All I Want For Christmas

A Sabrina the Teenage Witch Fan Fiction

By Lorraine aka Lorrswim34

Summary: Zelda's 8 year old daughter, Emilia, has never spent any holiday without her family. After Sabrina wins 4 tickets to Jamaica with the help of Aunt Zelda, Christmas looks perfect until they find out the resort is for people 18 years or up. Features another side of Willard Kraft no one has ever seen. Takes place in Episode 4x12 Sabrina Nipping at Your Nose (beginning is basically the same as episode)

The spirit of Christmas surrounded every corner of the Spellman house. The fireplace was burning hot, and the tree was heavily decorated with a abundance of presents flowing from the bottom. The smell of gingerbread and the sound of Christmas songs filled the air as Zelda and Hilda baked cookies, letting Emilia decorate them and lick the spoon as Salem, the cat, sat on the counter trying to steal any cookie dough he could find.

"Can't I have one teeny, winey bite?" Salem whined as he stared at dough covered spooned, reaching out with his paw. Emilia couldn't help but give into her furry best friend.

"Here Salem, but promise me you won't eat my gingerbread house this year"

"I promise," Salem said with a little cry. Emilia placed a tasting portion of cookie dough by the cat's feet, while she worked on perfecting the detail of her gingerbread family. Emilia was like her mother in every way. She carried the blonde hair, blue eyes, and magical powers like all the Spellman women, but had inherited her mother's maturity, brains, kindness, and down to earth, loving nature. Her warlock father had never been in the picture, since he ended up leaving her mother when she was 6 months pregnant. The man hated kids and decided to get out while he could. Emilia loved her family the way it was though and wouldn't have it any other way.

"Gosh, I love Christmas." Emilia said as she as she finished decorating her cookies. "What's your favorite Christmas memory Salem" The talking cat didn't need more than a second to think of his favorite Christmas.

"When my mother would bake gingerbread, and realize the oven was set too high then the screaming would start." Salem sighed "Oh do I love Christmas."

"Salem I hate to ruin your warm Christmas memories," Hilda started "But Zelda and I aren't getting you an eighteen wheel big rig."

"But it's all I asked for," Salem whined.

"Salem. Christmas isn't about the presents; it's about being with family." Emilia stated with a twinkle in her eye.

"That's my girl." Zelda said as she gave her daughter a kiss.

"But a Wizard of Oz Dorothy Barbie would be nice." Emilia hinted in her most charming voice putting a smile on her mother's face.

A draft entered the room as Sabrina walked in from the cold December air. Sabrina hated the constant snowy weather. Closing the door behind her, Sabrina took of her coat and scarf with a look of anger and disgust.

"This cold snap is making me snap. I hate this time of year." Sabrina said as she sat down at the kitchen table and grabbed the nearest gingerbread man.

"You're not anti Christmas again are you?" Zelda asked remembering about Sabrina's little mishap in which she erased Christmas.

"No, I just hate this weather, I love Christmas."

"Good, because I made you gingerbread man Sabrina." Emilia held up her gingerbread family which consisted of 4 blonde gingerbread women, and one gingerbread cat.

"Thank you Mia, and this year I promise not to crumble it in my hand." Sabrina hugged her cousin and then went back to listening to the radio.

"Tired of the winter weather," The station announcer said in an enthusiastic, attention catching tone. "Well WWBG has you covered. Be the first caller to answer a question and you will win 4 tickets and a stay at a resort in Jamaica starting Christmas Day!" As soon as she heard Jamaica, Sabrina jumped from her seat with excitement.

"Four tickets to Jamaica! That's perfect, but first we got to win." Sabrina ran to the phone, carefully listening to the DJ from WWBG

"The category is Science" boomed the DJ

"Science! We've won. Aunt Zelda just answer it?" Sabrina begged handing her aunt the phone

"Sabrina I don't know everything about science." Hilda responded to her sister's modesty with "She only thinks she does."

"Hey!" shouted Emilia, followed by an over exaggerated frown directed toward her favorite aunt which ended up with a makeup hug. During this time, Zelda signaled for her daughter and sister to quite down so she could hear the question

"Here is your question," the DJ said after a few minutes of being on the phone. "What parameter measures the relative magnitude of viscous forces, the coriolis forces and the rotating flow of viscous, incompressible fluids?" After hearing the question on the radio, Sabrina and Hilda turned to each other both think "what the heck did he just ask?" while Zelda and Emilia seemed amused by how easy the question was.

"Well every one and their donkey knows that," Zelda said to the WWBG DJ "Ekman Number," with her daughter quietly whispering the answer.

"Congratulations! You just one a trip for 4 to a resort in Jamaica," boomed from both the radio and the other end of the phone. After giving her name and address, Zelda hung up prepared for the excitement to come

"Woohoo!" We're going to Jamaica, We're going to Jamaica!" Sabrina yelled followed by a happy dance.

"I can't wait!" Emilia said as she ran over to her mother and hugged her as tight as her little arm would let her "Thank You Mommy! This is the best present anyone can ask for. I'm packing right now." After letting go, the tiny blonde dashed for the stairs, her hair flying behind her, she quickly stop on her feet when she heard her name called from kitchen she had just left.

"Mia, try on your bathing suits before you pack them and don't bring you entire room with you." Zelda said.

Emilia smiled before she turned back on her heel and ran up the stairs. Her mother knew her too well. When she reached the top of the stair case, Emilia turned left and went down the hallway to her room. Walking in, Emilia's eyes were flooded with the color pink, powder pink from the walls to the magenta of her bed spread. Emilia's room fit her personality in every way. The room was spotless, not a thing was thrown on the floor or out of place. Two bookshelves stood on the far wall with her desk sandwiched in between. Each book shelf was filled to capacity with well loved books and some of Emilia's prized possessions.

Emilia opened her closed, pulled out her suitcase and through it on her bed. She then began her own little fashion show. With a point of her finger, and a pink sparkle of magic, Emilia changed into her favorite bathing suit. It was a white tankini with pink and blue polka dots. The little witch looked in the mirror and started posing. All and all it fit her with perfection, and was zapped into her suitcase without even thinking. This charade continued for an hour or so until Emilia was interrupted by a knock on her door, in the middle of modeling her blue, tie dye bikini.

"Almost done?" Zelda asked as she took a seat on her daughters bed.

"Yes just trying on this last bathing suit. How's it looking?" Emilia said posing again.

" Perfect. Work it for the camera!" Zelda said holding up her fingers in a square and pretending to snap the shoot. Emilia played along continuing to pose. She then zapped the swimsuit into her bag and zapped back into her Christmas sweater and jeans.

"Time for bed, sunshine."Zelda said picking up the heavy suit case and sliding it under the bed

"Alright, but can I read for a few minutes?" Emilia begged.

"No, you have school tomorrow and a few minutes will turn into a few hours." Emilia gave in knowing she wouldn't win. With a pink sparkle of magic, she zapped herself into her Hello Kitty pajamas, and walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth next door. She came back 3 minutes later to find her mother sitting on her bed, waiting to tuck her in.

Emilia ran to her bed and climbed under the warm mountain of covers, making herself comfy. "Goodnight Mama." She said looking into her mother's matching blue eyes.

"Goodnight Ladybug." Zelda kissed her daughter on the forehead, and turn the lights of as she was closed the door behind her.

Even with all the excitement it didn't take long for her to fall asleep. Still it was hard to sleep, knowing that in 3 days she would be going on her first Caribbean vacation. Life was good…for now.