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Full summary: Avatar Aang is powerful, arrogant, wealthy and hot! Oddly, he receives a servant girl as a 17th birthday present. He was used to servants in the Fire Nation Palace being from the Water Tribe, but this servant was so different. Though, that may have something to do with the fact that she was much more beautiful than any girl he'd ever seen. Aang was found by Zuko instead of Katara and Sokka. When Zuko found him he was confused and had almost no memory of his life before the iceberg. Ozai convinces Aang to allow the Fire Nation continue with their quest to rule the world and Aang falls deeper and deeper into Fire Nation ways.

How's that?

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Aang bent down and kissed the neck of his sleeping girlfriend.

The sun shined brightly in the sky on a warm Fire Nation morning. The red curtains blew as the breeze drifted into the Avatar's bedroom from the balcony that overlooked the courtyard of the palace.

Inside of his bed, he laid, bare-chested with his arms resting behind his head. A tanned girl of a bit older slept, cuddled into his side, bare under the red sheets. Her chocolate hair spread over her pillow and hers.

Aang ran a finger down her beautiful face, tracing her eyelids and making his way down. She promptly opened her blue eyes.

Aang smiled and Katara yawned.

"Good morning," she greeted, sitting up to stretch her arms. "Your bed is so soft. I haven't slept like that in years."

"Are you sure it's the bed that made you sleep like that," Aang joked.

"Well, whatever," she laughed.

"And anyway, servants are supposed to make their master's beds, not sleep in them," he teased.

"Maybe later. As you said, I should be really tired," she replied, falling back down on the pillow.

She turned her head, revealing her neck and Aang laughed.

She opened an eye to look at him. "What are you laughing at?"

"Do you have any high-neck robes or tunics? It seems I've marked your neck." He chuckled.

Katara jumped up and ran to the full body mirror in the corner of Aang's room. She eyed the purple bruise-like mark on her neck. She scowled at her reflection and covered the mark with her hands as if that would make it go away.

Aang walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her small waist. He hugged her to him. "No one will see it," he assured her.

Katara smirked. "If they do, I'll just tell everyone that the Avatar-"

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. They both froze.

"Go get dressed," Aang told her, pushing her towards the bathroom door.

The Waterbender scuttled to the bathroom and Aang pulled on his robe that he had thrown on a chair near the door.

He opened the door and kept it at an angle to make sure no one could see inside of the room.

Liana, another servant, bowed to Aang. "Avatar Aang, do you know where Katara is this morning? She wasn't in her bed this morning."

Aang peeked behind him and saw that Katara was pretending to make the bed.

He opened the door more, so Liana could see inside. "She must have gotten up early. She came to make my bed and help get me ready for the day a few minutes ago," he lied.

"Oh, ok," Liana said. "I'm sorry I bothered you, Avatar Aang."

Liana bowed, again and left.

Aang shut the door and turned back to Katara with a smirk. "You're making the bed? I guess it's later."

Katara stuck out her tongue and jumped back into the bed, teasingly.


"Avatar Aang, nice of you to join us," Ozai commented as Aang walked into the meeting room with Katara walking behind him with her head bowed, like a servant.

She had borrowed a higher neck tunic from another servant girl.

Aang took his seat at the second head chair in the meeting. Katara stood behind his chair as she did in all meetings with Aang, her 'master'. After an entire year of being the Avatar's personal servant, she never seemed to get used to how his personality changed for the better more and more everyday.

In this meeting their were no ambassadors or many generals. It was only the royal circle. Prince Zuko, Princess Azula, Firelord Ozai, Avatar Aang and General Iroh. They were supposed to be discussing the Fire Nation Ball they did at the end of every summer.

"I take it, Katara has been taking good care of you, taking her job seriously. Even after all of this time?" Ozai said to Aang.

"Oh, yeah. She takes really good care of me," Aang replied. To Katara, it seemed like an inside joke meant for only her to understand-though, she thought she saw Prince Zuko shaking with suppressed laughter out of the corner of her eye-.

Ozai suddenly turned to her, which he rarely did. She was hardly ever addressed directly from Ozai or any high-ranking official for that matter. It was supposed to be as if she wasn't there.

The Firelord was eyeing her supposedly hidden, neck and next he said something that made Katara and Aang's eyes widen.

"What's that on your neck?"


One Year Earlier…..(Aang's POV)

I look down at my feet as I walked down one of the many hallways in the Fire Nation royal palace.

I just know today will be horrible because it's the 23rd day in the Air season.

My birthday.

I hated it with a passion, but I either don't know or don't remember why. I do know that I have hated it for as long as I can remember.

It's not that I don't love being adored because I really do. Over the years it has become a positive side-effect of being the Avatar.

As I turn the corner of the hallway I can't help, but think about what Ozai might give me for my birthday this year. He always went over the top. For my sixteenth birthday he had a statue of me built in Ba Sing Se. The 25 foot thing creeped me out to no end, but it was awesome to know that the people in the city would look up to the statue and of course, teenage girls would swoon over it.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Good morning, birthday boy!" Azula's voice teased from behind me. She knew how much I hated my birthday. After five years with her, she never failed to make it worse every year. Being called 'birthday boy' was just the icing on the despised birthday cake.

"I think just Aang will do," I assured her, hoping to stop the horrible nickname there.

"Alright, Just Aang." Zuko joined in, walking out of his room as we passed it. He clapped me on the back and cheered, "Happy Birthday!"

"I've heard that from every servant I've encountered, the cooks, several ambassadors and your uncle," I groaned. "If I hear it one more time I'm going to scream."

Azula stepped in front of me with a smirk and opened the double doors leading to the war meeting room.

"Happy Birthday," many people called from inside.

I rolled my eyes and bit back the shriek that threatened to rise from my throat. Zuko clapped my back once more and Azula ruffled my hair before they went off to sit in their spots next to their father.

I took my seat at the head of the table near Ozai, Zuko, and Azula's royal fire throne seats.

I sank down in my chair when I notice everyone at the table was smiling at me.

"General Shu, you may begin telling us about your plans for the Southern Water Tribe." Ozai began the meeting.

General Shu stood and cleared his throat. He used the pointing stick to slide plastic troops from division 46 across the table map. "I propose we move more troops into the Southern Water Tribe. Division 46 will do. We just need someone to watch over small villages in case more Waterbenders are born or if the Water Tribe peasents decide to cause trouble."

I kept my mouth shut during most of General Shu's proposal. He spoke as if he were the smartest thing in the four nations. I bet I could kick his ass. I also thought his proposal was a stupid idea. What would a bunch of Water Tribe peasents serve us?

"Speaking of Water Tribe," Ozai said. "How about we show Aang his gift?"

Ozai smirked, calling in whatever they had gotten me.

I was surprised when I heard a girl's voice arguing with a guard.

I cocked an eyebrow. Now I was curious.

I watched as two gaurds burst into the room, each one with an arm of a girl.

From what I could see of her, she was wearing a Fire Nation shirt that stopped just above her navel. The matching skirt reached her angles and a red shawl was was thrown around her shoulders. She had tan skin and long, wavy brown hair. Obviously, Water Tribe. Her head was down, so I couldn't see her face, but I knew she most likely had blue eyes. She was also thin and average height.

"Hold your head up, girl," A guard commanded. He reached back and grabbed the back of her head, forcing her head up. "You're in the presence of the Avatar and royal family."

I glanced in her face and slightly smiled when I saw how beautiful she was. Her icy blue eyes glared at the guard who had forced her head up. "If I needed your help lifting my head I would've asked," she snapped.

I gaped at the girl. I had predicted that her expression and attitude would be miserable, horrified, or something to show depression. But instead she wore a hard, angry look as if to show she wasn't afraid of the many powerful people around her and spoke with ice in her voice. Most servants would never look or speak to a guard that way, especially not in front of me or the royal family.

"Feisty little water peasent, isn't she," Ozai laughed. I felt his hand on my shoulder.

The Water Tribe girl's eyes snapped to me and she stared. Her eyes showed surprise as they roamed over my face and her mouth was a bit agape.

Ozai continued speaking. "They brought her into the thrown room a few days ago and I recognized her as the most attractive Water peasent I'd ever seen in all of my years. She's about your age and she'll make an excellent servant for you and only you. Happy Birthday."

I didn't look back at him, but I nodded and mumbled a thanks. I didn't expect the girl to speak, but she suddenly hissed, "If you think I will serve any of you, you are sadly mistaken."

Ozai snarled at her and one of the gaurds hit her, hard in the back. She coughed and fell forward on her knees. The gaurds moved with her and kept her arms, though she constantly tried to jerk them away.

"Bow, you Water Tribe scum," Azula sneered. She was not used to servants or peasants being so harsh or informal in her presence.

"I'll bow when you bow, Fire Nation brat!"

At that, I had to cough to cover up a laugh while everyone else gasped. The guard hit her with a fire whip and she whimpered a bit, then silenced.

Ozai turned back to me. "She shall be your personal servant, though if you think she is too smart mouthed and strong willed, I could always find another and rid you of her."

I smirked and turned back to the girl. She was kneeling on the ground, holding her arm where the fire whip had hit her. She met my gaze and I almost got lost in her sea of blue. "No, she'll do." I murmured.


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