A/N: A bit of an experiment. Attempting to write a story in fast-paced comic format.

Peppermint Patty looked into a reflective store window, poking her cheek and seeming rather glum.

"I hate being all mousy-blah." she complained.

"Sir?" Marcie, Patty's ever-present friend, inquired.

Turning and beginning to walk, Patty said, "I'm sorry Marcie. I don't mean to start being all self-conscious again, but sometimes I wish I was a bit more like that Lucille character, or even Chuck's sister. Then I'd be beautiful, and then someone might kiss me someday."

She placed a finger into the air knowingly. "No one ever wants to kiss a self-conscious mousy-blah girl."

Marcie looked away. "Don't be too sure about that, sir…" she muttered.