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Oh my God! He's a vampire!


"Alice?" I called from my bedroom.

She was by my side in a second. "Yes?"

I hesitated. "How much longer until she's on bed rest?"

Alice looked like she was pondering my question. "About a month. It should be long enough for what you have planned. So don't worry."

My eyebrows knitted together. "What do you mean? What am I going to do?"

Alice smiled. "I'll just let you figure that out." Then she walked out.

Stupid know it all but won't tell me what I'm going to do for my love pixie.

I huffed and turned on my radio, wanting to have a distraction for at least a few minutes.

"That was Lady Antebellum with 'Need you now'." The DJ spoke. "I'm pleased to announce that the Carnival is back in town! Lots and lots of rides, not to mention circus shows, a parade and cheap, but delicious food! It's open from 8am to 11pm through September and October! Tickets are $25.50 each for adults and $12.30 for kids. It's located in Downtown Seattle. Come out for some fun!"

I jerked upwards and stared at my radio. That's what I can do for Bella! I can take her to the carnival. That way, I can spend time with her, she can have a good time, and I can make her love me by being a gentleman.

It's the perfect date!

I literally ran down the stairs, grabbing my keys without stopping. I could hear Alice laughing at me even when I was five miles away.


I can't believe it…

I have proof sitting right here in front of me though, so how can I not believe it?

I heard someone come up the stairs, so I quickly shut down the computer and rushed over to my bed.

The door opened just as soon as I was tucked in. Charlie peeked in and smiled at me.

"Hey there kiddo."

"Hey, Dad."

"Uh, I have a question to ask you, Bells. You don't have to answer it if you don't want to, but a father kind of needs to know about these sort of things and it's just a simple question…again, you don't have to answer it, but maybe-"

"Dad," I cut him off, laughing. "You're rambling. What is it that you wanted to ask me?"

Charlie smiled sheepishly and then cleared his throat. "Are you and Edward Cullen…dating?"

I gaped at him. "No! Where would you ever get that idea?"

Charlie scratched the back of his head in thought. "Well, he came over here today and when he left he kind of looked…well…determined about something. He seemed upset about the fact that you're…" Charlie choked, obviously not able to say the word 'dying'.

I got up and hugged him tight. He held me tight; it was almost as if he was afraid that I would be taken from him right then and there. For the first time since I've known about my illness, I cried. I cried for Charlie, Renee, Angela, and even Jessica and Mike. But, most of all I cried for the mysterious vampire, Edward Cullen. I cried because I knew that I would never talk to him again, or get to hear his voice, I wouldn't even get to kiss those lips that I've been dreaming about.

I won't be able to do the normal things like:

Go to college.

Make new friends.


Swim in the ocean.




Write…the list is endless!

I won't be able to do these things or see the people I love because in three months I'll be buried six feet under.

I'll be gone…forever.

I cried writing this chapter, and now I have to agree with you people…this is a pretty sad story, but things will get much better, I promise!