Title: Love Notes

Author: DesiringPirates

Rating: PG15

Summary: They would only be the first of many.

A/N: This is my first completed TBBT fic, I say completed, because I have three more I am working on! XD



Thank you for last night. There is no way that I am ever going to forget it, as it was my first time ever engaging in coitus. As I do not know what the proper rules are fro after coitus, I thought it best (though you know that after certain events my mind is not as it once was) to return to my bed and act normally.

Please note that this is not an affront to you. I still respect you. Even more, now, because I have seen how gentle and understanding you are. I am also very grateful to you for ending my... "twenty-seven year old dry-spell", as it were, without the use of alcoholic beverages on both sides. I did want to remember it with a clear mind. Or, as clear as it was ever going to be.

I also apologize if I physically hurt you during our many acts of sexual activity. But remember, you asked me to smack your backside. I think I will never know WHY anyone would enjoy that, though.

This is the uncomfortable part, for me, at least. Let me stated that I do not know how to be a boyfriend. I do not understand why two people would want to be together for an indefinite amount of time. But as a scientist, and a human being, I would like to test that experiment. I wish that you will test it out with me.

I hope you have a pleasant day, even though I know you will interrupt mine and Leonard's more than once.

I honestly don't know what to write here,

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PH.D

Penny smiled as she finished the note, understanding that the 180-genius-whackadoodle would be uncomfortable this morning.

But he left her a love note. A Sheldonized love note, seeming cold but in fact very, very sweet, and Penny carefully placed it in an envelope. She hoped, and knew, that it would be the first of many.

Deciding something, she got out of bed and began rummaging around for her cute, pink stationary. She scrawled a note on it, placed the letter in a pink envelope, and smiled. After pulling on a blue robe, she walked out of her home, across, the hall, and into the boy's apartment.


Sheldon was sitting in his spot, staring out into space. When he heard the door open, he jumped and began feeling a little uncomfortable.

Penny said nothing, just handed Sheldon an obnoxiously pink envelope. Sheldon looked confused (for once) and watched the blonde beauty walk out of the apartment.

Leonard, who was standing by the island having coffee, meshed his brow together. "What was that about?"

Sheldon didn't answer. He opened up the envelope.

Dear Sheldon,

Please come to your girlfriend's apartment and she will teach you how to act after sex. Of course, we'll need to perform the act first, so be prepared! ;)

Love, Penny

Sheldon never thought that he could be turned on by a emoticon, let alone a handwritten one. But he knew what to do.

"Excuse me Leonard, I have to go to my girlfriend's apartment." He said it so calmly, that Leonard's jaaw dropped. "Do you have latex rubber condoms I can take?"

"In... in the bathroom." Leonard took a gulp of scalding coffee to shake him out of shock.

It only took a minute, but Sheldon was in and out of the bathroom with a scoff. "Regular. That will never do, I will break it. But thank you anyway, Leonard."

Without stopping, he left Leonard and went to start a new relationship. Later that day, he would place the special pink envelope in a drawer, knowing that it would be the first of many.