I told myself I wasn't going to type up anything for the Scrubs fandom, but here I am. I haven't been able to tap into my "I wanna write a story despite the fact that it'll probably end up crappy" mode for a while, and I've started to jump into the Scrubs fandom. After reading a lot of Death Note fics, it's a bit hard to make the transition; so naturally, I softened the blow by exploring the JDox fics first. (I initially thought that I'd be bombarded with JDxTurk fics, but apparently there are almost none. Like... at all.) So here's a collection of things I noticed while reading them – they may or may not apply to other Scrubs fanfiction besides CoxJD:

1. Despite the fact that JD has had more relationships than everyone on the show combined, Dr. Cox is the one with relationship issues.

2.Every time Jordan says "I'm going to my mother's house," this somehow translates into "I'm sensing some chemistry rising between my husband and his intern – I must make it convenient for them to have hot steamy sex in my bed!"

3. Dr. Cox never has to battle Turk for JD's attention like Carla does for Turk's, and for some reason that bugs me.

4. Upon finding out about JD and Dr. Cox's relationship, Turk almost always says something that includes these three things: a) I'm alright with you being gay. b) Dr. Cox is an ass! c) Don't give me any details!

5. Even though JD is much closer to Turk and Elliot, Carla appears more often in JDox fics as the one who knows everything about JD and uses that information to keep the two lovers together.

6. Upon discovering the relationship between Dr. Cox and JD, Elliot will always cry and go "Oh my god, JD and Dr. Cox? Frick!Frickfrickfrickfrickfrick." If the author happens to like Elliot a bit more than is the norm, Elliot will reveal herself to be a closet Yaoi (boy-smex) fangirl.

7. If JD says "Dr. Cox has been extra mean to me lately!" it ACTUALLY means, "Dr. Cox has finally noticed my perfect ass!"

8. If Dr. Cox says "Newbie/Janice has been extra sensitive to my latest rant..." it ACTUALLY means, "JD has been sexually violated/has attempted suicide/is suicidal."

9. You would think Elliot and Dr. Cox would be better friends after he and JD hook up. Observe:

Elliot: So, Dr. Cox! Has JD changed a lot since he and I had sex?

Dr. Cox: I dunno! When he was with you did he do that thing with his tongue -

Bam! It's a conversation starter right there! (...Hey, it could work! It's Scrubs!)

10. If you need a setting for a love/suicide/life confession, use the roof. It's always the roof. Always.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scrubs, and the above statements only apply to 99.99 percent of all JDxCox fanfiction. (I'm like a lysol commercial!)

Bring on your "prove me wrong" fics and/or your quotes from the "Guidelines" page that state that having lists on here is not allowed. It's on there somewhere I think. I something like over in the Death Note fandom and I got good reception for it... but I'm still a little nervous about this, actually. Oh well, hope you don't want your five minutes back. :)