Babel II was walking down the street when he noticing a traffic jams.

"Move it!" said one of the drivers.

"Screw you!" said the other driver.

Babel II took notice of this. "Excuse me, can I help?" he asked.

"Mind your business!" said the first driver.

"Who the hell are you?" said the second driver.

"My name is Babel II," said Babel II.

"And what can you do about this anyway?"

Babel II though about this for a few seconds, then he had an idea. Green energy appeared on his hands.

"Energy shockwave!" he said, blowing away most of the cars. "No need to thank me." He then went on home.

When he got home, the door was locked, and no one was home.

"No problem," he said. He then reached for his key, only to realize he forgot to take it with him. "NO! I am such a fool! What am I going to do?!"

Just then, he thought of a solution.

"Energy shockwave!" he said, destroying the door. He went inside and watched TV for a while.

He tried to watch an anime episode, only to give up on it because it wasn't cliched enough for his tastes. "Meh," he said. "Not enough fan service, and the women had too active a role."

That night, he wanted to look at the stars, but the sky was cloudy. Common sense told him he could just wait until tomorrow night, but he didn't have that kind of patience.

"Energy shockwave!" he said, blowing the clouds out of the way. Moments later, though, he changed his mind about looking at the stars and now wished the clouds were still there. "Oh well, I'll just go fall down the stairs."

He fell down the stairs, but he found that to be somewhat painful. "That was somewhat painful," he said.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," he said. He opened the door; it was Yomi. "How are you still alive?"

Yomi kicked Babel II in the groin and ran off.


"DAMN YOU YOMI!!!!!" yelled Babel II. "Energy shockwave!" He managed to set Yomi's ass on fire, causing him to run screaming into the night.

"Enough about that," said Babel II. "Time for bed."

The next morning, the alarm clock starting ringing.

"Energy shockwave!" said Babel II, destroying the alarm clock.

"Stop doing that!" said his sister. "We can't afford to keep replacing your alarm clock!"

He got dressed and went to do his errands, on his way, he stepped in some dog poop.

"How careless some people are," he said, "how selfish. No wonder Yomi gets so much power." He continued to ponder this soiled shoe. "How am I going to get that off my shoe?!"

A moment passed.

"Energy shockwave!"