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Standing in my group of four girls, we wait for the rest of them to show up. Taking a drag of my

cigarette, I let the smoke cloud my vision. "B? where do you think they are? We've been out here for an

hour." Ali ask quietly, she stands up next to me "they'll be here, Es told me they had business to take

care of." I answer firmly keeping my gaze straight "But B-." I twirl around to face the newest girl of our

group Tanya(I haven't thought of a nickname for her yet help?). "Shut the fuck up! I said they'll be here

so sit down and shut up before I make!" the air turns thick all the tension "Ali, you better make sure she

knows her place or she wont last very long here." I walk over to the corner fixing my jacket I look over at

the girls. All of them have on the group black jackets, with long collars so they can cover their faces,

jeans and black furry boots. Their my responsibility and although I would love to kill some of them,

sometimes I still would hate to lose one. "What are you doing out in the open like this?" A motherly

tone brings me out of my thoughts. Turning so I am facing Esme I smile "Hey Es." Smiling she hugs me, I

look over her shoulder too see four more girls around the ages of 17- 19 smiling at us. "How did business

go?" I ask when she lets go and we start walk over to my group of girls "Alright, though they almost

caught us I am embarrassed to say." Frowning I think about the group of guys, they call themselves the

master killers. We've been watching them for two months now, because they shot up one of our old

places hoping to kill some of us. We're afraid they might try it again, but the group consists of 5 guys,

Carlisle who's the leader, Edward is the second in command, Jasper and Emmett they are the main

fighters (the 1st people to step into a building and start firing) and then there is Alec he's the best out of

all of them. He's young but has the ability to kill you within seconds of seeing you. "B!" Someone

bunches my stomach making me come out of my thoughts and double over. I look up to see who had

done it, and I see Ali looking at me worried "Thank you Alice, now B you have to stop doing that your

putting yourself in danger." Yea she was right blocking everything out like that can be extremely deadly

"Your right im sorry Es." Nodding her head towards me she repeats what she said when I was in la la la

land. "We are going to hit their place tonight, swarm the inside and hopefully take down most of the

main fighters before we hit the back up. This hit is going to be hard girl, we don't know how many are in

there and we don't know how much fire arms they have. They have the upper arm its their home so we

must be careful. Bella bring the girls home so they can get ready, Tanya stay with me I want to talk some

things out with you." We all nod our heads and start for home, hopefully we'll all be coming back


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