The Negotiator of Promise


Title: Trainer

Fandom: Pokemon

A/N: This idea came from playing Platinum. I got Dr. Footsteps to look at my Absol and it said something none of my other Pokemon ever had. made me laugh. So, I felt like writing a one-shot in a Pokemon's point of view. This is Absol's thoughts on Trainer.

'That Trainer is the most impressive of humans. It takes a lot to make me, Absol, sunny and cheerful! As a show of affection, I should chomp down on the Trainer's neck...Hahaha...Have no fear...I was merely joking...'


Many trainers had passed by Absol. I didn't care. Absol didn't need some trainer telling me what to do. I was glad when no one came to tell Absol what to do. Absol was Absol and I needed no one to tell me any different. But Absol began to look differently when Trainer came.

Absol was merely sitting against the rock. I wanted some heat. Out of no where, Absol was attacked. I jumped to my defense, but Absol was taken down. This was the first human to try and look at Absol, to try and conceal Absol in those spherical prisons I had seen trainer's carrying. This man was the first to look at Absol. But, he wasn't Trainer.

Trainer was a small human. Absol came almost to her shoulder. Absol had heard from Trainer's trainer, who she called 'Daddy', that Trainer was afraid of Pokemon. Her trainer had captured Absol to help cure her. It made no sense to me. Absol didn't want to do this. If Absol was captured, then Absol needed to be used for something. I didn't see this as big. Trainer shunned Absol because of her fear. Absol shunned Trainer because of her fear and because she was weak. And because I was not needed. If she had needed me, she would have called on Absol.

One day, Absol was laying down on the floor. Trainer was walking to the area where food came from. I watched as Trainer reached towards a wooden spoon that was on top of the thing Trainer's trainer called 'Stove.' There was a pot on Stove, and water boiled inside. Trainer reached for the spoon, and in her process, hit the handle of the pot. Stove pushed it off. Absol saw the disaster to come, so I raced to Trainer's rescue. The stove clattered to the floor, and Absol and Trainer crashed into the cabinet door. Trainer began to cry, and Absol gave her a distasteful look. It was merely a pot. No need for fuss. Absol had saved the day.

As the pot hit the ground, Trainer's trainer came rushing in. He saw the pot and it's heated contents steaming on the floor. He looked at Absol and praised me for saving 'Daughter.' He said many kind words. Warm arms wrapped around Absol's neck. Trainer was burrowing her face into Absol's fur and would not let go. I have little understanding of Trainer as a human. Trainer may not be bad, but Trainer is clingy. With that said, i do not promise to be all too cheery around Trainer. But, for now, Absol was fine.

Shortly after Stove's attack, Trainer's trainer decided it was okay for Trainer to traverse outside alone, so long as Absol stayed by Trainer's side. Trainer seemed happy, so I begrudgingly agreed. Outside Trainer's home there was snow everywhere. So, Trainer lived in the same kind of home Absol did? I stared around in the streets. The lights of the peoples homes cast brightly on the white snow, and Absol shied back. Trainer turned and watched Absol with curious eyes. She smiled at Absol. I just glared back. Absol prefer dark places, and this was no where near dark. Trainer giggled. Absol turned just as slush hit my face. I sneezed and shook my head. The snow cleared from my eyes just as Trainer formed another ball from the white fluff. Trainer threw the ball, and Absol dodged. I jumped at Trainer, who fell into the snow. Trainer began to whine. People turned to stare at Absol. I growled at them. Some said horrid things about distrustful Pokemon and horrid Pokemon. They even said horrid things about Trainer's trainer. Immediately, Trainer ceased her tears, and jumped to Absol's defense. I felt the warm arms around my neck once more. Seeing Trainer's joy, the others walked off. Absol shook Trainer off. Trainer laughed as she fell into the snow again. Another ball was thrown at Absol's head. I threw my head back to clear the slush once more, but was hit again. Tumbling backwards, Absol fell into the snow. Trainer came laughing up to Absol and ran tiny hands through my fur. Again, our kind prefer the dark and dingy places. We prefer areas away from humans and bright. But Trainer makes these areas seem...less threatening. What a strange charisma Trainer has.

Trainer treated me the same as she grew up. But, soon Trainer left to visit what her trainer called, 'School.' After long, Absol began to miss the wild. The prospect of not being needed found its way into Absol's heart again. But, after a few hours, Trainer came home. Absol pushed front paws on Trainer, who fell down, laughing. Absol sniffed her before walking off. School had a weird taste and smell. Absol didn't like it. Trainer didn't need to be in that place, it was dangerous. Despite Absol's warning, Trainer went to see School. School registered in Absol's mind as a bad place. Absol would wait at the window until Trainer came home. if she did not right away, Absol barked at her harshly and walked off until Trainer placed warm arms around Absol's neck. If she did, Absol pushed Trainer down and repeated sniffing. School never got any better. I would keep my eye on school.

When Trainer came from a visit with School a long while later, Trainer flashed a card at Absol. Trainer's happiness was a mystery, so Absol shrugged it off. The next day, Trainer said Absol would be going on a journey. Trainer would come too. Trainer spent days packing until her trainer said Trainer could leave. Absol followed Trainer. Along the way, Trainer spoke of badges and battles with enthusiasm. Absol had to smile too. But soon, Absol frowned. In the wild, Absol had to keep away from trainers. They kept away too. But, to think that Absol was now traveling with a trainer. What would Absol's friends say if they saw me with Trainer? Surely thy would jeer. No, they would assuredly be envious. Yes, envious of Absol and Trainer.

On the journey, Absol got very sick. Trainer rushed Absol to the Pokemon Center, and the nurse took care of Absol. I was too tired to fight, so when they poked Absol, I made no protest. Was Trainer worried about Absol? There was crying in the hallway. That was Trainer's cry! Absol shook the weird buttons off and rushed through the door. Absol growled for Trainer. The hallways were slippery, but Absol made it through. There was Trainer. Someone was patting her. Absol growled at them and jumped on Trainer. It's okay Trainer. Do not cry. Absol is alright. And Stove and School are not here to hurt you. There is no snow to fall down in. Trainer hugged Absol tight, and Absol fell asleep. In the morning, Absol was in the strange beeping room again. But where was Trainer. There was a light snore. Trainer? Yes, it was. That was Trainer's arm resting on Absol's flank. And Absol felt better. Trainer would be happy when her nap was over.

After a nap, Trainer was happy. Absol growled lightly at Trainer. Trainer wrapped arms around Absol's neck and buried her head in Absol's neck. There was a cold wet now. Trainer was crying. Do not cry, Trainer. Absol is here. I turned my head and bit lightly on Trainer's neck. Trainer jumped back. I lowered my head. Absol was in trouble now. One should never bite Trainer. But Trainer smiled sweetly at Absol, eyes glowing. Had Absol done good? Trainer patted Absol's head. Absol was being praised? Trainer reached down and kissed Absol's head. Was this how humans showed affection? That was peculiar. Absol chomped on Trainer's hand. Trainer pulled lightly away, but kissed Absol once more.

"You're the best," Trainer whispered. Absol's heart fluttered.

Absol was the best? Yes, Absol's friend would have been envious had the seen Absol. Absol was the best. They were just other Pokemon. When Trainer and Absol went back home, Absol would make sure to brag to them. But for now, Absol would brag to other Trainer's Pokemon. After released from the center, Trainer and Absol sat in the lobby.

'Trainer is the best. Aren't you envious?' I asked a Chimchar. He shook his head at Absol.

'No, Ricky is best!' Absol growled.

'Liar, Trainer could beat Ricky any day!' Chimchar growled at Absol.

'You want to fight?' Chimchar goaded.

'Yeah,' Absol said. Absol got in Chimchar's face and growled. Trainer tapped my head.

"No, Absol!" Trainer yelled. Absol backed up and lowered my head. Trainer was displeased now.

"Keep that evil beast under control!" the one named Ricky yelled. He helled Chimchar protectively. Trainer came down and wrapped arms around Absol.

"He isn't evil, he is perfect. You keep your Pokemon under control."

So Absol was perfect? More to brag about.

'Absol is perfect! Trainer said so,' I told the Chimchar. Chimchar spat at Absol, and Ricky walked off.

"No starting fights, Absol," Trainer warned me.

'But Absol was protecting your good name! Absol did good, yes?' Trainer smiled at Absol.

"Absol did good," Trainer agreed.

So Trainer understands Absol? Trainer really is the most impressive human. Absol was never happy until Trainer came along. I'll nip her neck to show affection. Do not fear though, Trainer. Absol will not chomp down. Or will I? No, no. Absol was merely joking.