Snow Love

Our clothes were quickly being discarded, as if they were the only obstacles for our bodies to be close together, to be as one. It looked like Bella was impatient, but who was I to complain? I wanted this as much as her, even though I know that it was going to be quick. Well, with our built up sexual frustrations thanked to Emmett, and the wolves, it wasn't going to take that long when we'd reach the peak. We were desperate for a release, and if we could really do it in the car on our way here, then I'd doubt that we would even be able to get here on time. Not that I minded, being with Bella had bought so many emotions. For one thing, she wasn't controlling my emotions like Jasper would usually do. Somehow, I know that he was manipulating my love for him to be real love, because that just didn't make sense how I would so easily fall in love with Bella. Not to mention, I've never thought I'd swing that way. Then again, love didn't really care about gender.

So there we were, lying under the beautiful scenery, with the blue sky above. Actually, I was lying and I could see the blue sky above, while Bella was hovering above me with that look of lust in her eyes. Our pale skin blended in with the snow, and even though the scenery was beautiful, it wouldn't compare to the woman that was looking down at me with love, and lust, although the lust was much stronger. Both of her hands had stopped me from touching her, since they were pinning them down beside my head. I continued to look up at her, waiting as if she was taking the lead; in which she was. I was squirming beneath her, I needed her at this moment, yet she was taking excruciatingly long and I didn't know if I could last that long under her penetrating lusting stare.

"Bel –" I started, but was instantly cut off by her lips crashing down into my own.

The kiss was fierce, and if my heart could even beat, it would be beating irrevocably and out of control. Not that I didn't like this side of Bella, but I felt as if I was trapped between giving in and give her what she wanted, and fighting back and take what I wanted. It was a difficult decision, but when the kiss had started to be gentler, I decided to take control of the situation. Her hands had loosened around my wrists, and I took that chance to slip them out of her grasps and wrapped my arms around her neck. One of my hands went to the back of her head, burying my fingers in her hair as I pulled her towards me. I felt Bella opening her mouth, and I knew what she was going to do next. I opened my mouth and as her tongue flickered out just to lick at my bottom lip; my tongue was already there to meet hers.

They clashed together, both of us fighting for dominance, and I didn't know which one of us gave in. I guided both of my hands down, and placed them on her bare shoulders. I smirked against her lips, before using my strength to flip us over so that I was on top of her. I pulled back from her lips, only to trail it down from her chin towards her neck. I felt her chest vibrated in a growl, and I couldn't help but giggle at that. This was payback for what she had done in front of the wolves, she should know better than to make myself feel vulnerable in front of those mutts.

"Alice…" Bella half growled, half moaned as I attacked her neck with my teeth.

I giggled once again as she tried to change the position. But with all the strength that I had, I pinned her down to where she was using all of my body to do so. She gasped at the contact of my naked body pressing down against her, and I smirked at that. I moved down from her neck and bit down at her shoulder, hard enough to earn a small yelp from her. I kissed the sore spot, lingering my lips there so when I felt like she was struggling to flip us back to the original position, I proceeded down towards her chest. I placed a kiss where her heart was, and where I should be hearing the beat but it was silent, exactly like mine. I didn't dwell on the thought for too long, since I already stored her human heart in my mind, so that I could take it out and listen to its rhythmic beat.

My lips trailed further down, and soon I was at the navel of her breasts. I shifted my eyes back up where her face was, and there she was, looking down at me, waiting for me to give her the attention that she deserved. I grinned up at her and she bit down her bottom lip. That look, with the lust still evident in her eyes, just made her the more beautiful, and not to add sexy as hell. I moved over to one of her breasts, while one of my hands reached up to cup it. I gave her breast a squeeze, while my lips starting to kiss the outside rim of her other breast, close to her nipple, close to where she wanted my lips to capture. Her head fell back into the snow as her breast was being squeeze, and now being gently fondled with. Not wanting for her to wait that much longer, I captured her perked nipple between my lips, earning me a moan from her. I sucked, and bitten and twirled my tongue around her nipple, earning quite several moans here and there, which accompanying by my name rolling off her tongue.

I released her nipple with a soft pop then went over to her other nipple, giving it the same attention that I had given to the previous one. The scent of her arousal was strong, so I left her breast, moving my lips down further south, kissing everywhere as my lips were to touch her exposed skin. Her breathing was coming out as ragged, and her bosom was heaving as she breathed. I had to stop just below her belly button to look up at her, and the sight once again didn't fail me. She was indeed beautiful, inside and out. Being as a human and a vampire, whichever one I still didn't really mind. As long as Bella was to spend her eternity with me, then I know that I could make it through every single storm that would want to tear me apart, and away from her.

She looked down at me, and I knew that if she could blush she would have done so. She bit down on her bottom lip once again, as if she was teasing me but that wasn't the case here. She looked where my head was positioning on, and frown slightly. "Alice…do you want me to finish this up myself?" She asked, her voice was low and breathy.

And to sum up what she had just said, her hand slowly traveled down and nearly gone pass where my head was hovering from. My eyes widened just a little in disbelief, and with a rather territorial growl, I grabbed her hand and kept it down beside her. I looked up at her, with a disapproval look as she chuckled rather smugly. If she was playing this game, then two could play at this game. I quickly went down, as she spread her legs further for me to have better access, or that she was really impatient. I settled down with the latter. I leaned in, taking a whiff at her arousal, and sure enough I could feel myself getting wetter. There was no smell that could compare to her, and yet I was already having difficulty describing the most exquisite smell that I had ever smelt in my existence. I leaned forward towards her sex, pressing my lips against her folds in a soft kiss. She let out a whimper, and of course I wasn't done there.

I pulled my lips away, and instantly I received a growl. I chuckled at her impatientness, if that was even a word, but it didn't matter. I leaned in again, but this time it wasn't her sex that I was aiming at. I kissed the outer flesh beside her sex, and I heard her breath hitched. I trailed my kisses from there, up to her inner thigh, then went back down, passing her sex with one simple kiss against the folds, and kissed my way up towards her other inner thigh once more. If I thought that her arousal couldn't get any stronger, then I was wrong. By now she was probably dripping wet, and only one small glance at her sex that I received my answer. I licked my lips at the sight, and before she could even tell me to hurry up, I had already dived forward and flicked my tongue out at the region. She gasped as my tongue met her core, and the gasp was changed into a needy moan as my tongue lapped up all the flowing juices. If her scent hadn't done its justice, then the taste of her had.

She bucked her hips into my tongue, and I know what she wanted me to do. I hadn't had enough of her, not yet. I flicked my tongue at her hardened clit, and once again she gasped, and was replaced by a moan as I began to suck on it. I twirled the nub around with my tongue, before going back down to suck on it and grazed it with my teeth. I went back to lap at her juices that were now flowing out of her once more. Once she was clean, I plunged my tongue inside of her, which made her moaned out my name and bucked her hips once more into me. I swirled my tongue inside of her, tasting every inch of her until I pulled it out, only to plunge it inside of her once more. I continued moving my tongue in and out of her, while she bucked her hips just so I could reach even further inside of her. Her moan was getting louder and louder, and soon enough I felt her wall clenched around my tongue. I pulled my tongue out, and she whimpered at the lost contact. It wasn't that long until she moaned again when I attacked her throbbing nub. And with one small rough bite, she set off as her first orgasm rocked through her.

I released her swollen nub and went to lap at all the juices that she had unleashed. When she came down from her high, her body trembled as my tongue was still working on getting her clean. When she was cleaned, I crawled back up to her with a smirk on my face. She grabbed onto the back of my back, and pulled me down to her as our lips collided once more. I parted my lips as she asked for an entrance, her tongue moving around my mouth, moaning as she tasted herself. Our tongues wrestled for a moment before I pulled back, not before I placed a quick kiss on her soft lips. I went to nuzzle my nose against the nape of her neck, and if I thought that it was still me taking control, I was wrong. With one quick move, Bella flipped us over, and when I was underneath her I looked up. She came down to capture my lips within hers, and broke it as her lips traveled down towards my aroused body. Everywhere her lips would touch my skin, there would be a moan. Everywhere that her hands would touch my skin, a whimper – mixed with a moan – would be heard.

So we laid under the beautiful blue sky, atop the beautiful pure white snow, taking turns of pleasuring each other, to show how much we needed and desired each other, until the call of nature interrupted us while we laid in each other arms, snuggling into each other arms without a care in the world. We wouldn't care if someone would happen to come across to us, and run away screaming as they saw two beautiful naked women snuggling each other. If that would to happen, I was sure that I would have the best laugh in the century.

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