Okay, Man Of Action is working too fast for me! As soon as I come up with something, they make an episode before I can write a fanfic! I pictured Mike coming back and having some sort of major impact on Kevin and here we are! Trade-Off! Though, I didn't picture Kevin and Mike teaming up. I pictured a scenario that involved Mike taking Kevin's energy in exchange for leaving Gwen and Ben alone, just to mess with him. That would lead to an insight on how much Kevin really cares for Ben and Gwen. I'm a sap like that! Anyway, I have pictured the young Necrofriggians returning for a long time. (My friend and I refer to them as The Chills). Enjoy!

"Why is it so cold?" The smallest one piped, shivering violently. It had been a few months since the hatching. He had not grown much. He was now only slightly bigger than an average sized newborn. He wasn't likely to grow anymore. He was the runt.

"This is too cold…the plasma areas are too hot…what will it take to please us?" The largest one growled. If he stood next to a human teenager, he would almost measure up to the shoulder. He had been the first to hatch.

"We aren't normal, you know." The medium sized female murmured. "We're different from the other members of our species."

"I'm scared…" The smaller female whimpered. Her wings were bleached white from overexposure to the rays of the sun. That wasn't supposed to happen to a Necrofriggian…

"I say we leave. What's keeping us here anyway?" The second oldest of the five asked, doing a flip in the air. His wings were a dark grey. Another abnormality.

"The fact that this is the only place we know." The medium sized female replied promptly. She had always been the logical one. "We can't just go flying off somewhere else. We need to think."

"The time for thinking is over!" The dark winged one snapped. "I say we ditch this place!"

"Where though?" The white winged one whispered. "Where else is there?"

"The blue planet!" The runt chirped immediately.

"Why there?" The eldest one questioned.

"That's where we hatched, right?" The others bobbed their heads. "We know that place! I remember it a little bit…and I liked it. I feel drawn to it somehow."

"Me too." The white winged one replied. "It seems like…home for some reason…"

"What do we have to lose?" The runt insisted. The others didn't know how long he had yearned for the blue planet. He had never wanted to leave. 'Please let us go back…please…'

"Very well." The eldest finally relented. "We will go and see what it is like. BUT, if there is too much danger, we return here. Agreed?" The others bobbed their heads in agreement. Good. They still knew to listen to him.

"Let's go!" The runt entered a spiraling dive toward the beautiful sapphire orb. He could hear the awkward flapping of his brothers and sisters behind him. His green eyes glinted as he thought of his other secret. There was something on the blue planet that was connected to them somehow.

Go on…fly!

That voice had haunted his mind for so long. It was important. He knew it was! But he couldn't remember…what had it been? That voice that had given him courage for each passing day. The voice that drifted into his dreams when he and his siblings slept, something else Necrofriggians don't do. The voice that pulled him toward that planet. Toward a specific area. He closed his eyes as he entered Earth's atmosphere. He could sense where they were supposed to go. That was good…


"Kevin, are you sure about that?" Ben asked, his mouth hanging slightly open. Kevin nodded his stony head.

"Absolutely! Just confirmed it with Grandpa Max!"

"That's horrible! How can anyone do that?!" Gwen gasped.

"Same reason Ben and me were kidnapped and put in that fighting ring five years ago: The scum of the universe needs entertainment. Earth doesn't have many laws when it comes to the collection of aliens for zoos. Therefore, it is ideal for these poachers."

"And they're near Bellwood?" Ben fingered the Omnitrix nervously.

"That's right." Ben nodded slowly.

"This will be a delicate operation…we need to bust those poachers without harming any of the kidnapped aliens…let's start planning for tonight!"


"Are you sure this is the place?" The eldest called out.

"Positive!" The runt replied, landing on the hill of molten metal. "This is it! I know that I know this place!" He looked around. 'Is the voice here?' He listened. He listened for that voice that had told him to fly for the first time. Where was it? He waited. A whistling sound caught his attention. "Hello?" He called out right before a net crashed down over him.

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