As a rule, Charmcaster always got what she wanted. It wasn't that she was spoiled. Quite the opposite. She worked hard, and was rewarded for it. That was how her sorcery had become so powerful so quickly.

But the work she was having to put in for her latest plan was such a staggering amount that she momentarily contemplated not going through with it. Her eyes narrowed as she watched her target – Gwen Tennyson – get handed an ice cream cone by the idiot. I thought she'd have better tastes than that, Charmcaster noted. She looked around, a part of her hoping to spot Ben. At least then she would know she wasn't catching Gwen on a date. But the brunette was nowhere to be found.

Great. So it is a date then, she thought bitterly. Gwen was laughing about Kevin dropping his ice cream cone on his shirt. Charm felt her dislike of the mutant spike further.

It had started off simply enough. She'd wanted Gwen's power. But the more she watched the girl, the more thoughts of her overcame Charmcaster, the stronger certain urges became. Charmcaster was not a fool, nor would she allow herself to lie. This was not a case of wanting to defeat her enemy. Not anymore.

Part of her still fantasized about owning Gwen, about degrading her, but more and more often the thoughts became romantically inclined. She'd even started dreaming about Gwen.

At first, it had disgusted her. She'd thought something was wrong, that maybe Gwen had even cast a strange sort of spell on her. But common sense prevailed. Gwen was not the type to use sorcery to ensnare someone in a relationship, and her feelings towards Charmcaster were not the least bit loving.

Charmcaster herself, however, was not above using such tricks to get what she wanted. She kept watching, waiting for an opportunity to trick Gwen, to own her completely. But what stopped her even when she had the opportunity was that there was no love spell that kept the target's mind intact. Charmcaster needed Gwen to want her just as badly as Charm wanted Gwen. A synthetic form of love seemed so cheap by comparison that she couldn't bring herself to utter the spell, despite having had dozens of opportunities by that point.

It was only when Kevin was around that Charm contemplated going through with the spells anyways, of making Gwen fall in love with her for real later, so long as the charm got her away from that complete moron. He wasn't good enough for her. Magic beings shouldn't be mixed with such low lifes, in Charmcaster's opinion. But the rules of magic meant she couldn't use a love spell on Gwen while someone she was truly in love with was standing so close. It simply wouldn't work.

She'd also thought of cursing Kevin, maybe even killing him, but he just wasn't worth the effort.

So, she waited, and she watched, and she plotted. One day it finally hit her.

She was watching when the team had joined Vilgax to go fight on his homeworld. She'd heard about them having Darkstar help them. And there was Kevin himself, also a former enemy, on their team.

Her plan was very simple. Go to the good guy's side. At least for long enough to find and utilize a spell to make Gwen her's. Part of her figured that all of this was just in the chase, wanting to taste the thrill of getting something there was no way she should be able to get. Once Charm had her, she wouldn't want her anymore, and she could go back to her old bad self, and those fantasies and dreams would finally stop tormenting her.

It was as good a plan as any, after all….