Author's Note: BendDontBreak started this insanity over on M_M and this last week has been chock full 'o' fun drabbles. I've done the regular challenge twice and the GreenStuff posted a second challege where we had to pick someone else's playlist and write ten more drabbles. So I've got thirty short pieces here and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
I'd also like to note that the title is from something R.R. wrote as a comment. Devil her due and all. Not saying that R.R. is the devil but what she writes is damn near sinful. ;)


01. My Eyes- Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

"Why is that I always identify with the villains?" Mary asked as she snuggled closer to Marshall on the couch. It was a cold night and it was warmer under Marshall's arm than it would be under a blanket.

"Well, the psychological profiles of criminals and cops are remarkably similar. Perhaps it has something to do with an intense distrust of other people," Marshall suggested. He smiled at Mary's reaction to something on the screen and added, "Plus, the 'villain' is rather sympathetic in this."

Snorting, Mary grabbed for some popcorn, "You would feel sympathy for this guy."

"Of course. I like smartass criminals. Why do you think I like you so much?"

02. I'll Attack- 30 Seconds To Mars

The fight had started at it usually did but this was getting out of hand. Mary had been already irritable since she had come home from the hospital. Tomorrow she would be returning to work and Raph was still trying to convince her to transfer to a different department. He had backed her into a corner with his favorite weapon- guilt. She had backed down time and time again but the rage was building in the corner of her mind.

But he just kept pressuring her again and again and, like a pot of water on the stove too long, the lid was about to blow. Mary could feel it. He was just a few short sentences from her losing it.

"Do you have to run out the door every time Marshall calls?"

Scratch that. Just one sentence.

03. Barbie Girl- Aqua

Brandi stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had just gotten ready for her third date with Peter. Checking out herself in the mirror, a thought had struck her. It was- what were they again- oh yeah, an epiphany.

Maybe it was time to really focus on her studies. Maybe get a job. Maybe it was time to get into a grown-up relationship. Peter really was nice. And a good man. He was good for her. Maybe he'd help her grow up.

'Jesus,' she thought, 'It was time to grow up a long time ago.'

04. 45- Shinedown

It had been two weeks since the shooting and Mary hadn't woken up yet. Marshall sat by her bed every night since sleep wasn't something that happened anymore. Memories kept him awake and guilt kept him here.

His life didn't feel the same anymore. Drowning in pain, Marshall could feel himself falling apart. His hobbies meant nothing. The job was just something to do during the day when Mary's family was here. The badge was just a shiny thing he kept with him.

Without Mary with him, it all seemed like a waste.

Maybe it was time to hand his gun over to Stan for a bit.

05. Everwhere I Go- Hollywood Undead

Bobby D hated breaking up rowdy parties as beat cop and he really hated them now. Cause it was one thing to send stupid kids running over fences but it was another thing to have to find out what happened when one of those kids wound up dead.

Interviewing drunk minors was the worst. They were still hopped up on whatever they had been taking so they were bold, brash, and inclined to throwing wobbly punches if the questions got too hard.

And it was so hard to not break fingers when they started flicking him off.

06. Sharp Shooter- Gantz Soundtrack

Mary and Marshall had been banned from shooting on the ABQ PD range together years ago. The epic shoot out had crossed all lanes and scared the hell out everybody who had been standing back. The game was a weird mix of lazer tag with real bullets and twister and no one wanted to be anywhere near the range when they showed up to play.

"Three- head!" Mary yelled as Marshall raced to the third lane and popped off a head shot.

"Six- right arm!"

Mary darted all the way down the lane muttering obscenities about him making her run.

"Five- nuts!"

Marshall froze to a stop on his way down to the fifth lane. "Now that's just mean. What did that paper man do to you?"

Mary crowed with laughter, "I win!"

07. Criminal- Fiona Apple

The bar was a haven for cops that had suffered through a bad day. It was dingy, dark and depressing enough in it's own right. No one smiled here.

As a rule, Mary avoided this bar like a plague. Her life was bad enough without all this. But when she couldn't find Marshall after he had left in the middle of a snarking battle, this was the last place she looked when she calmed down enough to feel bad about what she had said.

He was sitting at the bar nursing a tumbler of amber liquid and shame reached up and slapped Mary hard in the face. Marshall was the one constant positive thing in her life and she had driven him into a bottle again. She was close to breaking him for good and she couldn't even stop her mouth from spewing out shit like a broken sewer main.

Something needed to change and, for once, Mary thought it was her.

08. Sober- Tool

It was the seventh time in group therapy when Jinx realized that it wasn't all about her. The first week had been spent reflecting on how drinking had affected her life. The parties. The men. The wasted life at the bottom of bottles.

But when the dumpy woman from the room down the hall started talking about how her daughter and son were heading down her path and it was all her fault, Jinx realized how much Mary and Brandi had suffered from her selfishness.

Mary. Dear god. What had she done to her daughter? No wonder she was such a bossy know-it-all. Poor Mary. A grown-up by necessity at the age of seven.

And Brandi. Sweet little Brandi making all the wrong choices. Just like her mother.

Tears began to fall and they didn't stop.

09. God's Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

The desert sun beat down mercilessly on the two marshals and their prey. The car crash had sent all three people out on foot across the rocky terrain. Marshall and Mary followed the tracks with guns drawn. When they caught up to the criminal in a rocky outcropping, the idiot had taken a shot at Mary. What Jack hadn't realized was that she was intentionally drawing his fire.

Jack turned when he heard rocks tumbling. Behind him stood a man outlined by the setting sun. So entranced by the shadow in the sun, Jack never noticed when the man's gun rose.

His last thought was, 'I should never have tried to shoot her.'

10. Rev 22.20- Pucifer

Watching Mary dance was Marshall's preferred form of hell. It wasn't often that they went out to a club but when they did, Marshall both hated and loved it. So when one of their witnesses suggested a night out, he jumped at the chance. How he had ended up actually out on the dance floor with Mary and Celeste was a mystery to him but he didn't regret dancing with the two beautiful women. Of course, he only saw the one.

She really was the devil. She ground her hips to the beat of the music and drove him to contemplate all sorts of sins. Fire ripped through his veins as she smirked at him under the strobing lights. Marshall danced precariously close to the edge of the pit and that smirk damn near sent him over.

She was a demon when she danced but- when she smiled- it was heaven.