"You're an older sister too?" Nani asked, setting down a cup of coffee in front of Aqua before sitting right across her. Aqua didn't mind the dingy little house in Hawaii, and actually found it homely and just like home.

The house wasn't all that quiet, with Ven, Lilo and "Stitch" busily playing in the girl's room upstairs. There were occasional crashes and loud laughter from above, but it was perfectly normal. At least, the two older girls have been used to it.

"Somewhat." Aqua said, and the two took a moment to sip from their respective cups.

Totally unperturbed even when the ceiling shook after a particularly loud crash from upstairs, followed by a loud yell of "Stitch!"

"Have you been raising him by yourself too?" The islander asked, taking a biscuit and biting into it as Aqua curiously inspected the treats. She nodded, eyes turning half serious and soft.

"We lost them during an Unversed attack. Ven was six."

There was a brief moment of silence, out of respect, before Nani spoke up again. "Ours went for a drive during a rainy night. Lilo was five when it happened."

Another moment of silence, broken by a loud thud from above and a particular Hawaiian girl laughing loudly.

"I don't understand how things ended up like this. That we're both caught up in these events." the magic user sighed, staring at her cup. The Keyblade War was something she didn't want for Ven. That's why she had volunteered for it instead. But now Ven had gotten tangled in it too, and it was too late. Nani rested her chin in her hand and looked at her, foot tapping against the table.

"Sometimes I ask myself that question. I wish mom and dad never died, and things were back to how they were. But that's not the reality. We're the only ones left they can count on, and we have to make the most of it. Ohana."

Aqua blinked at the native tongue, fingers tracing the rim of the cup. "Ohana?"

"It means family. It means 'no one gets left behind'. We stick together, no matter what." Nani said behind her cup, before lowering it down again.

At the same moment, they both smiled.

Until something exploded upstairs.

There was a chorus of 'Oops!' from a boy and a girl, a maniacal laugh from an alien, and Nani and Aqua stood up at the same time.

"But that doesn't mean we don't have to be strict."


"LILO!" "VEN!"