This fanfic was re-written and re-edited. I realized this fanfic has many to improve, hence was being re-written. There will be huge changes in the story.

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Ice Cream and Seashells

Chapter 1: Concerto Movement 1

There she was, a girl of twelve, sitting on the ledge of the clocktower. It was her favourite spot. Whenever she is down, she would find herself walking towards the clocktower unknowingly. Her friends may be there for her, but the clocktower and the soft ticking of the giant clock are her only trusted sources of comfort. A breeze blew, her medium-length hair fluttering in the wind before settling nicely over her shoulders. She licked her favourite ice cream, sea-salt ice cream. She loved it as it comprises of two contrasting flavours which gives her tongue the tingles whenever she eats it. She'll never get sick of it.

Nobody came to this spot. Never. Maybe it was because of the height, the clocktower was at least seventy metres high. Xion was never afraid of heights. She stumbled across this spot when she got separated from her friends in the train station. There were too many people in the train station and since Xion was a petite girl, she was constantly being pushed around. With one hard shove from a burly man, she was pushed into a door that was slightly ajar. And there it was, the stairs to the clocktower. Since nobody dares to climb up the exhaustingly long flight of stairs, Xion claimed the spot.

The sunset in front of her is beautiful… like always. She wished this scene would last forever. Twilight town, despite being a small city, has the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen. Xion pouted as she watched the colors shifting from red to orange to blue, and finally dark purple that signify it's nighttime. She would have to come back the next day to witness the beautiful sunset. She sighed, content with spending time with her silent companion.

However, she was not alone the next day. She was singing to the tune of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata First Movement while climbing the stairs, it was her favourite tune. It was a tune her friend, Kairi, played for her many times during music lessons in school. She bought two ice creams this time. She could be a glutton sometimes buying more than her small stomach could contain. Her humming stopped abruptly when she saw a blond blur in the corner of her eyes as she turned to the corner to the very spot she sat in the last two years.

It was a boy, in black jeans and dress shirt, his dirty blond hair slightly tousled from the wind. He was standing near the ledge, his eyes closed, probably enjoying the warm breeze at the top of the clocktower.

"That was a sad piece," He said, opening his eyes to face Xion. "Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata."

And that was how the girl and the boy met.

You guys would probably think "O-M-G. Another cliché plot. No use in reading this story, I can predict each and everything that's gonna happen."


It's gonna be different than what you think (:

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