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Giles was leaning comfortably against the doorpost trying his best to hide his amusement as he watched his Slayer grumble over her notes.

'I take it the assignment is winning?'

'Hands down' she admitted sulkily. 'I'm even beginning to miss those patrol slash study sessions you used to torment me with in high school.' She glared at Giles who was fighting a losing battle against a mocking grin. 'This isn't funny! Between lessons, vampires and Riley there's virtually no time to hit the books.'

She studied her Watcher closely and was pleased to see the grin evaporate at the mention of her boyfriend. Or rather ex boyfriend to be. She couldn't quite pinpoint when Riley had changed from love interest to annoying disruption. Or when Giles had changed from stuffy librarian to irresistibly sexy guy. She smiled wistfully. But it had happened. And something had to be done about the current state of affairs. Because keeping her hands off her Watcher's body was rapidly proving near impossible.

'So why isn't that bloody toy sol... umm...' Giles quickly interrupted himself and Buffy tried to stifle a smile. Someone had spent too much time with Spike... Giles muttered something indistinguishable and tried again. 'Why isn't Riley helping you study?'

'We've tried that. It always starts out studiously. Which is good. But then it turns into smoochies. Which is even better.' Giles choked down a moan at a sudden image of himself showering Buffy with kisses, her textbooks discarded on the floor. He quickly reined in his imagination before the image could turn x-rated. That path only led to pain and loneliness. And a lot of very cold showers... Buffy gave him a meditative look before continuing. 'But smoochies isn't actually in the curriculum. And therefore not leading to credits. So it's either some Riley-free cemetery based midnight cramming for Buffy or it's hello college dropout.'
With his rampaging mind once more under control Giles gave the dejected Slayer a tentative smile.

'I could of course accompany you... umm... that is if you'd like...'

Buffy squealed with delight and Giles suddenly found himself with an armful of excitedly squirming Slayer.

'Would you? That would be great. You are so the bestest Watcher ever!'

With another heartfelt hug and a wet kiss on his jaw the blonde whirlwind disappeared through the front door and Giles looked after her with a dazed expression. What had he got himself into this time?
Buffy walked back to her dorm with a huge grin on her face. Now she just had to pick out the right clothes for some midnight seduction in a dark and vamp infested graveyard. Oh, and break up with Riley. But picking out clothes were definitely primary.


Giles eyes widened at the sight of his Slayer. A slightly academical interest in how the skimpy top stayed up was swiftly drowned out by a vivid fantasy in which it didn't. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on cold places and Latin verb conjugations.

'Hello Buffy. You look...' he quickly ran through a list of adjectives in search of a sufficiently safe one 'lovely.'

Buffy smiled up at him, and his jaw was once more treated to an affectionate kiss.

'You're looking quite nice yourself, Watcher mine.'

The already flustered Watcher looked down at his everyday wear in confusion.

'Yes. Umm. Quite. So. Maybe we should...' He nodded at the door and Buffy obediently moved towards it before turning around and looking up at him with her best puppy dog look.

'I really do appreciate this, Giles!'

Once again the Watcher found himself struggling for words.

'It's... uh... well... my pleasure.' Satisfied that he'd actually managed an answer he decided to try for a full sentence. 'So h-how does Riley feel about us patrolling together again?'

Buffy looked away and gave a slight shrug.

'I don't think he knows. Riley and me? Not an item anymore.'


Giles first impulse was to break into a happy jig, but a glance at Buffy's averted face quickly sobered him. His Slayer was in love with the undeserving pillock so all exhilarated dance steps would have to be postponed. He hesitantly reached out to give the slim shoulder an encouraging squeeze and Buffy promptly turned around and buried her face in his chest. With a startled expression he tenderly closed his arms around her, guiltily indulging in the unaccustomed experience of her body against his. Buffy nuzzled closer with a contented grunt. Hugs from her Watcher were not an everyday experience, and she intended to milk the situation for all its worth.
Giles stroked the blonde hair soothingly while mumbling soft words of comfort. His mind raced in a desperate search for some way to comfort her.

'Umm... so perhaps... uh... ice cream..?'

Buffy looked up with a hopeful expression. Pictures of Giles feeding her spoon after spoon of yummy ice cream filled her mind. Yes. Ice cream could be good...


Buffy gave her Watcher a furtive glance and licked carefully at her strawberry sundae. She smiled as the action was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. So. Not as composed as he appeared, then. She gave him an innocent look and saw his eyes narrow suspiciously. Okay. Obviously not as oblivious as he appeared either. Damn.

'Wanna taste?' she asked, offering him a liberal helping of ice cream. Giles gave the goo an alarmed look. Something was clearly going on. And judging from her actions that something seemed to be a Slayer on the pull. He sighed distractedly. Now this was a situation they'd never addressed at the Watchers' Council. Useless wankers...
He tilted his head and considered his options. Riley the Prat had probably broken her confidence as well as her heart. So she wanted to feel desirable again. And where better to go than her trusted old Watcher... He smiled bitterly. Not her fault she didn't know he wasn't as old and decrepit as she believed. He knew that she'd never do this if she was aware of how he really felt; she was much too soft hearted for that. But that knowledge would also... umm... wig her out... He rolled his eyes as he used the phrase. And there would most likely be enough wigging to cause a terminal rift in their relationship. So... He gave the ice cream filled spoon a calculating look. Could he play nice, keep her advances within limits and not forget that he was old, gross and very, very eew-worthy? Oh yes. Well... Probably... Oh, dear Lord... Looking as if he'd just received a death sentence he slowly leant forward and polished off the proffered gunk. Buffy gave him a radiant smile and he sighed again. He was definitely going to regret this decision.


Muttering dourly under his breath Giles tried to make himself more comfortable on the tombstone of his choice. He had forgotten exactly how much memorial stones weren't chosen for their comfort. He gave a final resigned wiggle and picked up a textbook. A sudden tug at his right arm interrupted him and he met Buffy's expectant pout head on.

'I'm cold' she mumbled defensively as she pulled his arm around her and snuggled into him.

'Ah.' He couldn't think of anything else to say, so he turned back to the book. But with the small blonde absentmindedly stroking his chest he found it increasingly hard to concentrate. His breath caught in his throat as the caresses started to grow more intimate.

'Uh. So. How f-far have you...' His eyebrows shot up in surprise when her hand reached his belt, hovered hesitantly for a second and then moved further down. Right... He quickly reached down and laced their fingers together, keeping her wandering hand at a safe distance from a suddenly very attentive part of his anatomy. Her muttered protest was swiftly silenced as his other hand slowly travelled down her side and started to move in distracting circles over her hip. She moved closer and moaned encouragingly, twisting herself into a position that would allow her access to his mouth. Before he'd even perceived the danger it was too late. Her lips were warm and soft against his, making Giles temporarily forget all about his good intentions. He nibbled beseechingly at her lips and his tongue was instantly invited to taste and explore. Groaning impatiently he pulled her closer and greedily deepened the kiss.
When the need for oxygen became too strong they finally surfaced, both flushed and very much out of breath. Buffy peeked up at him with an uncertain smile. Giles' conscience immediately kicked into full throttle and he gave her an anguished look.

'Oh Lord. I'm sorry, Buffy. I shouldn't have...' He shrugged helplessly. 'I'm so very sorry.'

Her lower lip wobbled visibly and her eyes filled with tears. She felt as if her Watcher had suddenly sprouted fangs and kicked her in the guts. Repeatedly.

'But... I wanted you to' she objected in a tiny voice.

'No, you didn't' Giles denied with a pained smile. 'Believe me, Buffy, you don't want this.'

'I don't?' she asked blankly.

'No, you don't. You've been hurt. You're just trying to feel better. And you would really hate me in the morning.' His eyes pleaded with her, begging her not to hate him now.

Understanding dawned.

'Umm... Giles..?' she said with an embarrassed grin. He gave her an apprehensive look. 'Me and Riley? Pretty much me breaking up with him.' She looked at him earnestly. 'Because of you.'

Giles stared at her, once more at a loss for words.