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Ten Things You Never Knew About: Artie Abrams


When Tina told him her s-stutter was fake, it took just as much strength for him to turn her away as it did for him to ask her out in the first place.


No matter how many times he's been made fun of, slushied in the face, or stuck in a port-a-potty, he always tells his mom that his day was "same old same old" because it kills him whens she blames herself for the car accident.


The day after the car accident and all the surgeries, the first thing he did when he woke up was he promised himself not to let his disability stop him from being who he was before the accident. His uncle Richard had become bitter after he lost his arm in the war and Artie tried to never let his injury get the best of him.


Before the accident he was one of the fastest kids around Lima, OH. He'd been on his cross-country team for two months prior to the accident. However, in those two months, he'd caught "the bug" for the sport. He was born slim and that mixed with the fact that his mom was a strict vegetarian and only bought him the unprocessed, "healthy food" to eat created an ideal runners' physique. Also, years of chasing his dog Beatrice around his backyard made for excellent practice.


When he was younger he used to mark his height once every month on his giraffe-shaped height-chart. Before his accident, he was nine years and seven months and at four feet four inches. After his accident, he measured himself and was devastated when he could only reach four feet two inches while in his wheelchair. He had gotten his parents to help him stand up but that only ended in him falling to the ground and fracturing his wrist. Eight years later and his wheelchair got stuck in a rut, making it so Finn and Mike had to lift him out of his chair to get the wheelchair out. Artie, having been supported by Finn and Mike, stood at five foot six for those fifteen seconds of pure bliss as he simply let himself absorb the magic that was being able to see the world from a different perspective.


Tina was his first kiss although, from the fireworks that seemed to go off in his head when their lips met, he had a sneaking suspicion that he wasn't her first kiss. Before her, the closest he'd ever gotten to kissing a girl was when he was seven and his eighteen year-old strictly French-speaking babysitter used to kiss him on the cheek every time she left.


When Mr. Schuester made all the glee-clubbers stay in wheelchairs for three days, he wanted to leap into the air and say "take that, suckers!" to all of them. Unfortunately, he was raised with good manners and he, therefore, withheld from such actions. Although, he did let a smug smile slip as he past Santana and Quinn attempting to navigate their wheelchairs.


The first thing he notices when he meets someone is not their height or their handshake, but their hairstyle. Now, he's not being superficial or anything of the sort however, he believes that ones' hairstyle can tell a lot about the person. For example, Puck's short mohawk tells that he is the obvious "rebel" of Lima High, Rachel, Kurt, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany all have their hair made down to a near-perfect science and routine, making sure a hair is never out of place. Tina shows her rebellion from her widely-known strict parents by way of her dark blue streaks.


Artie used to drown himself in his studies and books, trying to escape his reality as well as please his parents. He'd bring home report cards of straight A's and was always on the honor roll. Although his parents were happy that he was excelling in school, they couldn't help but be concerned at the fact that he never really hung out with any of his classmates and he definitely never had a girlfriend. However, their worries were assuaged once he had begun hanging out with Tina, Mercedes, and Kurt. Although his parents thought they all were a bit odd, they were all nice and at least Artie was making friends.


He's sort of grateful for the accident. Sure, at first he wasn't exactly ecstatic about his paraplegia but he knows that he never would've joined glee club if he hadn't gotten into the accident. After all, if he hadn't gotten in the crash he never would've gotten to hear any of Brittany's typical dumb-blonde remarks, seen Mr. Schuester attempt a rap, or tasted the cherry-flavored lips of Tina Cohen-Chang.

Author's Note: Hope you like the story so far. I have to admit, thinking of ten things was actually pretty hard since we don't know so much about Artie. Although, I do think I mentioned his accident one too many times.