This idea has been in my head for months so I decided to write it down. I haven't forgotten about my other stories, I have just been to busy with other things to do anything involving my computer until today. Basically its a 'What If' story that starts a month before the birth of Naruto with a little twist. In the story Kushina(17) is the sensei of Kurenai(12) and Anko(10), Anko was taught by hebi-teme but when she returned to the village Kushina offered to take her in on her team something that most of the people in the village didn't like. Anko and Kurenai has a very close friendship and looks up to Kushina like an older sister. Her third student was injured and couldn't continue his shinobi career and moved away from Konoha. Kushina doesn't wear a Konoha hitai-ate, instead she wears her old Whirlpool hitai-ate. It also should be noted that Kushina isn't liked by the civilian population because of her relationship with Minato(18), and she isn't liked much by the ninja's because of her childlike personality, but no one will openly tell her that they don't like her because of her incredible skills as a kunoichi being on par with Minato's. Right now I am going to see how well this does before I decide to continue with this idea or not. Enjoy the new story....

Summary: Starts a month before the birth of Naruto. Kushina hears something she wasn't supposed to hear and makes a decision that will have a huge affect on not only Konoha, but the entire fire country. Kyuubi attacks 2 mnths after the birth of Naruto. Will eventually be a Naru/Hina.

Kushina's Revenge

Enemies Forever

Kurenai and Airi was looking from their hiding spot when Kurenai noticed Anko was missing, "where did Anko go" she asked.

Airi looked around with herByakugan, "she is headed towards Konoha" she said.

"Why would she go there" Kurenai wondered.

"Should we go get her" Airi asked.

"No, she is an expert at sneaking into places she does not belong, we will leave her alone right now, if she isn't back within the hour then we will go find her" Kurenai said.

"OK if you think that's best" Airi said.

"I do, we wouldn't do anything but get in her way" Kurenai said.

The Daimyou cleared his throat, "OK lets begin shall we" he asked.

"Of coruse, hand over the two Hyuuga's your trying to protect" Minato said.

"Make me" Kushina said in a childlike fashion.

"I know your angry, but there is no use in starting a war you can't win to protect someone who should be dead already" Minato said.

"If she should be dead then why is she still alive" Kushina asked.

"Stop playing these games and hand them over" Minato said standing up from his chair.

"Why don't you and your bitch take them from me" Kushina said as she stood up.

"Her name is Atsui and you will not mention her name again" Minato said darkly.

"BITCH BITCH BITCH ATAUI ATSUI ATSUI" Kushina sang, "what will you do if I don't stop mentioning her" she taunted.

"Say her name again I dare you" Minato threatened.

"Atsui, she is a big useless kunoichi, all she does is hide behind you for protection like she is now standing there waiting for you to make me stop talking about her" Kushina said.

"You bitch" the female ANBU being Minato yelled as she jumped at Kushina with her ANBU katana.

Kushina pulled out a kunai and blocked the katana, "whats wrong is your old age slowing you down" she taunted the older kunoichi.

The Daimyou, Raikage, and Mizukage just watched in shock. Atsui kicked at Kushina but it was blocked, "your just mad because I took Minato from you" she yelled.

"No, you can have him, he wasn't that good in bed anyway" Kushina said.

"You wasn't saying that when you was in bed with him" Atsui yelled.

"Really, I don't remember it being anything worth mentioning, plus he is only about 7 inches" Kushina said. She then let go of Atsui leg and kicked her back across the room.

Minato caught his wife, "you will regret putting your hands on her" he said.

"Yea yea, your all talk" Kushina said.

"Enough" the Raikage yelled getting their attention, "now we are here for a reason and its not to watch you three fight" he said.

"They started it" Kushina said pointing the fingure at Minato and Atsui.

"Well lets get finished here" the Daimyou said.

"Either hand over Airi and Hinata or you will be facing war with us" Minato said.

"I wont be handing over anyone" Kushina said.

"Fine then you have signed your countries death warrant" Minato said.

"If you attack Whirlpool I will send my own ninja's to protect them" the Raikage said.

"So will I" the Mizukage said.

"So little man are you willing war with 2 of the the great villages for 2 people
Kushina asked innocently.

Minato glared, "fine keep them, but know this isn't over" he said.

"Lets go my husband we have been away from our daughter to long" Atsui said wrapping her arm around Minato and leaning on him.

"Yes we have" Minato said.

Kushina glared at the two, "how pathetic, you can't beat me so your trying to use you being married to make me jealous" she said then turned and walked out.

"Tell your fatherless son I said hi" Atsui said.

Before anyone could see her move Kushina had Atsui pinned against the wall with a kunai planted in her stomach and another pressed very hard against her neck, "ever mention my son again and I will kill you before your can finish your statement" she threatened.

Atsui eyes was wide with fear, "Minato" she struggled tout of her throat.

Minato kicked at Kushina's head making her release his wife so she wouldn't be hit. He then stood in front of Atsui protectively, "attack my family again and I'll kill you" he said.

"Lets see you try" Kushina said getting ready to attack again.

Kurenai, Airi, and Anko who just came back appeared next to Kushina, "if you want to fight her you have to go through us" Airi said.

"Not in my country you wont, everyone get out" the Daimyou yelled.

4 years later

A 5 year old Hinata and Naruto was running through the village with paint covering their body. Their latest victim of their pranks, the very large statue of Kushina in the middle of the town. How they was able to paint something so large without anyone seeing was beyond most people in the village, except for a group of 4 kunoichi's, 3 of them was currently was laughing their asses off from the painting. The two who painted the statue was laughing while they ran from the chuunin's that chased them. They turned and ran face first to the only member of the 4 kunoichi's who knew how they was able to paint it in broad daylight, "now what should your punishment be for this" she asked.

"Mommy, it wasn't us honest" Hinata tried in an innocent tone.

"So I guess the paint that's covering you isn't your fault either" she asked.

"Of course its not auntie Airi, those chuunin's knocked it on us" Naruto lied.

"Tell it to someone else who believes you" Airi said grabbing the two by the back of their shirts and pulled them to the compound.

"So those chuunin's couldn't catch them" Kushina asked as Airi brought them in.

"No" Airi said.

"Nice one you two" Kurenai laughed.

"Yea, I owe you lunch for doing it without being caught while painting the statue" Anko said.

"I can't believe you two are encouraging them, Kushina tell those two they can't keep this up or the kids will think its OK to always act like this" Airi said.

Kushina laughed awkwardly, "yea what she said" she said while scratching the back of her head and smiling widely.

"You made a bet also didn't you" Airi asked

"That they couldn't do it and come back to the compound before you found them" Kushina said.

Airi shook her head, "am I the only adult in this family" she asked.

"Is that a rhetorical question" the 21 year old village leader asked.

"Yes it was rhetorical Kushina" Airi said.

"Good" Kushina said smiling.

"Now who is going to clean that paint up" Airi asked.

"Don't worry I gave them a water based paint, it will wash off when it rains" Anko said.

Kushina clapped her hands, "OK you two get cleaned up, your coming with me to the office" she said.

"Yay, can I wear your hat mommy" Naruto asked.

"Sure you can" Kushina said. The 4 kunoichi's watched as Naruto and Hinata flipped and bounced off the walls to their rooms.

In Konoha

Atsui walked down the street with her 5 year old daughter and her 1 year old adopted son in her arms. Her 5 year old ran around every pole they passed, "Tsuki don't go to far ahead" Atsui said.

"OK mommy" Tsuki said as she flipped to walk on her hands.

Someone came running around the corner and knocked Tsuki off her hands, "sorry" the boy said.

"Oh idiot that hurt" Tsuki yelled at him.

"Tsuki be nice he said sorry" Atsui said.

"He should watch where he is going, I was here first" Tsuki said.

"I'm sorry, I'm running from my brother" the boy said.

"Well I forgive you this one time" Tsuki said.

"I'm Sasuke whats your name" he asked.

"Well Saseku your still in my way move" Tsuki said.

"Its Sasuke" he corrected.

"Whatever" Tsuki said.

"Tsuki" Atsui said.

"OK, I'm Tsuki" she said.

"Sasuke didn't I tell you not to run off like that" his brother asked.

"Your just mad because you can't catch me Itachi" Sasuke said.

"Whatever, we have to get home" Itachi said and grabbed Sasuke's shirt and started to walk away.

In Whirlpool

Walking through the gates of Whirlpool was 2 kunoichi's, one was blond made everyone look at her as she walked through the village, the other was curious as to why everyone was looking at them, "why are everyone looking at you like that Tsunade" she asked.

"Because I'm a sennin, it happens everywhere I go" Tsunade said.

"Did your Hokage send you to check up on my son" someone asked from behind them.

The two turned and looked at the kunoichi, "Kushina" Tsunade asked.

"Mommy who is the lady" Naruto asked from on Kushina's neck.

"Tsunade of the sennin's" Kushina said while glaring at Tsunade.

"Tsunade did you do something to anger her" the black haired kunoichi asked.

"I don't think so Shizune" Tsunade said.

"Answer my question, why are you here" Kushina asked.

"I'm here to visit the country, its what I do" Tsunade said.

"Well Konoha ninja's are not allowed in my country" Kushina said.

"Did I miss something" Tsunade asked confused.

"Kushi lets go into your office and talk about this" Airi said with Hinata on her neck.

"Anko" Naruto yelled and jumped off Kushina's neck onto his unsuspecting sister.

"Naruto don't do that again" Anko yelled as she caught him before he hit the ground. Naruto just laughed.

"Kurenai can you watch Hinata" Airi asked.

"Of course, come on you ball of energy" Kurenai said.

Hinata happily jumped from her mothers neck to Kurenai's waiting arms, "lets play tag, then play catch the kitsune, then play tag again, then we can play ninja, then we can play tag again, then we can play dress up, then eat and play tag again" Hinata said happily.

Kurenai laughed, "what are we going to do with these two Anko" she asked.

"I don't know, maybe we should leave them here and run away" Anko said.

"No" Hinata and Naruto yelled.

"Lets do it" Kurenai said as she sat Hinata down and ran away. Anko did the same thing.

"Cute kids" Tsunade said as she watched Naruti and Hinata chase Anko and Kurenai.

"Lets get this over" Kushina said as she led them to her office. Once everyone was in the office she turned to Tsunade, "so did he send you or not" she asked.

"No one sent me anywhere, what are you talking about" Tsunade asked.

"Minato, he has been going out with Atsui the entire time he was with Kushi" Airi said.

"Really I wasn't aware of that" Tsunade said.

"They even tried to rub it in my face a few years ago, but I got them back good" Kushina said with a satisfied smile.

"What did you do" Shizune asked.

"I stabbed her with a kunai and now she can't have anymore kids, I was going to cut off his testicles but the Waterfall Daimyou kicked us out his country before I could" Kushina said.

"I thought you and Minato was having a kid, why would he ruin that" Tsunade asked.

"I had a kid, I'm both Naruto's mother and father" Kushina said.

"OK so why are you here in Whirlpool Airi" Tsunade asked.

"Hinata has the Kyuubi sealed in her, the village tried to kill her almost everyday the first year she was born, the day before I came here Hiashi tried to kill her" Airi said.

"Oh" was all Tsunade said.

7 years later

A 12 year old Naruto walked into Kushina's office and sat on his special chair right next to her. Kushina looked over at her son curiously as he put on her newly made kage hat, he was wearing black pants with his kunai pouch on his right leg, he had on an orange jacket that stopped at his waist with a blue strip under his arm that extended from his wrist all the was to his hip, he had on standard shinobi shoes, on his hands and arms was medic tape, but it was unseen except on his hands. She smiled every time he put that thing on, "can't wait until you become the Nidaime Uzukage can you" she asked.

"Nope, I'm going to be the best Nidaime in history of all Nidaime's" Naruto said.

"Well first you have to prove you deserve the position" Kushina said.

"Who better to get than me, I am your legacy" Naruto said.

"Maybe, but I'm not just going to give you the position, for all you know, someone else might be better for the position, like Hinata" Kushina said.

"That's no fair, she gets extra help from Kyuubi" Naruto said.

"Kyuubi is part of her" Kushina said.

"Fine I just have to get stronger" Naruto said.

"I know you will, where is Hinata anyway, you two are always together" Kushina asked.

"She went with auntie somewhere" Naruto said.

"Oh" Kushina aid then there was a knock on the door, "come in" she said.

Tsunade walked in the room, "how has things been since I been gone" she asked.

"Fine, Naruto is a genin, and one of the strongest genin's, only Hinata is stronger and that's if she uses Kyuubi's chakra" Kushina said.

"Without it" Tsunade asked.

"Well skill wise they are even, although Naruto takes my punch you in the face approach, Hinata prefers Airi's outsmart you approach, the only real advantage Hinata has is a larger chakra system and more energy, but Naruto isn't a slouch in those areas either" Kushina said.

"Are they going to take the chuunin exams" Tsunade asked.

"Of course, Naruto can't wait to show Minato that he is a better shinobi than he will ever be" Kushina said with a smug smile.

"I bet he can't, but I found someone you will be interested in" Tsunade said.

"Who is that" Kushina asked.

"Jiraiya" Tsunade said.

"Really, did you tell him what happened" Kushina asked.

"Yea, he wont take any side on this since technically he is both kids godfather, he is going to train both to the best of his abilities" Tsunade said.

Kushina smiled, "I get first debs on training" she said.

"He is at the bathhouse right now, hope Anko and Kurenai are not in it, or no one will get any training from him" Tsunade said.

"Don't worry, they have strict orders not to kill after what happened last time" Kushina said.

"Oh, he is staying here for 3 months then going to Konoha for 3 months to train his goddaughter, he said after the exams he will take them both as apprentices to train them at the same time for a few years" Tsunade said.

"I don't know about that, Minato might try and have his daughter do something to my son" Kushina said.

"Why not let Nata come with me" Naruto suggested.

"I'll think about it" Kushina said.

Anko walked into the room, "Ruto there you are I been looking for you" she said.

"Really why" Naruto asked confused.

"Training, Kiki is already at the training grounds" Anko told him.

"I thought you canceled training today" Naruto said.

Anko looked at him with an amused look, "I don't remember that, but I do remember you trying to get out of training" she said.

Kushina looked at Naruto, "your not trying to skip out on your training are you" she asked.

"What of course not, she really said training was canceled" Naruto protested.

"Do you want to spend the day in the ocean again" Kushina asked.

"No, I'll be at the training ground" Naruto said and ran out the room.

"What am I going to do with that boy, he is to much like me" Kushina said.

"Well its better than the alternative" Anko said.

Kushina smiled, "it is isn't it, speaking of the alternative I have a list of the genin's in these exams, and it seems like holding Ruto and Nata out the exams until this year was the right thing to do" she said.

"So that daughter of his he mentioned is in these exams" Anko asked.

"Not only that, the Yamanaka, Nara, Amikichi, Inuzuka, Aburame, Hyuuga, and Uchiha heirs are in these exams" Kushina said.

Anko had a wicked smirk on her face, "so how long until we get to see my brother and sister kick their asses" she asked.

"One month exactly" Kushina said matching her smirk. Tsunade saw their smirks and had a bad feeling about the up coming exams.

A month later

Kushina walked up to Konoha's gate followed closely by Anko and her first genin team which consisted of Naruto, Hinata, and Kiki. Walking next to Anko was Kurenai and her newest genin team which consisted of Ryu, Poe, and Kie all was males. All the genin's had masks on. Airi also followed with her bringing up the rear making sure no one would sneak up on them. The guards wasn't surprised to see the Uzukage walk up with the genin's, "Uzukage-sama" they said letting her through the gate.

Kushina just glanced at them as she lead her ninja's through the gate. Everyone turned wanting to see what not only the only female kage in history, but the youngest kage looked like. Kushina tilted her hat so it covered her face as she smirked as they tried to get a good look at her. Kurenai, Anko, and Airi made a circle around the genin's with Kushina at the front of the circle. As they walked further into the village the Hokage and a few others stepped in front of them halting their advance, "how rude to stop a kage who came to see her genin's in their first chuunin exams" Kushina said with a hint of amusement.

"Why bring him to these exams, you held him out of the last 4 exams why let him come to my village to take these exams" Minato asked.

Kushina shrugged, "to embarrass you in front of your village" she said with humor.

"Kushi-sama" Naruto asked behind his mask.

"Of course" Kushina said.

Naruto and Hinata stepped up and looked at everyone in front of them. They nodded to each other and removed their masks, shocking everyone. Minato and Hiashi looked at the two as if they wasn't worth the time, "what do you two want" Atsui asked.

The two genin's smirked then jumped planting their fist right in their respective fathers noses. Everyone but the Whirlpool ninja's looked surprise at the two, "those two hold a grudge like no other" Anko laughed.

"How dare you put a hand on our leader" yelled a random person in the crowd.

From behind Hiashi and Minato the Hyuuga heir and Namikaze heir stepped up prepared to defend their leader and father respectively, "you will regret that" the Hyuuga said.

Hinata tilted her head to the side, "are you a girl or boy" she asked. Naruto started to laugh.

"Enough you two, we have things to do" Kushina said in a voice that demanded respect.

"Yes Kushi-sama" the two replied putting their mask back on and falling back into the protective circle. Kushina groaned at hearing them call her that, she hated when she was called -sama, especially by her son and daughter figure.

Tsuki watched as they walked pass to their appointed hotel, 'that boy, I must get to know him' she thought to herself then walked off.

"Tsuki where are you going" Kakashi asked.

Tsuki shrugged, "I'm hungry" she said and continued to walk.

"Mom are you sure we wont get kicked out the exams for that" Naruto asked.

"Yes I'm sure sweetie, why don't you all go eat or something" Kushina said.

"OK, I'm starving" Hinata said as her stomach growled in agreement, "shut up Kyu we will eat soon" Hinata said to her stomach and inner demon.

"Come on you two" Anko said.

"Oh no you don't, I'm taking you, we don't need you influencing them to prank the entire village" Airi said.

Anko smirked, "I wouldn't do that" she said.

"Yea whatever, come on" Kurenai said pulling Anko and leading her team out the hotel.

Airi lead Anko's team around looking for somewhere to eat, "I remember this place, Kushi single handedly kept them in business with how much she ate here" she said.

Naruto read the name, 'Ichiraku Ramen', "lets try it" he said.

"Sounds good" Hinata said.

They walked into the restaurant and took a seat at the counter, "hey your the ones from the gate" they heard. They turned and came face to face with a girl that had blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing standard shinobi pants and a shirt that fit her form perfectly, "I'm Tsuki" she said with a smile.


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