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Ten Things You Never Knew About: Mike Chang


He hates it when people call him "the other Asian". I mean, even though Lima, OH isn't exactly the most diverse place on Earth there's got to be at least one other Asian kid at McKinley High other than Cohen-Chang.


When he was little he wanted to grow up to be a dancer "just like the ones in those music videos". His mother thought it was cute but his father, a strict man by nature, frowned upon it from the beginning. His mother would encourage him and when his father was out at work; she'd decorate the house with little stars and set up a small broadway-esque curtain and she'd ask him to perform a little dance for her and his older brother and sister. It was "their little secret" and even then he loved performing in front of people. As he got older, he grew out of those silly games and went on to bigger, better things. Those secret shows were all swept under the rug until he joined the Glee club. And, truthfully, when he got up on that stage as a member of the Glee Club and he saw his mother out in the crowd he felt like he was six again and performing a little home-concert for his family again.


He loves football and he knows that he's probably the only ones on the football team that actually likes the sport. Finn started it 'cause the coach practically begged him to, after all there aren't many guys that are as tall as him on average high-school teams. Puck started it because Quinn was head cheerleader and it was expected of her to date a football player. He was different though. He did it 'cause he loves the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you're making a run for it, the feeling of accomplishment and complete bliss that comes when you make that game-changing touchdown.


Even though it took him a little while to join Glee Club, he knows it was worth it. He's not the best singer in the world but still, the feeling of performing in front of an audience gives him this crazy adrenaline rush that's practically addicting. In fact, it's the only rush that even compares with what he feels when he plays football.


He actually doesn't hate Lima, OH. Even though he knows he's probably one of the only ones, he knows that there's a sort of quaint niceness that comes with knowing everyone in the town and being able to rely on all of them. He knows that there's definitely more out there but it really wouldn't kill him if he "make it big" and get out of the city.


He really likes Brittany. He won't go as far to say as love because, well, what normal teenage boy already knows they love a girl? But he does know that he really likes her. He doesn't just like her because she's pretty, although that definitely is a plus. He likes her because she's a genuinely good person, she's nice and has good intentions...something that's pretty hard to come by in McKinley High.


He loves waffles. He never really knew where his the love of the food came from since it obviously didn't come from his parents since both were Chinese natives who obviously weren't raised on the food. By the time that he was eight he'd already gone through so many different favorite foods that it didn't strike his parents oddly when, for a straight week, he asked for waffles for breakfast. They thought it was just another one of those phases. However, when the so-called waffle phase started lasting for more than two weeks they grew concerned for their boy (after all, this type of behavior just wasn't natural). By the sixth week they took it as just another quality to his personality and his mother started just making waffles every morning, not even bothering to ask him what he wanted for breakfast. Even now when he gets up early in the morning for basketball practice, his mother leaves the leftover waffles in the refrigerator so he can pop them into the microwave, slather on some butter, and be on his way.


He was never "the smart kid", he left that to his older brother Samuel, or "the nice kid", that had his older sister Katherine written all over it. He was always just "the other kid". He never really had anything spectacular going for him. Well, he never had anything worth the respect from adults going for him. Sure, he could dance just as well as most people in music videos. And he did okay in football, but he wasn't the star like Finn or even Puck. In the beginning, he'd try nearly every sport or hobby to try and find that one thing that he was great at. Unfortunately, he had little patience and a short attention-span. This combined with the fact that all these hobbies cost money made his attempt at making it big in swimming or track and field very short-lived. By sophomore year of high-school he'd embraced the truth of being the "other kid" and wasn't all that surprised when people started calling him the "other Asian".


He's been friends with Matt since they were both in diapers. Matt's family had moved right next door to his when he was six months and Matt was five months. His mother, always friendly and welcoming, immediately brought them a welcome cake and eagerly set up a playdate for them. Needless to say, they didn't have much to talk about when they were that young. Heck, most of the first playdate was spent trying to stick their fingers up each-other's noses. However, as time passed and they got older they shared toys and clothes and talked nearly every day (this was helped by the fact that they went to the same pre-school as well as elementary school). Soon enough, they became best friends and went everywhere together. Mrs. Chang even ended up getting in the habit of setting an extra napkin and plate for Matt.