A week later, on a Saturday morning, Jason was ecstatic. He knew Kyle was coming home today, and he would get to see him. Even though such a small amount of time had passed, he missed Kyle with a passion. Seeing him again would surely lighten his spirits, and make him happier than he's been through the entire beginning of the semester. He longed to hold Kyle in his arms, and never, ever let him go back. But the reality was that eventually he did have to go back, and Jason would be alone again. Jason tried not to focus on this point as he got dressed and went downstairs to see Melissa watching morning cartoons with her dolls. He went over to her and kissed her head, tickling her at the same time.

"You sure are smiley today, Mi'jo."His mother said.

"Yeah," He said, kissing her cheek. He ran to the corner by the door to grab his basketball and opened the door.

"Why so cheery?" She asked.

"Kyle's coming back today." Her face lit with recognition, then she smiled softly, though it looked forced.

"I see." He nodded and took off down the street to the court. It was empty, for some reason today. He went through the drills Coach Cameron taught him, then went through some his new coach, Coach Gibbs taught him. He ran up and down the court, shooting lay-ups and free throws. He did a couple of drop steps, and worked on his footwork. He had worked up a serious sweat, and before he knew it, it was 2:00.

"Crap," He muttered to himself. Then he dashed toward home. His mom and sister were now in the living room playing one Melissa's new games. Big surprise, Jason thought. He ran up the stairs and took a shower, rinsing off sweat from his drills. After he dried off he slipped into jeans and a T-Shirt, then went back downstairs to patiently wait for Kyle's call.


Kyle let out a deep breath when he finally made it into his driveway. He flared the horn and jumped out, dragging the bag with his belongings with him. As he walked up the path, his parents ran out, drowning him in hugs and kisses. Inside, his mother prepared a full course lunch filled with all of his favorites. His first home-cooked meal since he left for college.

Kyle chatted with his parents, telling them about Princeton and his roommate, in which they nervously looked at each other. He reassured them that he and Brandon were just friends. He tried to be patient, spending time with his parents before he ran off to meet Jason. After dessert, he put his things away in his room, and told them he was off to Jason's.

"But you just got here!" His mom whined.

"I'll be back. I'm not going to be there forever!" Was his excuse as he ran out the door with his cell phone, dialing Jason's number. He answered on the first ring.


"I'm on my way over." Kyle said, beaming a smile and jumping with excitement at the chance to see his boyfriend.

"Okay! Hurry up!" Jason said before hanging up. The drive there seemed more like hours instead of minutes as Kyle drove. Eventually he made it to the familiar house, and saw Jason and Melissa run out as soon as he pulled up in the driveway. He jumped out, and Melissa got to him first, which Kyle thought was both sweet and annoying. When he put Melissa down, he stared at Jason, smiling from ear to ear. Jason stared back, then suddenly grabbed Kyle and held him as tight as he could. Kyle wrapped his arms around him tight too. They stayed that way for a while, rocking each other, just enjoying each other's company. Mrs. Carrillo finally cleared her throat and the two reluctantly let go. Kyle went to give her a hug, and she squeezed him back, telling him she was happy to see again.

"Maybe Jason will stop moping around now." She told him. He laughed and Jason blushed, looking down.

"Come on in," She told him and Kyle walked inside, holding Jason's hand. Jason immediately went for the stairs when his mom called,

"Mi'jo..." She warned.

"Ma, cool it." Jason said trying to inch up the stairs.

"I'm taking Melissa for a ride." She said looking pointedly at Jason. He nodded and moved up another step. She nodded as well, then went for her coat. Jason leaped up the rest of the stairs with Kyle in tow. As soon as they were in his room, Jason pushed him on the bed and began hungrily kissing Kyle with everything he had. Kyle kissed back with equal amount of force. Jason's hands were everywhere on him, memorizing his body once more. Jason froze for a second to listen to see if his mom had left yet, but Kyle kept his lips in motion. He missed this too much to stop now. When the front door slammed shut, Jason began feeling on Kyle again, undressing him in a rush. Kyle soon had his clothes off and was working on Jason's. Kyle felt Jason's fingers slip behind the elastic of his briefs, edging them down. Kyle lifted up and they slid all the way off. Next came Jason's.

In no time, Jason found himself inside of Kyle, thrusting wildly. He kissed Kyle's chest and mouth as he moaned and gasped. Right when he was about to climax, Kyle pulled away and moved on top of Jason, eager to get inside of him. Jason grasped Kyle's hair and pulled him down, kissing him. Jason and Kyle groaned each other's name as they hit their peak, and panted as they came down. Kyle collapsed on top of Jason's chest, trying to settle his breathing. He rubbed and kissed Jason's smooth skin as they both came down from their greatest high.

"I love you," Jason whispered. It was the first time he'd ever said it first, Kyle noticed. He chuckled and said,

"Ditto." Jason laughed with him and ran his hands up and down Kyle's back, sending shivers up his spine. He clung closer to Kyle, whispering,

"I'm so glad you're back."

"Me too."

After a few minutes of laying like that, Kyle knew they had to get dressed before his mom and Melissa came home. He stood up, starting to get dressed. Jason followed suit. They trailed downstairs to the living room and put in a movie, eating ice cream. They never let go of each other's hands.