Fate is often described as a force much like God. Tangible, yet not, more of a presence that is felt but not seen and on more than an infinite number of occasions, cursed. Maybe Fate is more like Satan than God, an evil entity depicted with hooved feet and horns ready to kick you when least expected. It certainly feels that way.

Is Fate the same as destiny? If our lives were already predestined, Fate was not the creator. It was an entity (or group of), sitting on the sidelines, throwing curve-balls whenever life looked to easy. Fate may have had a hand in people meeting and falling in love, but love was a destiny all on it's own. Even couples who claimed to be soul-mates never fully understood love. Relationships could be well balanced but that usually meant that each person had an opposite view of things thus balancing them. How could they not see that if their likes, wants, ideas and hopes were completely identical that things wouldn't be balanced? That, specifically would put them both on the same side of the spectrum thus shifting them into an unbalanced relationship. The term 'irreconcilable differences' that so many couples used to dissolve their relationships was a misnomer. The underlying meaning to it was that,yes, there were differences but both parties had to be willing to reach out and meet in the middle. Why couldn't they see that there was always one leader in a relationship leaving the other to act as a follower. One to lead towards the center and the other to follow or meet in the middle. It didn't have to be a permanent scenario, the roles could be reversed, allowing for complete balance and harmony.

Sighing, I hit the save key and shut down the laptop before crawling into bed. I would be beyond excited to pass the damn sociology class and this was my final paper. I knew what had driven me to write it, I just couldn't exactly share it word for word with my professor. Imprinting. Webster's had it all wrong and Fate was having a blast. Dr. Konrad Lorenz was the noted scientist to observe and report the behavior of imprinting in geese. Wonder if he would have defined it differently if he had spent the same amount of time observing it in werewolves. The fucker probably would have laid a goose egg if he had even known about werewolves. Laughing quietly to myself over such a possibility, I rolled over , my thoughts turning deeper than I wanted.

No one had expected it to happen our generation, certainly the Elders didn't have a clue. It came at us like a force, the once dormant genes were activated in five of us within a two month time span. Another two months went by and our numbers had doubled. Despite our appearance,it was two years before our existence had meaning.

I was 17 the first time that it crossed our territory. Three of them were demolished before they even grasped the severity of our presence. Do myths believe in myths? We did, they however didn't have a clue. No one expects to be bested on the food chain, and while we may not have been above them we were, without a doubt, not below them. Some of the pack was galled to be thought of as equals to vampires but in strength we were.

Fate stepped in again and, after our first encounter, my title shifted. I was the rightful heir of being Alpha and it was bestowed upon me. Fate made sure no benefits came along with such a title. The Council of Elders thought for sure I would imprint soon, the delay obviously because of my previous pack placement. It didn't occur and I wondered what kind of party Fate threw in honor of the council's hopes and mistakes. After six months, the council decided the need for new bloodlines was the reason for the delay and I was allowed to venture off to college, not only to get an education but to meet new people. Two months after my 18th birthday I entered the world of collegians and couldn't help but laugh at Fate's trickery.

Thousands of people came in and out of my world every semester and never was there even a hint of imprinting. My dad called every week, acting like a proud parent of his college son and maybe he was sort of proud. But the worm of imprinting for the Alpha was what the tribe thought about daily and Dad's main reason to call was to make sure I hadn't imprinted and forgot to inform them. The disappointment grew every week and despite getting really good grades and excelling in most of my classes they could really care less. I was excited for the mechanical engineering degree I was attempting to achieve, but for all the tribe cared, it could have been underwater basket weaving. Once I imprinted I was duty bound to return home and continue my so-called-life as a werewolf. With a mate. Could Fate be any more cruel?

As I rolled over again searching for that impossible position of comfort to get some sleep, I laughed out loud. What kind of grade would my professor give me if I finished the paper with my current thought: Embrace the good with the bad and never, ever try to fuck with Fate. It always wins, even when you think it has lost.