I walked down the empty street, my shoes crunching the wet ground beneath. My satin dress gave me no warmth, but it didn't bother me. Who cared? I could hear music blasting from the night club as I strolled in. The spot lights flashed everywhere, and I could hear the girls laughing with pleasure when the boys gave them their fullest attention. I dragged my heels to the tall stool by the bar.

"Hey, looking good!" The bar tender, Charles, greeted with a grin.

I smiled at him. It was interesting how boys looked at you with those hungry eyes. As if there was a live, roasted chicken walking in front of them. "Give me the usual." I ordered. Reaching in my bag, I grabbed a cigerette, and a lighter from inside. Charles came back with five bottles of whisky, and placed them on the table.

"This dress fits you." He commented. "Your eye lashes are longer. Damn, you look fantastic."

I smirked, and opened one of the bottles. I gulped the whisky down. That was what all the guys around here wanted. They looked at girls as if they're objects, and grab them as if they were free.

"Charles, I'm not like those girls." I gestured to those who were on stage, stripping and dancing. "I don't fuck for free."

"I wish you did."

"Go to hell."

"Sure, but you'll go with me."

I burst out laughing, and so did he. I put my finger tips to his lips, and he kissed them. It was a way to tease boys. He smiled once more, and went back to work. I was left alone to drink in this crowded, corrupted place which smelled of sex, money and lust. Sickening. I asked for it, though. It was just twenty days ago that I'd stepped into this club. That was when I was a complete nerd, and naive to this world. Now, I seem to be part of it. It's as if I'd spent my whole life here.

I drank the second bottle. My father had left me two months ago. My only close kin was gone. And my mother fucking got married out of the blue. 'It's for the greater good. Phil loves me.' She had said. Fuck. Who're you trying to kid? Do I look like I'm five to you? I go home every night, just to hear her say sweet nothings to her husband. I couldn't even grief for my father, because I was already mourning for the loss of my old, happy life.

I dumped the second bottle to the side, and started on my third. Tears were streaming down my face, as I poured the liqour into my mouth. Fuck this life of mine.

"Bella!" My mother yelled at me. "Don't you dare talk to Phil this way!"

"Renee, it's okay. I..." Phil started.

"Shut the fuck up!" I screamed. "Who do you think you are?! You're not my father!"

A hand slammed straight across my cheek. "How dare you?!" She shouted.

"Dad's dead, okay?! What the fuck do you want?! Just leave me alone!" I sobbed, and ran out of the house.

My worthless tears never stopped falling. It was good thing that I'd bought water proof mascara. I'll be crying for hours, while people will just stare. My life is in a mess. It wasn't just family problems that I was facing. It seemed to me that everything unfortunate that could happen to a human being actually happened to me.

"Jake, please..." I begged, crying.

"Bella, you come home drunk, and smelling of smoke. You weren't like this before." His face was hard.

"I-I'll change. But, please don't leave me!"

"No, Bells. It's not going to work now..."


"I've been bearing with it. You know me, Bella. I don't want a corrupted girl by my side."

"I'm corrupted...?" I quoted.

Jacob folded his arms. "We've quarreled for days. I'm tired, okay?"

"Am I not tired?" I sobbed. "Do you think I want this life?"

"Bells, it's not going to work." He whispered.

With that, he walked away. He walked out of my life. Walked out of our future. My hopes vanished.

I screamed, and shook my head, the tears spilling out of my eyes. Nobody heard me. The music drowned my cries. I opened the fourth bottle, and finished it in less than a minute. They said that, men drink their days to take away their pain and sorrow. But not for me. The more I drank, the more it became clearer that life was meaningless for me. I hadn't noticed a figure slipping into the seat next to mine.

"I heard you scream." The figure spoke. He sounded drunk.

"It's none of your business. Leave me alone!"

He chuckled. It sounded low and strained. "Believe it or not, I'm not going to move."

I closed my eyes for a minute, then re opened them. "I don't care. You drink your beer, and I'll drink my whisky."

"Fair enough." He nodded his head, and tipped the can to his lips.

We were silent, listening to the heartbeat of the band - the drums. I'd always wanted to learn the drums since I was a kid. But I never got a chance to. Mum signed me up for fucking ballet classes. I spent my whole life jumping and spinning around. The guitar was one of my favourites too, and then, Mum tried to be a smart ass, and I went for piano lessons instead. My stranger next to me groaned a little, and rested his head on his arm.

"Are you okay?" I asked, shaking him.

His responding sigh was slow, and resigned. I shook him harder still. He jerked up suddenly, and looked around wildly. His expression was a little frightening, and I removed my hand from his shoulder. He stared at me for a minute, but I never looked at him. I kept drinking whisky, the warm liquor filling my throat. My head started to spin rapidly, and everything around me started to blur. Waves of darkness washed before my eyes, before I'd even realised it.

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