Title: Acciacina (1)
Series: Seiken Densetsu 3
Character/Pairing: Hawk/Lise
Rating: PG?
A/N: 18th - Seiken Densetsu 3, Hawk/anyone: restoration - making the desert bloom again. This is written in reverse, with the prequel being the first time the flower came up.


He visits her sometimes. The trip is not that long of one, and a thief as skilled as him can make it in a night. He knows where to find her at any given time, which has often lead the question, given almost affectionately Are you a shadow?. Everything with her stops just short of being actually affectionate. He is the one who starts the displays – kisses, touches in the dark. She has two children he visits on occasion. Both his, so very obviously so. The amazons are a remarkably non-prudish lot about children out of wedlock. He supposes that has a lot to do with being a mostly female society. It's a breath of fresh air, and one of the first things shared by Navarre. (As opposed to the people from Wendel, who would probably faint. They were all such sticks in the mud.)

He visits them too. To them, he is a wanderer, a strange and funny man who occasionally brings them things and does tricks for them, but not a father. They are excited to see him, his girl, his boy. She showed surprising intuition when naming them, even if she never asked. The boy's name was Eagle. The girl? Accacina, the name of the flower that bloomed in the desert. The first gift he gave her, the first time he'd seen her smile.

Lise never reprimands him for this, even with her eyes, silently. Many Amazon children were raised without fathers. She was one of the few who actually had one, as opposed to a name casually given with no face to accompany it.

He ruled his domain, she hers. He doesn't marry even when pressed. (Jessica has long moved on to some adoring other man. He hopes she's happy.)

One day, another Eagle will take the throne. Bastard sons are common rulers in Navarre ( In fact, the word for bastard holds a connotation more along the line of of a grudging endearment, like 'loveable rouge'. It always causes some confusion when anyone from Navarre comes across, meaning more than once a group of thieves raised their glasses to 'the bastard', not realizing how grave an insult it could be.)

She knows this and raises both well. A future Amazon, a future thief king. He is a juggler, a wielder of knives, a fire player, a gift bringer, and a secret lover of Lise, but not a father.

Peace is almost assured between them, even with the old wounds. There is no path to revenge, no call for blood to blood to be released in the time honored rituals of revenge. Only shadows and a brush of wind, two children so obviously his, and a marriage in everything but name.

Somewhere in Navarre, the Acciacina blooms again with no war or bloodshed to uproot it.