My Angel

Shuki- pale skin, pink eyes, white hair, 18, Angel

Shumi- twin to Shuki (Same looks)

J.J.- Red hair, green eyes, tan skin, 17,boy, Shuki is J.J.'s angel

Henry- brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, 17, Shumi is Henry's angel

Jeri- red hair, brown eyes, pale skin, 17, Angeless

T.J.- Older brother of Shumi and Shuki (same looks), 19

"Please send me an Angel, a really nice one to." Said 4 year old J.J.

"An angel that will be my friend." Said 4 year old Henry.

"Have it be my little sister." They said together, although, they do not know each other.

"Sweet Children." Sighed 18 year old Shuki.

"I would gladly go down to you." Shumi sighed. Being 18 was hard for them. Shumi and Shuki are always going to be 18 until their children they watch over are 18.

"Henry! Time for bed!" Henry's mom shouted.

"Okay." Henry crawled into bed and closed his little eyes.

Little did he know that he had an Angel watching over him.