| { Confound: Epilogue } |


Oh, gods, it hurt! It hurt, it hurt, it hurt, it hurt! It really, really did! I was dying. Any moment now I would pass out and it would be all over, oh, gods, make it stop! I hate this! Just keep breathing got me through so much in the past but this time it might not be enough, it kept getting harder and harder to keep taking deep, labored breaths.

I screamed, who could blame me? It was agonizing. I don't think I could say it enough times.

"Tsukino-sama," someone spoke, "you are doing fine."

I want to throw her off a cliff, really. I shrieked again as I tried once more, then again, and again until it finally stopped! I could breath, I fell back into the bed, everything was spinning some but it was finally over. Another cry called out right then to gain my meek attention as I looked down to the bottom of the bed as one of the women walked to the other side of the room as another began to clean and the third and final went to the door to whisper something to whoever was waiting outside.

Time seemed to float by until the woman from the opposite side of the room returned to hand me what had caused me all this hellish pain. It only took one moment of holding my miracle to know it was well worth the nineteen hours of misery. Nineteen ultra long hours… but, no, I'm not going to think about that anymore.

"Hello there," I whispered right as the door opened and Inuyasha-san finally came in. I think he would have been here the entire time if it weren't for the fact that it would be considered inappropriate and Shiori-sama--who came to visit with Inutaisho-san when she heard the news--made him stay away. I would have rather him have been there but oh well.

"What is it?" He inquired in the same hush as he sat down beside me. I didn't bother to look up at him as one of his hands grabbed my shoulder farthest away from him and the other reached out to our little bundle.

"A boy," I smiled, "you have an heir after all."

"Hm," was all he said in reply as he kissed the top of my head and pulled me closer to him, "I love you, Kagome."

"I love you, too." I don't know how it happened, I don't really care, either, all I know is that months back I found out something wonderful. I was with child! I was suspicious at first, I was certain for a month that the doctor was wrong, but then… I knew. At first I was worried to tell Inuyasha but then I had to because he'd begun to notice my bump yet only ever asked with his eyes. He was painfully silent before he smiled and told me how great that was. It shouldn't be possible… but it happened, and now I have a child to love and cherish for all my life.

Truly, what more could I ask for?

"What should we name him?" I pondered. His itty-bitty hand grasped one of his father's fingers; it was by far the most precious thing I have ever seen in all my life. I actually 'awed' at it.

"Your choice," he murmured.

"No, you should really pick."

"Why?" He would usually scoff at that point but not right now, all he did was kiss me again, "I don't much care. I'm just glad he's healthy and you're fine, I was worried."

"I told you everything would be fine," that's the first time I bothered to tilt my head so I could see him staring so intently, lovingly, at our child.

"Yeah… you did, maybe I should listen to you more."

"Well, thank you," I snickered ever so slightly, "now, really, Inuyasha, what shall we name him?"

"Truly, you do it. I don't mind, whatever you choose is fine. I'll love him the same."

"It is amazing, isn't it?" I mused as I rearranged him in my arms, "how much you can love someone? Instantly, too. I never knew it was possible."

"Mmhm," he murmured as he pressed his lips to my head again, "I love you two the same, I'll protect you two the same, and I'll never let anything happen to ether of you."

"I believe you," I repeated. "Kei."


"Kei," that was it, blessed, because we were blessed to receive him. "That can be his name, Kei."

"Alright, I like that," he nodded slightly, "Tsukino Kei, perfect."

"Perfect," how true. Everything was perfect, what more could I ask for? I had family, both my own and extended, my ojii-san was still in good health and eager to meet his great-grandchild and my brother was existed to have a nephew around. All was grand, all was perfect. After all, it was a boy, someone to carry on the Tsukino name like everyone had hoped. I even wanted a little boy to take care of, "aren't we lucky?"

He must have known what I meant, "I was hoping for a girl, actually."

"Really?" I gawked as I glanced up at him, "why?"

"I'd like a daughter I could spoil like her mother never let me," he grinned.

He's a sweetie, really, I do adore my husband, "you can spoil your son, too."

"I could," he coaxed, "but spoiled boys are annoying—look a Sesshomaru." Oh, of course he had to throw that jab in, even at the birth of our child. The two hadn't seen in each since Inuyasha-san moved to Sapporo to be with me two years ago yet the intense dislike still lingered. "Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky again, maybe we'll get that little girl."

"Maybe," probably not, but maybe. I never thought I could have one so who's to say that I couldn't have another? It happened, obviously, but only once in a blue moon. You know what strikes me as funny? Inuyasha-san is a product of the same miracle. His mother was a brothel worker, hence why he didn't mind embracing one from the profession so easily, and became with child even after she went through the same medical--if you can really even call it that--procedure I had to. Perhaps it's just a Tsukino trait. "But for now let's just focus on Kei."

"Kei," I think he liked it more and more as he whispered it, "right. I suppose we have to let the grandparents in…"

"I suppose," I'd rather spend forever right here with Inuyasha and our child, he knew that, too, so he didn't move away—I doubt he could even if he really wanted to, our son probably took after his father's stubborn behavior and wouldn't let go.

So, we just sat there in peaceful, thankful, silence awing at our little blessing.

At our miracle.

A/N: OK, now I'm really done with the story for real now. I just really wanted them to have a little baby to complete their family.
And for those who didn't catch on, Kei is a male boy name meaning blessing. I thought that was awfully fitting.

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