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Kyle awoke to the sun shining in through the window of his dorm room and also the loud music of his roommate, Brandon. It was some sort of screaming, metal, ridiculousness that made Kyle want to cover his ears. Unfortunately, he was too tired to do so. He pushed his comforter away from his head and looked at the clock. It was 9:58. His first class of Wednesday didn't start until twelve.

"Morning, Sunshine!" Brandon yelped as he jumped onto Kyle's bed, pulling his comforter all the way off.

"Morning." Kyle grumbled.

"Aw, come on. It's a beautiful day! The birds are singing, the sun is shining..." Brandon was very cheerful when it came to mornings. Yes, he was gay (how unexpected that Kyle's first roommate be "Family" as Nelson would have said) and was in a complicated long distance relationship with a guy that went to Dartmouth.

Kyle pushed Brandon off of him where he fell to the floor, then checked his cell phone. His parents had gotten him one as a going away present. Of course he talked with Nelson and Jason for hours on end while studying at the same time. He'd accidentally fallen asleep on them twice already, and he was only in the first semester of his college year.

He went to shower and get dressed before grabbing his cell phone and book-bag and giving Brandon a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye. They had become fairly close as friends, but nowhere near anything as close as him and Nelson, or not even on the same wavelength as him and Jason. Kyle thought that being away from each other, though painful, would make them closer as boyfriends. They would realize how much they missed each other and how they can't live without each other. Kyle had many dreams about their sappy reunion, kissing and holding each other, but then....love making. Kyle could only hope that Jason hadn't found another man, or woman which was definitely a possibility considering the road trip they took not too long ago. But Kyle trusted Jason, and that's what the old guys at the restaurant said it took. Trust, communication, and commitment. That's what would keep them together.

Kyle walked down the sidewalks of his campus to the fountain where he sat every morning, talking to Jason or Nelson until it was time for his class.



"Hey Kyle!" Jason said excitedly.

They talked for a while about school was going. Jason told him about how community college sucked, but the team was okay. They'd heard about his coming out and didn't treat him any differently. Kyle was glad that they accepted him. Kyle told him about his Math Team and how they were definitely going to win the decathlon. Then Jason brought up a rocky topic.

"I miss you," he said.

"I miss you too. I'll try to come down soon. My next break is a week away."

"Please, do. I really, really need you here. I want you to see me play."

"Of course I'm going to come see one of your games, Jason! Even if I have to sneak out and drive to see you."

"Good. Hey, are you on the swim team?"

"I don't know. I've got a lot going with Math Team and all this friggin' work..."

"Come on, Kyle! You know you need to join." Kyle checked his watch and noticed it was now 11:15. If he wanted to catch breakfast before class, he'd better leave now.

"I've got to go, Jason." He sighed.

"Alright. I guess I'll talk to you later." Jason replied. He sounded so disappointed, that Kyle wanted to skip breakfast just so he could talk to him some more.

"Okay. I love you."

"Back at you."

Kyle stared at the phone for a few seconds after he hung up. Then he grabbed his book-bag and headed off toward the cafeteria.


Jason stared at the phone for a few more seconds after he hung up with Kyle. He wished more than anything to be with Kyle right now, sharing their college experience. But he knew that couldn't happen, so he drained all of his thoughts of moroseness, and continued to help his sister with her breakfast.

"When's Kyle coming back?" She asked him, almost every morning.

"I don't know, monkey. Sit down and eat your breakfast."

"You love him, don't you?" Jason stared long and hard at Melissa, trying to figure out how this little girl became so inquisitive, so fast.

"Um, yeah." He answered truthfully. Melissa beamed and continued munching on her French toast.

When Jason walked into the building of the community college, it felt very routine already, even though he'd only been in school a couple of weeks. He saw familiar faces of kids he never really talked to, and some who talked to him too much, (i.e. calling him a "Fag", "Sissy", "Queer,"). He avoided those people.

As he walked down the crowded halls, he saw many different cliques of people. In his couple weeks here, he's already been hit on by half of the freshman class of girls that weren't already lesbians and didn't know his orientation. He let them down politely, letting them know he had a boyfriend at Princeton, and saying it proud. Most of them blushed and walked away, a few pressed on, saying things like, "Well you can have me while he's not around." Jason avoided temptation, and simply walked away.....as fast as he could. Before he did something stupid like with that girl on the road trip and it somehow got all the way to Princeton.

After his classes, he went to the gym, freshing up on his game with the same routine Coach Cameron had shown him a while back. Sometimes a couple of guys would come in and ask for a quick game. Jason always agreed, trying to keep his focus on the game, and not on the shirtless guy thrusting behind him trying to get the ball.


Every day was simply paradise for Nelson. During the day, he went on walks around the city of Los Angeles while Manny was in class. The things he saw looked exactly like what'd you see on television, only better. Nelson passed tons of people that he'd seen in movies but couldn't place a name on, and once he swore he saw Madonna. But it could have been his imagination. When Manny got to the apartment, they had amazing sensual rendezvous together. Looks like Lady-Bugger and Kyle's prayers worked! Nelson thought. He had recently died his hair a dark, midnight purple with lime green tips to match Manny's lime green hair with dark purple tips. They matched perfectly. Not a day went by when Nelson didn't think that Manny was The One for him. Finally, he had found love. Someone special, as that one kid said, that he almost went down on in the car. He couldn't even remember his name now, and he had thought way back then that he was in love.

Nelson didn't even understand the concept of love, until Manny.

Of course Jeremy was a pit stop, but with him being "Positive" it really put a damper on the fun. And by fun, Nelson meant sex.

Manny was an amazing lover, indeed. Finger snap worthy, Nelson thought. They couldn't get enough of each other. Manny's friend that they lived with didn't comment when they pecked kisses here and there, but if they kissed for more than three seconds, It was time out. Nelson would blush, and continue doing whatever it was he was doing.

Even with her threat, Nelson's Mom hadn't come to visit yet. He talked to her plenty of times to tell her about what was going on and how he was doing. He let her know about his newfound passion for basketball, in which she asked him, "Does Manny play basketball?"

"Why does everyone keep asking that?" he answered.

"Does he?" Nelson sighed and replied in a whisper,

"Yes, Mother."

When he wasn't making out with Manny or seeing the sights, he was talking to Kyle. He always missed him, wishing he wasn't so far away. But the thing was that he did live a zillion miles away, but he was enjoying himself in the bliss of college life. Nelson knew that he missed Jason, even though he hated to admit it. The guy was kind of neat, and Nelson could probably clobber him on the court now, with Manny's lessons (that usually ended with a passion-filled sweat fest of love making).

Nelson talked to Kyle whenever he could for as long as he could. Sometimes he could catch him walking to class and talk for a few minutes, then Kyle would immediately have to leave ("I'm standing outside my lecture room door! Gotta go!") Or when he was halfway asleep and Kyle would try and hard as possible to keep talking but would eventually conk out. Nelson felt bad, in a way, that Kyle was working so hard and was so stressed, but admired how he had the courage to leave his boyfriend and best friend to better his future.

Nelson was chillaxing on the bed he and Manny shared, when Manny came home. He kissed him hard and played in his hair until Nelson knew that he was horny, and wanted Manny inside him, like, now.

Apparently Manny was thinking the same thing and pulled off Nelson's shirt, feeling all over his toned chest. Nelson took off Manny's shirt, then shorts, and eventually they were both naked, sweating and smacking against each other in passion.