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Notes: there are lots of assassins in this fic. Grimmjow and Starrk are just a few introduced in this chapter. (Yes, the flighty air-headed black haired one is Starrk.)

Summary: One night changes Ichigo's life when his home palace is torn down by assassins and his relatives murdered or gone. He is forced to go under cover as a girl in order to escape the killers. But soon he finds himself in the company of several odd balls including one gorgeous Grimmjow. unfortunately the man starts to like the female version of Ichigo. Misunderstandings will soon follow.


The light haired young man twirled a golden goblet between his thin pale fingers, examining the guests of his brother's celebration feast under thick orange bangs. His lips pulled in an almost feminine pout. The feast had started early that morning and lasted through to midnight. He still had a couple of hours left to endure.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a sharp nudge in the ribs. Karin, his younger sister gave a muffled cough as she pointed to where the commotion was. His brother, no the emperor was standing amongst a crowd of generals, dukes and other assorted rich people. He was smiling rather stiffly.

"Ichigo, notice the woman groping him?" Karin giggled as she whispered in Ichigo's ear. To his surprise, there was in fact a rather old looking woman with her hand pressed firmly against his brother's butt. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"S' the reason I don't want to be emperor…"

She sighed, picking up a long slender piece of wood and twirling it in her fingers like a weapon master. "What's the point of having a feast that no one likes?" Karin glanced up at the ceiling in total boredom.

Ichigo glanced around at he seated guests, noticing there were quite a lot of them snoring in their seats. There were several men in dark clothes seated at all the tables. One dark haired man was casually throwing small pieces of rice bun into the gaping mouth of the sleeping minister across from him, others weren't so creative. Ichigo perked up and watched with interest.

A loud booming laugh erupted from one of the generals, effectively waking the minister up. He choked. The dark clothed man stood up innocently and approached Ichigo's table.

"So when is the feasting going to stop, my prince?" he smiled and sat down, all the while ignoring the murderous glares from the minister as he wiped his mouth as dignified as he could.

Karin yawned, "In a few hours, hopefully something of interest happens…" she trailed off and the three sat in silence as time ticked away. They didn't have to wait long, the silence was interrupted by a thunderous boom and somewhere in the distance; a red light erupted, slicing the dark night in half.

Oh gods, the palace is on fire.

Guests screamed as they fled the feasting hall. Ichigo looked around wildly. Karin was standing next to him, face white as a ghost. His brother was trying to calm some of the people down. The dark clothed men were all gone. Ichigo had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen. He spun around, grabbing Karin by the arm and pulled her to the nearest room.

"Ichigo! What's happening?" she was shouting words he didn't bother listening to. Oh god, the palace… what do I do? His mind was racing. The last time there was a large fire, the whole royal family was killed by assassins from over the wall, but what about this time?

We should run and hide.

He yanked open a wardrobe door, hesitating, what if it's too easy? He turned around, bolting the door. "Karin, I want you to run as fast as you can away from here, take these clothes and hide until I go get you and Yuzu. Whatever you do, don't reveal you're royalty." He touched her cheek, eyes helpless. "I swear, as long as I live, I'll go find you. Now leave, you don't have much time." She gave her brother one last look, memorizing his face, before jumping out the window. Ichigo watched as his sister's small form disappeared behind the raging fire.

The door squeaked loudly as someone slammed into it, there was an excited voice shouting they found something. Ichigo froze, heart pounding painfully in his chest. I have to do something. Oh gods, I'm in danger. He quickly scanned the room, finding nothing but servant clothes piled neatly in a heap in the corner. He quickly grabbed a pair of trousers, noticing it was dyed pink.

It's a female servant gown…

Ichigo smirked as an idea came to mind. He was quite talented at the art of dressing up due to his childhood friend Rukia's influence. They would never suspect… he looked around for something that could substitute for a larger chest. Something light…

Perfect! He grabbed a pair of honey redwood bowls facing down on a nearby table stand and found them to be connected together. It was almost as if the gods were smiling down on him… he attached them to his thinly clothed chest and pulled several rounds of cloth over them to secure them to his chest. They fit comfortably.

If it wasn't for the pounding on the door, he would have honestly got carried away playing dress up. He pulled the pink silk garment on to cover his black shirt and pulled his orange hair up into a messy bun, securing it with a pink piece of silk. Thank goodness he had long hair.

"Oi! Is anyone in there? Open up!" someone yelled roughly, followed by more rude pounding. Ichigo tried to calm his breathing as he mimicked a female voice.


The noise outside stopped as he opened the door, lowering his face so the dark clothed men couldn't see it. The head man leered, grabbing his shoulder harshly.

"What do we have here? Concubines?" Another one made a move to touch his breasts. He froze. Maybe he made a much too convincing woman.

The one groping him stopped and frowned. "Why are your bosoms so har -" he didn't get to finish his sentence before Ichigo slammed a hard fist into his face, knocking out a few teeth. He grimaced in pain. Princes and nobility weren't the best candidates for a bare fist fight.

Luckily Ichigo wasn't like the other nobles; he was trained by the head of royal army himself, and stayed at a temple for special training with a head Taoist deep in the mountains. He had the assassins out cold on the floor in a minute flat. He was brushing off his sleeves when someone's voice reached his ears.

"Nice, but keep the shoulders in a bit. You look like a cripple." Ichigo froze as a knife pressed against his throat. Oh god, don't touch the chest, not the chest… he pleaded silently in his mind. Thankfully this man wasn't so perverted. He pulled away a second later, when he noticed the pink garment Ichigo was wearing.

"Oh, I thought…" he looked down, seemingly embarrassed, and Ichigo caught sight of his face.

It was the dark haired man from the feast!

Ichigo finally understood why there were so many men wearing black at the banquet. He felt his throat tighten in anger. How dare they do this? The feast was boring, but also very important. He suddenly felt fearless, and slammed an elbow back into the man's stomach. He grunted and loosened his hold, falling back with a pained grimace.

Ichigo turned to escape but tripped over a limp body. He suddenly felt nervous when he noticed the men he had knocked out a minute ago weren't moving anymore. Ichigo reached out a hand and fingered the pulse.

No movement.

Something wet.


He jerked back violently and stared in horror at the lifeless bodies on the ground. Surely he didn't hit them that hard…

"Wow, impressive job, Grimmjow. I didn't even notice." The dark haired man was standing now. He obviously didn't see Ichigo as a threat. Ichigo looked around wildly, trying to pinpoint the location of the other man.

He couldn't.

Then there was a soft whoosh of silk as a dark figure landed on the small table in the corner of the room. It was too dark to make out anything but something red glinted in the dark. The figure moved, metal jingling softly. The red spark disappeared before reappearing in front of his face. He flinched despite himself. The dark haired man seemed highly amused.

"No worries, he won't bite."

Ichigo felt more nervous than ever when he realized the red glint was the man's eye. Then the dark figure blinked owlishly and the redness faded to a clear sky blue color. Ichigo pulled back and half crawled half ran to the corner.

'Easy kill? It's helpful of you to knock them out…" the black-haired man smiled as he picked invisible dust from his dark robes. "Why did you explode like that? I mean, no normal serving girl could beat thirty men in less than two minutes..."

Ichigo blushed despite the situation. He lowered his head; trying to appear every inch of a shy serving girl as he said, "they were trying to touch me…" he trailed off.

There was a snort from the side and he glanced at the one named Grimmjow. "What? Don't believe me?" he glared.

"Wouldn't dare dream of it." He replied quietly.

The black-haired one coughed, "well, our job is done. We might as well turn the loot in." Grimmjow nodded and stood up to approach the window.

"We are in no hurry, might as well stay. The palace is deserted now…"

"But I want to get back to my sweetheart." Said dark-haired man pouted.

Ichigo's heart seized painfully. Please let them be ok. Karin, Yuzu, Shiro…

Grimmjow shrugged, "you can carry me if you want." And with that, he sat down. Ichigo took a few deep breaths and glanced around, seeing a candle on a wash table. He lit it and began studying his companions. The black-haired man was sitting on a nearby table, a bow on his knee. Then there was Grimmjow, who was leaning against the wall, looking pale as a ghost. For a minute the room was only the sounds of ragged breathing. Then the blond looked up.

"Grimmjow, you ok?" there was no concern in his voice, just a dead question.

"I'll live. But should we kill her?" he turned his eye toward Ichigo, and said 'girl' bristled. He stopped himself just in time, heart pounding as he reminded himself that he was suppose to be a girl right now.

"Why? She's pretty…and I could have some fun with her before we kill her." The dark haired one looked thoughtful.

Ichigo didn't get to reply. Grimmjow interrupted, pointing at the pile of clothes he left hurriedly on the floor before he changed.

Oh no.

'Those are noble clothes, did anyone escape, Grimmjow?" the black haired man's voice was suddenly like steel. Ichigo shuddered; sure they could hear his pounding heart.

"None that I know of, other than that one." He pointed at Ichigo.

Ichigo knew he had to say something, or else his head would soon be on the line. He swallowed, head racing for a possible answer.

"He was here to see me." He nearly banged his head on the wall in frustration. How could he say something so stupid!?

Grimmjow let out a strained chuckle, "and left without his clothes?"

"Are you hinting that there's a naked man out there right now" the black haired one laughed. "S' why you looked so ruffled up?"

He blushed again, letting out a small yes. Let them think him simple.

"Let me guess, you two were busy doing…" he mimicked two people kissing in his hand, "and those poor men came in and your man jumped out the window naked, while you beat he crap out of specially trained assassins? This story is even wilder than the story about the legendary blue rooster."

Ichigo looked puzzled, "the legendary blue rooster?"

Grimmjow snorted, "Don't ask."

Ichigo looked up, dawn was soon approaching, and he couldn't waste anymore time with those dangerous assassins here. He had to check on his sisters and brother. He stood up, trying to look cheerful. "Well, looks like I should be going now…" he made for the door, but Grimmjow's shadow blocked his path. Ichigo smelled a faint iron scent coming from him. He realized it was the smell of blood before the man cuffed him hard on the neck, he dropped like a stone. The last thing he saw were the twin sky blue orbs watching him with slight interest.

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