First Fic, please be gentle.

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Disclaimer: Oh the things I would make them do…

Chapter One

Prowl really did not want to do this, but the humans, Samuel and Major Lennox have left him with no choice. After Prowl left the Rec Room, the curious onlookers peered on the paper tacked onto the wall.

The List of things Sam and Will can not dare or say in front of any Autobot or Decepticon

1) I am not allowed to tell Bumblebee that every Autobot (and Decepticon) needs a theme song. - Sam

2) I am not allowed to tell Hound that the animals at the Zoo need to be free. - Sam

3) I am not allowed to let any mech watch anything that has to do with any robot dying.

*Especially since Ratchet was not pleased with the influx of crashed mechs after watching iRobot. - Will

4) I am never allowed to let the Twins watch Jackass, Wildboyz, Viva La Bam, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail. - Sam

*Also do not allow Wheeljack to watch Mythbusters, the Rec Room still has structural damage.

5) Whenever I see Starscream I can not go up to him a recording device. – Sam and Will

*And when asked by Starscream what I am doing, I do not reply with, "I want to see if you can scream louder than Ratchet."

6) I am absolutely not allowed to let Red Alert watch anything that has to do with conspiracy theories. - Will

*And not repeat them out loud where Red Alert can hear.

7) I will not ask Soundwave if he is the mother of his cassettes and if the father is one of the Seekers. - Sam

*That includes Blaster

8) If Prime says "Roll Out", I do not reply with "Wheeljack hasn't given me wheels yet" and walk away to find said Engineer. – Will and Sam

9) If I yell "Fire!" ever again around Inferno or Red Alert, Ratchet said he would render me mute. – Sam

10) When training with Ironhide, I am not allowed to ask him to show me his cannons every time Galloway walks by. - Will

11) I am not allowed to ever say to either set of Twins "If it doesn't work the first time, try again." - Will

*Including to Wheeljack.

12) I am not allowed to tell any of the Autobots that Annabelle's vomit can eat through metal. – Sam

*Especially not after Annabelle throws up on them.

*Even if it stopped the Decepticon's from kidnapping her.

*That includes Mojo peeing on any mech.

13) I am not allowed to ask Hound to project an open space over a wall and bet how many humans would run in to it. - Sam and Will

14) I am never even supposed to think about daring Jolt to electrify Ratchet with his whips. - Sam

*Especially in front of Optimus, Bee, Jazz, and Ironhide.

15) I will not tell the Autobots that T.V. is brainwashing the human minds into mindless zombies bent on eating human brains. – Sam

*Thankfully the Decepticon's had a horrifying experience with this and to this day nobody knows what happened.

*Also, I am not to ask if they watch T.V. and watch them twitch.

16) I am not allowed to sing the Jaws theme around Ratchet after a prank. – Will and Sam

17) If I saw something intimate between any mech or femme (Including Decepticon's I am not allowed to scream "Cooties!" and run to Ratchet asking for a cootie shot. - Sam

*And not convince the other mechs that saw it with me that they need it too.

18) I am not allowed to teach the Autobot's Leet and make Optimus Prime think he's malfunctioning. – Sam

*And also have the humans in on it too.

19) I am not allowed to call the Mini-Bot's midget-bot's since they are still taller than me. - Sam

20) I am not allowed to suggest to Galloway that he can ride in my plane. – Will

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