert squawked as Ludwig stole one of his beers.

"I bought it," Ludwig informed him, placing the beer with the others. "Kiku would you do the honor?"

Kiku nodded. He carefully lifted one can and gave it a few good shakes. Once satisfied that it was well shaken, he began rapidly switching them around, much like a street hustler tricking a tourist of their cash.

Ludwig's eyes flashed back and forth following one of the cans. It took him almost a full minute to decide which one he was willing to risk. A hand caught his as he slowly lifted it above his head.

"I got it, west," Gilbert said, prying the can out f Ludwig's hand. Before Ludwig could protest Gilbert had raised it above his head finger on the tab. "What? Don't you trust me?"

"Uh… I guess," Ludwig finally replied.

"Good!" Gilbert pulled the tab.


Ludwig flinched, waiting for the cold ambrosia to hit his head, run through his hair and down his face.

"Good job!" Gilbert cheered, slapping him on the shoulder. "You choose the right one… opps!" Gilbert's hand "slipped" pouring the beer on his brother's head.

Ludwig spluttered screwing his eyes closed to keep the current from entering them.

"So sorry, west," Gilbert stated, throwing the now empty can into the pile with the rest. He snatched one of the remaining two, popping it open, intent on drinking its sweet nectar. Unfortunately he had grabbed the freshly shaken one. Beer fizzed out of the can, pouring over his wrist, down his arm, to finally pool between his legs.

"Holy Fuck!" he yelled, jumping up. "That's cold!"

"Mon ami, you seem to have ad an accident," Francis snickered amongst the other nations' laughter.

"Shut up!" Gilbert yelled, chunking the can at Francis' head.

"You two may go rinse off if you'd like," Alfred giggled his head inclined towards the bathroom. Both German's exited – Gilbert at a dead cursing run, and Ludwig at a stoic stalk. It took several minutes for the ensuing laughter to die down.

"Alright, Kiku, truth or dare?" Alfred asked.


After a few clicks Alfred opened his mouth to read the dare, but was interrupted by shouting in the bathroom.

"Don't take your pants off!" Ludwig yelled.

"But they're fucking wet!" Gilbert responded. The room again burst into laughter.

"Choose someone from the group and take them into a dark room," Alfred read. "You must make out with them for 30 seconds. When they are finished, you must close your eyes and let the other person leave. This person now gets to choose another player to go back into the room that you must make out with for 30 more seconds. The other player cannot choose themselves, and you cannot look who it was until you are finished."

Kiku stood up. "Care to accompany me?" He asked Alfred, offering him a hand up. The American smiled and accepted the hand. They ignored all the catcalls on their way to the closet.

"Rather cramped in here," Alfred commented as they closed the sliding door, blocking off all light. Kiku made a noncommittal noise. "Alright, let's do this." Alfred said, pushing the slighter man against the wall. He brought his lips close, breathing in the other man's space.

Kiku leaned forward connecting their lips. It was he who ended up dominating the kiss, pushing Alfred back up against the door. His tongue slipped into the other man's mouth, tasting the hamburger he had undoubtedly eaten before the party, and the mixture of sake and wine from a pervious dare.

They were both so caught up in the kissing that neither noticed the sound of a knocking on the front door, or voices in the small hall way.

"Wow," Alfred commented when they finally separated. "Keep your eyes closed. I'll go get someone else." He exited the closet and almost ran into Mathew.

"Whoa! Didn't see ya there!" he said, stumbling away. His eyes fell on the open front door and the new nations joining them.

"More people came," Mathew explained. A slow smirk crossed Alfred's face as he saw who one of the newbies was.

"Perfect!" He yelled, grabbing the man by the wrist and dragging him towards the closet. "Kiku's in the middle of his dare. He has to make out with two people," he explained. "I was the first one and I get to choose the second one. You have thirty second! Have fun!" He shoved the man into the closet.

Kiku heard the door open and someone stumble inside. He waited for the kiss he knew was coming. When nothing happened he felt his way forward and felt for the other occupant. His fingers grasped silk and he pulled.

There was a gasp as the other man hit him, but Kiku ignored it, favoring instead to press his lips to the other man. He felt his partner relax into the kiss finally, arms wrapping around Kiku. Kiku let his own arms slowly slide around the man, searching for some hint as to who he was kissing. Just as the mysterious man pulled back he felt the hard cord of a scar through the other man's clothing.

"Sorry we're late, aru," Kiku heard as he slowly opened his eyes.

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