Okay, folks. I keep getting reviews asking whether I'm continuing this fic. People have started posting reviews in OTHER fanfics that I've written asking about it. I put a notice on my profile, but the questions keep coming. So, I'm gonna just repost here:

This story, along with every other Ben 10 fanfiction, is in a state of indefinite hiatus. This means that I will NOT be updating this or any other Ben 10 fanfiction for an indefinite amount of time, maybe never. I have not been getting ANY Ben 10 related inspiration for the past few months. I won't write unless I have my muse with me. Until the Mallet of Inspiration hits me again, this fic is a no go. I can't write something unless I feel it. If I force a chapter, it won't be good. It's that simple.

I appreciate that you guys love this fic. I'm truly flattered. If a miracle occurs and more plot reveals itself, you'll be the first to know.

Solora out. Peace!

PS- In case anyone asks... No, this story will NOT be put up for adoption. Nor will any of my other ones. I'm really possessive of my stories...even if I can't finish them...