AN: This isn't my 'pregnant Puckleberry story' or the third installment of my Somebody to Love trilogy. Those are still in the works. This is just a little something I started writing on the train on my way home from Thanksgiving at my dads. It's my new happy fic because I have a feeling the Adventures of Puck and Finn might take a slightly darker turn, as do most of my stories -_-. Anyways, herein lies a short story about what it would be like for Puck and Rachel to go on a road trip together. The first bit is just a little dialogue and then it goes to the rest of the story. As always, read and review.

And please, enjoy!


"There is no way I am … You can forget it!"


"Look Berry, Singing and dancing is cool and all but what's not cool is being stuck in a car with you for 33 hours!"

"You can't be serious! Noah, this is much bigger than your dislike for me! This is Glee! They need us!"

"... No! I can't do it!"

– – – – – –

Mr. Schuester waited anxiously in front of the school as students started arriving. It was early on a Saturday morning and they were all going to head out early for California. The McKinley High Glee club had been invited to preform at Disneyland, which was a first for them. All of the kids had been excited and he had gotten a bus and they were going to leave a week before they had to preform because it took two days to get there and then they wanted to enjoy their time and see the sights. The first to arrive was Artie who told him he just wanted to be sure that the bus had the proper requirements for a wheelchair. Then there was Tina, Matt, Mercedes, Kurt and Mike who all got there at the same time, all of them half asleep except for Mike who was practically vibrating with excitement,

"It's Disneyland guys!" he said happily as all the other kids gave him weird looks. Then Santana and Britney showed up, both wearing Uggs and drinking Starbuck's coffees, their duffel bags from cheer slung over their shoulders. Finn and Quinn showed up next, Quinn leaning her head against Finn shoulder as he practically dragged her to the bus,

"Mornin' Mr. Schue." he greeted and Mr. Schuester nodded at him with a smile. Everyone was seated on the bus but Mr. Schuester knew everyone wasn't there. He got out his roster,

"Okay, Let's do roll call!" he said as he stood at the front of the bus, "Abrams?" Artie raised his hand and let out a timid 'here'. Mr Schuester smiled at him,

"Okay, Berry?" he was met with silence. He frowned, Rachel wasn't there yet and she had been the one he expected to be there first.

"Does anyone know where Rachel is?" he asked. No one said anything so he sighed, deciding to move down the list and worry later, he got through most of the list,

"Puckerman?" he called out. When no one answered he looked up from his list, not spotting the familiar mohawk anywhere on the bus,

"Puck's not here either?" he asked. Finn shook his head and Mr. Schuester sighed before finishing with the list. It was nearing 8 o'clock and neither of the two had shown up or called. Finn had tried to call Puck's cell but there was no answer and when Artie called Rachel all he got was her answering machine. He didn't want to leave without them but time was wasting and if they didn't leave soon they'd be very behind schedule. He looked down at Emma, who was sitting in the front, disinfecting her seat,

"I think we may have to leave." she looked up at him and then nodded with wide eyes,

"If you don't think they'll show up." Mr. Schuester ran a hand through his hair and then nodded to the bus driver as he swung into the seat next to Emma,

"Alright, let's go."

– – – – – –

"Wake up, my love." Someone purred in his ear. Puck buried his face deeper into the pillow, it was much nicer than the one he had at home. He felt cold hands stroking down his bare back and was instantly aroused, he rolled over to see one of his cougar. Tammy … Cammy …. he could never remember their names. She had worn him out last night and he'd fallen asleep in her bed, which he didn't do as a general rule but her husband was away on business and she was really hot. He grabbed onto her waist and roughly dragged her down on top of him,

"Don't call me that." he growled and then leaned up to kiss her on the mouth, hard. She moaned into his mouth and scraped her fingernails along his chest. Puck rolled over and pined her under him, grabbing her wrists in his hand and placing them above her head,

"You have to hurry, my husband will be home before noon." Puck rolled his eyes, there was no way it was noon, he glanced over at the clock and then fell off her bed and onto the floor,

"Shit!" he got up on his knees and stared at the red numbers on the clock on her bed side table.


"What'?" she asked, bewildered he grabbed his pants, trying to remember if he had worn boxer the night before or gone commando. He was pretty sure it was commando. He tugged them on and then stood up, looking around for his shirt,

"I'm suppose to be on a bus." he muttered and then spotted his shirt on the edge of her bed. He reached for it but she snaked her hand out and hid it behind her back,

"That's not very nice, you got me all … riled up and now you're just going to leave?" she asked with a pout. And then he was annoyed,

"Lady, are you listening to me?" he paused, "Of course you're not." She only used him for sex, it's not like she cared about his life or anything. He usually didn't mind but there was no way he was missing a free trip. He reached around her and yanked his shirt out of her grasp, pulling it on and then grabbing his shoes from by her bedroom door,

"Bye." and he chuckled at her shocked face as he closed the door and tugged on his shoes, hopping from foot to foot as he tried to put them on as he walked through the living room. He was out the door by the time she'd realized what was happening and chased after him. He gave her a wave as he pulled out of her drive way.

– – – – – –

Rachel threw things into her suitcase frantically. She needed at least 10 pairs of underwear right? She was going to be gone for 7 days.

… Okay, so she needed to bring 16 pairs and double that amount of socks. She had already filled up a suitcase full of skirts and cardigans and another of shoes and blouses. Rachel needed to be prepared for all occasions, what if it rained? That's why she had rain boots. But what if there was a pool? Well, she packed two swim suits. And then all of her facial cleansing products and hair styling tools. She was close to tears by the time her daddy knocked on her door,

"Rachel honey? It's nearly 10." Rachel gasped and looked over at the clock on her desk. She ran over to it, stumbling over the clothes and shoes that hadn't made it into her luggage,

"No!" she cried, falling to her knees in front of the tiny and offending clock. Mr. Schuester had said in the itinerary that the bus was leaving at 7:30 sharp! How had she lost track of time? The last she checked it was only 7. She went over to her door and yanked it open, hyperventilating,

"I'm late!" she cried at her father who just stood there was a cup of coffee in his hand. She ran back over to her bed and threw whatever was left on it into her remaining suitcase. She grabbed the two cases she could carry and then shoved them at her father, who had taken a step into her room and set his coffee down on her dresser,

"Take these to the car!" she went back to her other suitcase, which was the size of the other to combined and yanked it off the bed and onto the floor. She pulled on the handle but it wouldn't budge. She let out what could be considered a battle cry before placing her foot on the edge of the suitcase and then yanking harder. She heard her father sigh and when she looked up he was standing next to her, he pushed in the button on top of the handle and then pulled it up with ease. Rachel gave him a sheepish smiled before pushing past him and then flying down the stairs,

"I'm so late!"

– – – – – –

It'd taken Puck all of fifteen minutes to go home and throw some clothes in a duffel bag, grab his guitar and then head to the school. When he got there no one was anywhere and he was really hoping it was because he was early and they all were late. He got out and leaned against his truck, waiting patiently and silently praying that he hadn't missed the bus. He nearly jumped out of his skin when a light blue Prius zoomed into the parking lot, screeching to a halt in the near empty parking lot.

Puck watched in amusement as Rachel Berry scrambled to get out of the back seat. She nearly fell out of the car. She glanced over at him and then took in a deep breath,

"Where is everyone? Am I too late? Are they gone? I hadn't realized that I'd gone over the allotted time I had set on myself for packing. I was actually packed last night but then I realized that I was ill prepared in case of a numerous amount of emergencies so I had to repack everything and then it was 10 and now I'm here and only you're here. Why are you only here?" Puck shrugged his shoulders and then frowned,

"They did not leave me here." he muttered, pushing himself off his truck. Rachel's mouth dropped open,

"They wouldn't!" she shrieked, clutching her hand to her chest. Puck would have laughed at her dramatics if he hadn't been so pissed off. Her father's stepped out of the car, coming to stand by Rachel,

"Is there a problem?" the short one with the glasses asked. Then Rachel started crying, not like wailing or anything, just sniffling,

"They left without us!" she cried, Puck groaned and ran his hands over his face, well there went his free trip to Disneyland. And then before he knew it Rachel's dads were talking about alternative methods of transportation or whatever and then they were inviting Puck over to their house for breakfast so they could mull over what they were going to do.

And he accepted. Damn it, he was an idiot. But it was kind of worth it cause they made him pumpkin spice waffles and gave him a huge glass of milk and he wasn't really listening to them as he shoveled food into his mouth but he would catch every other word. He heard 'plane' several times and 'gas mileage' a few. Rachel had stayed in the other room, yelling on the phone to someone. When she came into the kitchen her face was red,

"Mr. Schuester said they've been driving for a few hours already and they can't turn back around!" she shrieked. Puck winced but the next bite of waffle more than made up for Rachel's annoying voice.

"... the two of you could take a little road trip." Puck had barely caught onto the last bit of that sentence and he nearly choked.

"What?" he coughed out but Rachel was smiling like a lunatic and then she dashed back into the other room. Apparently her fathers found this amusing because they started chuckling and the black one in the sweater vest patted him on the back. Rachel returned a minute later, clutching a few pieces of papers in her hand. Her dads left the room for a moment and she thrust the pages at him,

"Here." he stared down at map and directions and he felt his mouth drop open,

"2,243.26 miles?" he asked incredulously.


"There is no way I am … You can forget it!"


"Look Berry, Singing and dancing is cool and all but what's not cool is being stuck in a car with you for 33 hours!"

"You can't be serious! Noah, this is much bigger than your dislike for me! This is Glee! They need us!"

"... No! I can't do it!" Rachel glared at him and he glared right back. Puck wasn't afraid of anything, except maybe being completely alone with Rachel. He briefly remembered the few short days they had dated and how, when they hadn't been making out, she'd stare at him and talk non-stop and it took everything he had not to duck tape her mouth.

"Rachel … I am not driving 2,244 alone in a car with you." he said calmly. She let out an indignant cry and then actually stomped her foot,

"Noah Puckerman!" he rolled his eyes but that didn't stop her, "They won't let me go alone!" she hissed, looking over her shoulder in the general directions her dads had gone.

And what happened next … well he wasn't really sure what he was thinking. He was mostly thinking about how fucking badly he wanted to go to Disneyland. He'd been once, when he was a kid. His whole family had went, including his dad and it was like the only good memory he had of the loser. And then he was thinking that Rachel wasn't bad to look at and as long as he tuned her out he could probably deal with being alone with her for awhile. And then he was thinking about Quinn and how she was pregnant with his baby and how Finn was probably stupid enough to let her go on all those roller coasters. And Puck knew for a fact that pregnant women weren't supposed to go on roller coasters, he'd read it in a book.

So then he was shrugging his shoulders and nodding and Rachel was squealing and he was mentally kicking himself because he remembered she liked to sing in the car.

– – – – – –

"No fucking way." he hissed. Puck was in the passenger's seat of Rachel Berry's tiny purple Prius. She and her parents had matching cars, seriously? His knees were up on the dashboard and even if he pushed the seat all the way back there was no way he wasn't going to not get a leg cramp. She swatted his arm,

"Language, Noah."

He growled at her, "Berry … If I'm going with you, we're taking my car."

"But mine has a higher fuel efficiency!" she cried, "And it's more environmenta-"

"I don't give a shit! I don't care if it can save a small village in Ethiopia! I need more room." he gritted out.

"Yeah, for your ego." She muttered under her breath and he grinned. Rachel Berry had just taken a dig at him. Maybe this road trip wouldn't be so boring after all. Rachel's fathers were watching from the front porch as Puck clambered out of the tiny car,

"Ugh … we're gonna take my truck." he said lamely. Her dad with the glasses, Lewis, frowned but her other dad, John, elbowed him. Rachel struggled to get her suitcase out of the trunk of her car so Puck gave in and pulled it out and then tossed it into the bed of his truck,

"I-I-I have breakable things in there!" she stammered, he just rolled his eyes as he took the next suitcase and put it with the other. Rachel just pouted with her arms crossed over her chest, she had the driving directions gripped tightly in one hand and the handle of her purse in the other. When Puck was finished loading her suitcases in the truck her dad John walked over. He handed Puck a fat wad of money and then smiled,

"For gas." he explained and Puck nodded mutely, staring down at the most money he'd seen … like ever.

"And the emergency credit card, it should cover your expenses." he was talking to Rachel now, handed her the tiny black plastic square. Rachel took it without a word and leaned up to kiss her dad on the cheek,

"Thank you daddy." then she smiled over at her other dad and he opened his arms and she gave him a hug,

"Be safe."

"Of course and don't worry, Noah's going to be with me, right Noah?" she asked, emphasizing his name. Puck nodded wordlessly and slipped the money into his pocket. He shook both her fathers hands, promising something about looking out for Rachel or whatever. He could tell her dad Lewis didn't really like him but John didn't seem bothered. Rachel climbed into his truck and he helped her up since her dads were still watching. Rachel waved to them as they retreated back into the house and Puck started the car. As soon as they pulled out of the drive way she was yapping a mile a minute,

"And I really appreciate this. I know the two of us don't get a long but the fact that you would put aside our differences to-"

"Okay Berry, rule number one," he interrupted and Rachel's mouth snapped shut, "Talking is kept to a minimum. We only talk when we have to. Rule number two, don't touch the radio, you might lose an arm. Rule number three, if we get to California alive, we will never speak of what happened on this little road trip of ours, understood?" he asked and Rachel gaped at him,

"Why not?"

"Because, then people will know that I was like … nice to you."

"Oh, and I assume you have a reputation and image to protect?"

"Exactly." he said and smirked over at her, "Thanks for understanding." She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, turning to face the front. Then she started singing loudly and he felt the smirk vanish from his face in an instant.

He was in for a very, very long drive.