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Episode 2- Doggy dog world!

"ummmmmmm ............... Where am I? hey cool, My tail!!"

Takuya woke up as he tried to grab his tail again. The others soon woke up.

"ugh........ Where the hell are we."

Kouji said as he looked around. They were in some sort of a huge glass box without a was bigger than they could jump through. Outside the box was a whole other boxes, filled with animals.

"Oh no... we are in a PET STORE!!!"

Takuya suddenly had a great idea! " I know how to get out!"

He charged at the wall, full of determination. He knew he could do it. His heart pumping, his temples jumping, his tongue hanging. 3... 2...1!!!


Takuya hit the wall square with his face. He walked back a little dizzy and then rammed his head into it again. And again...........again.......and again..... until he finally went out cold.

everyone was like -_-;

Kouji: That is the dumbest idea I have ever seen.........

Zoe- Don't say that!

Suddenly Tommy had an Idea. "Hey we can use that See-saw to catapult us out of here. Jp jump on the other end after I get in."

Tommy started to get in position, but before he was safe, Jp jumped on to the other side.

" JP NOOOO!!!-- OUuuuuuuu......"

everyone- O_O oww............

Koichi- hahahah! He got neutered!

Tommy came stumbling back, in tears as Zoe went to comfort the little pup. "Hey, don't make fun of the poor guy."

Kouji had an idea. "yeah, this should make up for you teasing him" With that, He gave Koichi a push which sent him up! he landed on the see saw opposite of Jp. He landed on his sweet spot. "owwwwwwww.........." But Jp was sent up and he came back down. as koichi got up with the seesaw still in the middle of his legs, Jp came down, and his end went up! "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

everyone- O_O OMG..............

Koichi went flying, holding his sore batteries, but he screamed again as he hit the glass and once again, got neutered.

Kouji- O_O 3 strikes and you are out..............

Koichi screamed like a little girl as he fell back down. but this time, he landed safely on the foamy mattress under them.

Zoe- Never let a boy do a girls job.

Zoe went over there as Jp jumped on the other end. If she was a boy, she would've been neutered, but because she is a girl, she went flying up with a sore butt. But she managed to grab the top of the glass with her paws.

"I Got it!!!!!!"

Right under her, takuya woke up. His Eyes widened as he had a clear view of Zoe's under side.

" O_O homana homana.............."

He passed out again. Zoe soon climbed over the top and and on to the other side. She fell with a whimper as she got up. Suddenly 2 dogs came up. "oh no......"

Kouji had his little sister sense tingle. "ZOE!!!!!!!!!"

He grabbed Takuya and used his head as a battering ram, which worked, although left Takuya with stars over his head.. Kouji went growling to the dogs and Zoe watched in awe as his big brother tore them apart.

After Kouji was done, the dogs looked like poodles as they whined and ran off.

The gang proceeded to go through the pet store, which was filled with scary things. Jp screamed at a snake. Tommy screamed at a Rottweiler. Koichi screamed at a mouse. Kouji shivered from the picture of an ugly girl who looked worse than the girl from exorcist. Zoe put her face into kouji's fur as she saw a mongoose. Takuya screamed like a little girl as he saw a Hamster.

Suddenly, a man came inside and Threw them all out of the store. The landed on the hard pavement as the man injected a syringe into Koichi, then jp. Kouji tried to bite the man but failed as he injected kouji with a needle. takuya fought Bravely to protect Zoe and Tommy, but failed as he and the rest went down because of the dose.

"uhhhhhh............. Where am I? "

Takuya opened his eyes as he rubbed his eyes with his hands. Wait a minute........ hands??

" OMG!!!!! I AM A FILTHY HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cliff hanger. And no offence to the girls and humans out there, I wanted to make it seem abnormal as they were wolves.