This idea has been in my head for months so I decided to write it down. I haven't forgotten about my other stories, I have just been to busy with other things to do anything involving my computer until today. Basically its a 'What If' story that starts a month before the birth of Naruto with a little twist. In the story Kushina(17) is the sensei of Kurenai(12) and Anko(10), Anko was taught by hebi-teme but when she returned to the village Kushina offered to take her in on her team something that most of the people in the village didn't like. Anko and Kurenai has a very close friendship and looks up to Kushina like an older sister. Her third student was injured and couldn't continue his shinobi career and moved away from Konoha. Kushina doesn't wear a Konoha hitai-ate, instead she wears her old Whirlpool hitai-ate. It also should be noted that Kushina isn't liked by the civilian population because of her relationship with Minato(18), and she isn't liked much by the ninjas because of her childlike personality, but no one will openly tell her that they don't like her because of her incredible skills as a kunoichi being on par with Minato's. Right now I am going to see how well this does before I decide to continue with this idea or not. Enjoy the new story....

Summary: Starts a month before the birth of Naruto. Kushina hears something she wasn't supposed to hear and makes a decision that will have a huge affect on not only Konoha, but the entire fire country. Kyuubi attacks 2 mnths after the birth of Naruto. Will eventually be a Naru/Hina.

Kushina's Revenge

Decisions that will affect all

Kushina peeped around the building she was hiding behind and saw the gate. Her blue eyes quickly scanned the area only to spot 5 ANBU's, "dammit" she cursed under her breath. She rubbed her hurting stomach, "don't worry we will eat soon" she whispered to her stomach as her unborn kicked again. The group of ANBU all jumped off to continue their patrol of the village and Kushina used this quick change in the guards to escape the village.

In Konoha's hospital

Kurenai and Anko walked into what was supposed to be Kushina's hospital room to find it empty, "where is sensei" Kurenai asked.

"I don't know, maybe Minato knows" Anko replied.

"Maybe" Kurenai said taking one last look around the room.

The two turned to leave when Anko bumped into the table next to the door, "ouch" she said.

"You OK Anko" Kurenai asked.

"Yea, just hit the corner of the table" Anko replied.

"Whats that on the table" Kurenai asked pointing to a small scroll.

"Don't know" Anko answered picking up the scroll. She opened the scroll:

I saw what you did. If you want to have a relationship with Atsui then don't let me stop you. You no longer have to sneak around to be with her because I'm done with you, FOREVER, and don't even think your trying to get my son, because I will blow this entire fucking village up if you attempt to put one hand on him. Have a shitty and rotten life you asshole, KUSHINA UZUMAKI

"What happened" Anko asked.

"Obviously Minato was cheating on her" Kurenai said.

"So where is she now" Anko asked.

"Your the tracking specialist you find her" Kurenai said.

Summoning no jutsu Anko called out and summoned her personal hebi, "can you track down sensei" she asked.

Fine, but you have to give me some dango and fully grown nezumi's the purple hebi replied.

"Deal" Anko said. The two followed the hebi out the hospital and towards the gate, "are you sure she came this way, it leads out of the village" Anko asked.

Yes I'm sure, I am never wrong when I'm tracking someone the hebi replied annoyed by the stupid question.

"But Kushina-sensei wouldn't leave the village without telling us" the 10 year old purple haired kunoichi said.

"We don't know that yet, maybe she has a reason for not telling us she was leaving" the 12 year old red eyed kunoichi said.

"She would still tell us" Anko protested.

Will you two be quiet or we will be busted the hebi said as they crossed the gate.

"To late" an ANBU said appearing in front of them.

Anko and Kurenai took a step back getting into their fighting stance, "Kure what now" Anko asked her older sister.

"I don't know we can't take on an ANBU" Kurenai whispered back.

The ANBU took a step towards the two then fell face first on the ground, "why are you two not at home speeping" Kushina asked.

"Anko wanted to visit you in the hospital" Kurenai said.

"Kure said you would leave the village without telling us, you wouldn't do that would you" Anko asked looking at Kushina as if she would cry.

Kushina smiled, "of course I wouldn't leave without you two" she said pulling them into a hug, "but why are you outside the village" she added.

"We read the letter you wrote and got scared so we came to look for you" Anko said.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, now go back home and sleep" Kushina said.

"No I want to go with you" Anko said.

Kushina looked at Kurenai for help knowing that the 10 year old wouldn't resist unless they both told her to, but the look she was receiving told her that Kurenai was on Anko's side this time. The 17 year old sighed, "fine you both can come with me, but we will have to move as fast as possible" she said.

Don't forget about my dango and nezumi's Anko's personal summon said.

"I wont" Anko replied before the hebi vanished in a puff of smoke.

2 days later in Konoha

Minato walked into Kushina's hospital room with his personal ANBU guard, "where is Kushina" he asked the doctor.

"I don't know, she wasn't here when I came into work today" the doctor replied.

"Who was in charge yesterday" Minato asked.

"I'm not sure, I was off yesterday" the doctor replied.

Minato nodded, "fine you can leave" he said and started to look around the room. He found the letter Kushina wrote and read it, "dammit" he said.

"Is there something wrong" the female ANBU asked.

"She found out about us somehow" Minato said.

"I see" the ANBU said.

"She took my son and left the village" Minato said.

"Oh, what will you do" the ANBU asked.

"I don't know" Minato said.

The ANBU thought for a minute, "I can give you more than one son, all you have to do is say the word and we can take our relationship to the next level" the ANBU said.

Minato looked at her, "yes Atsui I would like to take our relationship to the next level" he said.

3 weeks later

After almost a month of traveling the 3 kunoichi's arrived in a small town outside of fire country, "we need to find the hospital" Kushina said holding her stomach in pain.

3 hours later Anko and Kurenai was sitting next to Kushina as she held her new born son, "he is in perfect health" the doctor said as he finished giving Kushina the report on baby Naruto.

"Can I hold my brother" Anko asked.

Kushina smiled, "of course you can Anko" she said handing her the baby.

"Be careful" Kurenai said as Anko grabbed the baby.

Kushina laughed, "don't worry Kure" she said.

"Is it safe for us to hold him" Kurenai asked looking at the baby in Anko's hands.

"Of course it is, want to hold him" Kushina said.

Kurenai quickly shook her head, "I'll drop him" she said.

"Don't worry I'm right here, you will be fine" Kushina said.

"You think so" Kurenai asked quietly, she really did want to hold him, but was afraid she would drop him.

"Of course I do, Anko give Kure Naruto" Kushina said.

"OK, here you go Kure" Anko said.

"He is so small" Kurenai said taking the baby.

"Sensei will you change his hair color" Anko asked looking at Kushina.

"Yes I will, but I have to wait a few months before I can do it" Kushina said.

A Year later

Kushina was walking around Whirlpool with Naruto in her arms. She was wearing an orange jacket that stopped below her breast, it has a blue strip that stretches from her wrist to the end of her jacket, she also is wearing black sport shorts that stopped at the top of her thigh, on her shorts is where she had her hitai-ate, under her shorts on her right leg she had medic tape and her kunai pouch over the tape, her outfit was finished off by boots that went all the way up to the bottom of her thigh. Her long red hair was flowing freely behind her. Being back in her old home made her forget about everything that happened while in Konoha. In the year that Kushina had been back in the country she was appointed leader of the place. During her first year she proved to be an excellent leader by removing Whirlpool from the smallest country ninja wise to one of the largest out of all the countries that wasn't one of the great 5 villages. She also expertly made a treaty between Whirlpool and Kiri and Suna and was currently working on away to make a treaty with Kumo. Whirlpool quickly became a power in trading world also, becoming the largest trade export of all the countries.

Anko became a force in Whirlpools armed forces as she rose through the ranks extremely fast. She was the youngest jounin in Whirlpools history at age 11, beating Kushina's old record by a few months. She was also the poisons expert of the country and created most of their poisons. Since she was younger than most genin's she wasn't allowed to get a genin team, but she wasn't complaining because she could use that time playing with Naruto. Plus her childish personality and habits made it hard to take her serious which was the exact opposite of Kurenai who had a serious personality. Her outfit consisted of a skirt that stopped mid thigh and a fishnet shirt covering her entire upper body, she also had a jacket that stopped at her waist with sleeves large enough to use her hebi's freely, her hitai-ate was now on her waist over her skirt. Her entire outfit was brown.

Kurenai wasn't no slouch as a kunoichi, although she wasn't the force that her younger sister was, she still was one of the top ninjas in the country and her genjutsu made up for everything she lacked in ninjutsu and taijutsu. She became a jounin the year she joined Whirlpools ninja force and got her first team only months later. She then proved to be a much better teacher than almost every jounin, as her team passed the chuunin exams on their first try. In the year and a half she had been in Whirlpool she lead three teams that all passed the chuunin exams in their first try and was working on her fourth. Her outfit consisted of a long white dress with a red undershirt, her hitai-ate was also on her waist.

Kushina held Naruto while she watched toddlers run around happily playing with their parents. She looked down at Naruto while he made laughing noises, "you like watching kids run around with their parents don't you Ruto-chan" she asked while tickling him and receiving more laughing from the little red head boy.

"Lady Kushina" someone called out to her.

Kushina turned, "yes Yugi" she asked the boy who was just a few years older than she was.

"There is someone at the gate demanding to see you" he said.

"Oh who is it" Kushina asked.

"Its a kunoichi, she says its important and wont take no for an answer" Yugi replied.

"I see, I'll be there soon" Kushina said.

Kushina started to walk towards the gate when Anko and Kurenai came up to her, "sensei where are you going" Anko asked.

"Someone wants to see me at the gate" Kushina told them.

"Who is it" Kurenai asked curious.

"Don't know, but they wont take no for an answer" Kushina told her 2 students.

"I can make them go away" Anko said with a smile.

"Anko you don't need to threaten everyone who don't do what you want them to" Kurenai told her younger sister.

"Your just to nice" Anko said while making a face at Kurenai.

"Will you ever grow up Anko" Kurenai asked.

"I am growing" Anko said.

"Are not, your barely taller than Ruto" Kurenai said.

"Come down here and say that, I dare you" Anko said.

"Enough you two we are at the gate" Kushina said as they was only a few yards from the gate. The kunoichi was wearing a full body robe with a hood and a mask, the only thing Kushina could make out was the Konoha hitai-ate and got pissed, "what do you want" she asked in a hard voice.

"Kushi its me" the kunoichi said taking off her mask.

Kushina redirect her her eyes from the hitai-ate to look the person in the eyes, "Airi what are you doing here" she asked surprised to see the Hyuuga.

"Its my daughter Hinata, she danger" Airi said.

"What do you mean" Kushina asked.

"Well on the day she was born Kyuubi attacked the village, and the Hokage and council decided to use Hinata as a jailor of the demon" Airi told her old friend.

Kushina looked shocked, "they sealed Kyuubi in your daughter" she asked.

"Yes, but since they have their have been constant attacks on her life, even...even some Hyuuga's have tried to kill her" Airi said as she started to cry.

"And what have Hiashi done to stop these attempted murders" Kushina asked. Airi just shook her head as she cried holding her sleeping 1 year old daughter, "nothing, he let people try and kill his daughter" Kushina asked.

"He even tried to kill her yesterday, that's why I left" Airi said.

"But why come here, I'm sure you can go somewhere else that can protect your daughter better" Kushina asked.

"I don't know anyone else outside the village I would feel comfortable leaving her with" Airi said.

Kushina sighed, "there isn't much we can do to help you, if Konoha attacks looking for you we wont be able to fight them, even with our rapid growth over the last year we still have only one thousand ninjas, Konoha outmatches us 5 to one" she said.

"I know, but I don't have anywhere else to go, I can't go back to Konoha" Airi said.

"Um lady Kushina, sorry to interrupt but you might want to know that Kumo have signed your treaty, but put in a stipulation what will be decided by a future kage" Kushina's assistant said coming up to her.

"What kind of stipulation" Kushina asked.

"Didn't say, it could be anything, but the Raikage did say it would be something reasonable" the assistant said.

"With this that gives us protection from Kiri, Suna, and Kumo we can let them live here since Konoha wont attack with the risk of one of those three countries attacking in our defense" Kurenai said.

Kushina sighed, "you have to throw out that hitai-ate before you can come in my compound" she said to Airi.

"Thank you so much, I am forever in your debt" Airi said as she threw her free arm around Kushina's neck and hugged her.

Kushina wrapped her free arm around her waist, "don't worry about paying me back, you have been my best friend since the day I stepped in Konoha" she said.

"Lady Kushina there is a problem on the west side of the village" an ANBU said.

"Why didn't you solve it" Kushina asked looking at the ANBU.

"Um, well I didn't know how to solve it" the ANBU replied.

"Oh, you completed the ANBU training right" Kushina asked.

"Yes" the ANBU replied nervously.

"They covered how to handle any situation right" Kushina asked.

"Yes" the ANBU replied.

"So why can't you solve it" Kushina asked.

"I didn't want them think I was taking the side of one or the other" the ANBU said nervously.

"How long you been in the ANBU" she asked.

"1 month" he replied.

"Give me your mask, your not suited for my ANBU your demoted" she said holding her hand out.

"Please give me another chance" the ANBU begged.

"You want to join the village right Airi" Kushina asked without looking at her.

"That was the idea, why" Airi asked confused.

"Well get his mask" Kushina said.

"What do you mean, why can't you do it" Airi asked.

"I can, but I need to know something" Kushina said looking at Airi.

"Fine" Airi said then vanished. She then held out her hand with a mask in it to Kushina, "what exactly did that prove" she asked.

"That your willing to side with me, even if it doesn't make any sense as to why your on my side" Kushina said taking the mask. Naruto made a noise while reaching out to the mask, "do you want this mask Ruto" she asked holding the ookami mask and pulling it just out of his reach everytime he almost grabbed it.

"Kushi if its not any problem, I didn't bring anything so I need to go shopping" Airi said.

"Sure, Anko can you show her around" Kushina asked.

"Of course I will sensei, lets go no eyes" Anko said.

Airi sighed, "why do you insist on calling me that, you know full well I have eyes" she asked.

"Its funny" Anko said laughing.

"Grow up Anko" Kurenai said.

"Shut up Kurenai, your not an adult yourself" Anko yelled at her.

"Are you two sure your not secretly related" Kushina asked.

The two shrugged, "I'm pretty sure we are not related" Kurenai said.

"Lets go, if we get there early enough we can beat the midday rush" Anko said leading Airi and the 1 year old Hinata away.

"Lady Kushina please give me a chance to get my position back" the now jounin asked.

"I'll think about it, for now guard the gate" Kushina said and walked way.

Anko and Airi walked through the kunoichi clothing store, "can I help you" the clerk asked.

"No we are fine" Anko said.

"Well enjoy your shopping" the clerk said.

"I hate shopping, sensei sent me on purpose" Anko said once the clerk was gone.

"Don't worry, I'll be fast" Airi said. Airi went through all the clothes that was in the store and finally settled on a pair of long blue sport shorts, a tank top shirt that stopped a few inches above her belly button, and a jacket that went to her waist, "what do you think" she asked.

"A lot of blue, but its great" Anko said.

"This coming from the one who is wearing nothing but brown" Airi retorted.

"OK OK can we just leave, those shop happy girls are coming" Anko said.

In Konoha

Hiashi walked to the Hokage's tower, "Minato" he said walking in.

"What Hiashi I'm busy" Minato replied gesturing to the piles of paperwork.

"Have you seen Airi" Hiashi asked.

"Nope, last I seen her was when she came complaining about the latest attacks on Hinata's life" Minato said as if he didn't care.

"Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Hinata today either" Hiashi said.

Minato looked at him, "you don't think she took her outside the village do you" he asked.

"That will be a problem off our hands, the Kyuubi container will be dead soon" Hiashi said.

"Maybe not" Minato said.

"What do you mean" Hiashi asked.

"Kushina is the leader of Whirlpool, the fastest growing country and Airi's best friend plus its only a days travel from here" Minato said.

"You think she went there" Hiashi asked.

"Well Airi did give me hell the past year about what happened to her, so if I had to guess I'm betting she is in Whirlpool" Minato said.

"What will we do about his, we can't allow Whirlpool to gain control over the container" Hiashi asked.

"I'll think of something" Minato said.

"Good" Hiashi said then headed out the door, "Atsui" he said nodding to her as she entered and he left.

"What was that about" Atsui asked holding their one year old daughter.

"Nothing, just Airi ran away and took Hinata with her" Minato said hugging his now wife.

"Oh where could she have gone with that demon child" Atsui asked.

"I think she went to Whirlpool" Minato said.

"Isn't that where she lives" Atsui asked.

"Yes" Minato said.

"So what will you do" Atsui asked.

"I think I will have a meeting to let them know of the consequences if they continue to protect those two" Minato said.

Atsui smiled, "I'll go, I want to see her face when she finds out we are married and have a daughter" she said.

"Of course you will be there" Minato said kissing her on the forehead.

In Whirlpool

Anko, Kurenai, and Airi was sitting in Kushina's office as she read the scroll to them from Konoha, "so basically we have to go to this meeting or risk a potential war with them" Airi asked.

"Yes" Kushina said leaning back in her chair.

"And this is a problem how, we can take them on" Anko asked.

"Its not that, I can't risk a war over nothing, and I don't want to be in a room with Minato or Atsui" Kushina said spitting their names out with hate.

"We will come" Kurenai said.

"You don't have to, I will have my personal guards come" Kushina said.

"No you want, we are a team, a family and families stick together, we are your personal guards" Anko stated with a serious tone.

"You wont leave us behind again, we are coming or you wont be going" Kurenai said.

Kushina just looked at the two not sure what to say, "did Anko just say something in a serious tone" was all she could think to say.

"I guess we better get a babysitter for the two kids" Airi said.

Kushina smiled, "if you three are coming then you will need these" she said pulling out a hebi mask, a chiitaa mask, and an kitsune mask, "Anko gets the hebi, Kure gets the chiitaa, and Airi gets the kitsune mask" she said putting on her own ookami mask.

In Waterfall country

Kushina, Airi, Anko, and Kurenai arrived in Waterfall country and went to where they was supposed to be meeting Minato. They arrived before anyone else and stayed hidden to see who all would be coming. After waiting for an hour the Raikage arrived followed by the Mizukage. The two sat on at the designated table and waited. Not long did the Hokage arrive with his protection. After waiting a little while longer Kushina walked into the room. The Daimyou looked around, "since all participating parties is here can all the kage's remove their hats" he asked.

Everyone removed their hat while Kushina sat there with her mask on. Everyone looked at her, "what I'm not a kage and I didn't wear a hat" she said.

"Please remove your mask" the Daimyou asked.

"As you request" Kushina said and removed her ookami mask. Minato and his guards glared at her and she glared back showing that they couldn't force her to back down. The Raikage and Mizukage now understood why Kushina requested them to be here to show that they would back her if they needed to. The Daimyou even though he wasn't a shinobi could sense that the two groups didn't like each other.






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