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Author's Note: A prequel to When the wind blows. This is an NCIS spoiler in case you didn't know. Tony's father will be an Anthony, so Tony is a Jr.

The Cradle Will Fall

Four-year-old Tony DiNozzo ran with his toy plane in his hand pretending that it was in flight. He loved his little plane that he had gotten from one of the employees. He ran around not even looking where he was going and then he suddenly ran into a solid force.

"What are you doing running around?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Don't call me Daddy. I am either Father, or Sir."

His father Anthony Dante DiNozzo Sr. grabbed the plane out of the little boys hand and with the other hand hit the little boy in the face.

"What did I tell you about running in the house?"

"Not to."

"Right you are. I told you not to run in the house and you disobeyed me."

"I'm sorry father."

"Not good enough." He broke the plane and stomped on it. Then took his sons arm and then led him towards the basement. He pushed the boy into the basement and closed and locked it leaving him in the dark for an hour.

"You will not run the house again."

"I'm sorry father, I won't do it again." The boy said as he dried his eyes.

"Don't cry. You are a DiNozzo act like one." He glared at his son. "Now go up to your room and stay there until it's time for dinner."

Tony walked to his room; he turned on the lights and then closed the door. His mother came inside an hour later and then she dressed him in his sailors suit.

"You look so cute in that sailor's suit. I love it on you." His Mother said as she took his hand and led him downstairs to the dining room. Tony was seated in the seat and his Mother sat in her seat and his father had taken his seat a minute later.

When their dinner was done he was told to go back to his room where he played with his toys. His nanny made sure that he was dressed in his pajamas then made him brush his teeth and then was put to bed.