Edward sat on the chair, watching Nathaniel run around the room, playing with this toy car. Three years had passed, and Nathaniel no longer crawled. He was actively moving about, chasing after little sparrows, or letting harmless earthworms crawl on his fingers. He was progressing so fast, that time seemed to have gone haywire.

They had just gotten back from Alice and Jasper's wedding. That girl truly looked like a princess in her white dress, and silver tiara. Rosalie was back to architecture, while Emmett was officially the rightful heir to the throne. Carlisle and Esme travelled to different parts of the world, helping people in need.

Jane had graduated from high school, and was leaving for Oxford. She stayed with Lex, and his parents.

His eyes trailed to Bella on the bed. She was still unconscious. Her heart was beating, yet she never awoke. For three years, she lay still. Sometimes, Edward would dream of her waking up.

But it's just a dream, he would tell himself.

Little Nathaniel crawled onto his father's lap, panting, and grinning. Edward smiled, and kissed his hair. It pained him to look at Nathaniel's eyes - they were Bella's.

"I'd better clean you up, little buddy," Edward lifted his son up, and headed for the bathroom.

Nathaniel squealed, when the cold water touched his skin. Edward laughed, and rinsed Nathaniel thoroughly with soap, making sure he was clean.

"Momma loves me," Nathaniel smiled adorably. That was what Edward had said to him since he was a baby. It was very true - Bella loved Nathaniel more than life itself.

"Of course," Edward bent down to kiss his forehead. "If you are good, momma will recover quickly."

Nathaniel nodded his head. For a three year old, he just knew so much. He was such an intelligent boy - it made Edward proud. When he was done, Edward dressed him in his pyjamas.

He held Nathaniel's hand, and they walked out of the bathroom.

"Let's say goodnight to momma," Edward lifted Nathaniel up, and he planted a kiss firmly on Bella's cheek.

"Night night, momma. Nat Nat loves you." Nathaniel wrapped his little arms around Bella's neck.

Why won't you wake up, Bella? Edward thought sadly. He misses you, even though he barely knows his mother.

He brought Nathaniel to the other end of the room, where the little boy slept at night. It was a colourful corner full of toys. Nathaniel never liked to sleep on a bed - he preferred to sleep on the soft mattress with teddy bears surrounding him. Sometimes, Edward would sleep there with him.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." Edward kissed Nathaniel, and sat with him till he slept.


My fingers twitched again. It was as if there was an invisible being holding my hand. The touch was soft, and warm.

"Hey Dad!" I called happily, as my father approached closer.

He had a bright smile on his face. The corners of his eyes were wrinkled. It was the first day of summer - the sun was shining brightly. He came to sit next to me on the swing.

"Bells, what are you reading?" He asked, looking at the book in my hands.

"The little Prince." I smiled. "The best book ever written."

"Hmm...I used to read that to you when you were young." He rubbed his chin.

I knew that look. "You have something to say, Dad?"

He pursed his lips, his eyes seemed to be far away. "You've spent quite a number of days with me."

"Yeah, I know. It's great to be with you again, Daddy." I hugged him, and he laughed.

After awhile, he sighed. "It's time for you to go back now."

I frowned. "Go back where?"

"It's time to wake up."

"What do you mean?"

"Bells, I am really happy to have you back with me. But somewhere...other souls are crying for you to return."

The more he spoke, the more confusing his words became.

"I love you, Bells. Don't ever forget that, okay?" He hugged me.

"Where am I supposed to go?" I asked, terror ripping through me. I didn't want to leave my father.

"You will know."

He got up, and walked away. I wanted to chase after him, to ask him where I was supposed to go. But my body remained rooted. His figure became smaller, and smaller, until he was gone completely. I looked around, confused, and horrified.

The faint beeping annoyed me more than ever - it was always there.

The garden was bright and shining. Beyond that was a gate, made of gold.

I realised that I've never walked through that gate before. I frowned, and stood up, feeling the attraction of the gate pulling me to it. My bare feet swept past grass, and before I knew it, I stood in front of the gate.

Beyond the gate was another garden. I could see a lady with soft, brown curls that fell to her waist. She was wearing a white gown that swayed dramatically when the wind blew. Her pale skin was radiant, and smooth. She was playing with a little boy. When he laughed, it seemed as if nature was laughing with him.

I'd never seen her before.

"Hello," I called.

She looked up, and smiled. But never said a word.

I opened the gate, and stepped out.


Her eyelids fluttered open. She swallowed thickly, and looked around the room. The beeping were loud and clear next to her. She pulled herself up, and her muscles ached, as if they have never been used at all. The sun shone through the glass windows. She could hear water running from the bathroom.

Isabella was home.

She pulled the blanket away slowly, and let her feet touch the ground. Her eyes started to tear as she looked at the once familiar room. At the end of the room hung a translucent curtain, and she walked towards it - her footsteps shaky. She drew the curtains aside, and stared at the little boy who was sound asleep.

He was the boy in the garden.

She knelt down, and touched the boy's bronze hair. He rolled over, and sniffed. His eyes opened, and he touched her finger.

"Momma?" He asked sleepily, as he sat up.

More tears fell, as memories flooded back. Her little baby was sitting before her - alive and well. She let out a sob, and pulled him into her arms, feeling his soft skin against hers. How long had she been gone?

"Momma!" He shouted happily.

She kissed his cheek.

"Hello, Nathaniel," She choked, her voice hoarse.

"Wait, momma." He shouted, and hopped off her lap. He ran straight for the bathroom, and pounded on the door.


The door opened immediately, and Edward stepped out, wearing only a pair of jeans. He bent down, eyes anxious.

"What's the matter, Nat? Had bad dreams again?"

Nathaniel pointed to Bella, who stood there, eyes wide.

"Momma!" Nathaniel squealed.

Edward stared, unbelieving. He looked at the empty bed, and then back to her.

"Bella?" He whispered.

Her lips quivered, and she smiled a little. Edward dashed across the room, sweeping her off the ground. He hugged her tightly, tears falling. She breathed in his sweet scent, and kissed his neck.

God had answered her prayer.

The end :)