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Here we go again

Chapter one:

'The question'



"Mummy!" I heard my daughter call from the playroom.

She was waiting impatiently for the kindergarten teacher to get her SpongeBob backpack.

Once she retrieved her bag she started running towards me, I opened my arms and scooped her up into the air.

"I nissed bou, mummy" she said with a huge grin on her face.

"I missed you, too" I smiled and kissed her forehead.

I placed her back on the floor and took her hand; heading towards the car.

"So what happened at school today?" I asked.


"What did you draw?" I questioned as I strapped her into the back seat.

"bou, Daddy anb Riley," she said and handed me a piece of paper.

I flipped the paper to see the drawing probably, there were four stick figures on the page, two had black mustachios, which seemed kind of silly because neither Edward or Riley had mustachios.

"It's beautiful," I complemented. I looked at clock and noticed I still had an hour until I needed to pick Riley up from school. Sighing I turned the car on and pulled away from the curb.

Going home seemed like a bad idea at the moment, especially when I would just have to put Renesmee back in the car half an hour later so I decided we would go and get some ice cream.

"Want some ice cream baby girl?" I asked my daughter who was totally engrossed in her picture book. As soon as I said the word 'ice cream' her little head shot up and her face lit up.

"Yes!!" she yelled back and smiled the exact same smile as her father always did.

I smiled and drove in the opposite direction of Riley's school. I couldn't help but glance back at Renesmee and smile again. She looked so much like Edward. She had his green eyes, his radiant smile and his golden brown hair, that flowed past her shoulders. The only thing she got from me was her nose and her clumsiness.

After Renesmee had finally finished her ice cream I decided it was late enough to pick Riley up.

When I arrived at his school, he wasn't sitting under the tree that he always did. I looked at the time, he should've been out my now.

After a moment of sitting with Renesmee, I saw Riley walk out of the building, he was with a girl; she was very pretty and had long blonde hair.

He spoke to her for a moment then ran to the car, but I knew that he wouldn't be getting in, because she was waiting for him.

A smile formed at my cheeks.

"Hey mum," Riley said through the window, "look I'm gonna walk my friend Charlotte home, I'll see you at home"

"Why are you taking her home?" I asked. I was his mother; it was my job to be nosey.

He groaned, "because I need to talk to her about something."

"Are you going to ask her out?" I questioned with a grin on my face, I felt like I was in middle school.

He shook his head at my immatureness, "Yes, mum. I'll see you later," he said and turned to leave.

"Wait!" I called after him.

He paused then slowly turned to face me, "what?"

"If you're asking her out, you need to remember the three most important things; look deeply into her eyes, hold her hand and pull a loose hair behind her ear," I mused and smiled, "Classic."

He rolled his eyes, "sure, sure" he murmured and turned around.

Brooklyn, NYC,


What was that thing that mum said? Hold her hand...look loosely into her eyes? No. pull her hair, no.

"Riley?" Charlotte asked.

I suddenly snapped back into reality, we were just outside the boundaries of school, and walking on the pathway next to the main road.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"You just looked like you weren't listening." she mused.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about something."

"What were you thinking about," she prompted.

We were turning into a small park, tree's formed over the pathway, and since it was autumn, they were all orange and red. This moment seemed like something out of a movie, it was kind of the perfect moment to ask her to dinner. But what had mum told me… I definitely knew she said, hold her hand.

So I took a deep breath and twined my fingers with hers.

I was half expecting her to take her hand away and tell me that we could only be friends, but instead she held my hand tighter and rested her cheek on my shoulder.

I smiled at the thought of the fact that my mum was right, well, so far.

What was the next thing she said… something about hair...loose…"pull a loose hair behind her ear."

I took another deep breath and turned my head so I was looking at her, "Charlotte." It wasn't really a question.

"Yes?" she whispered.

"Are you free tomorrow night?" I asked, my eye connecting with hers.

"Yes," she repeated in the same tone.

I softly place hand on her cheek, my fingertips lingering on her skin, then I gracefully moved a loose hair behind her right ear, "Would you like to have dinner with me?" I asked, it sounded more like a whisper.

A smiled formed at her cheeks, "yes," she said again, but this time she had more enthusiasm behind it, but she sounded a little breathless.

I couldn't believed my mother was right, since when did she know about romance?


When I got home I still couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I was on top of the world and I sort of had my mum to thank. As soon as I walked through the door I was bombarded by a very hyper five-year old.

"Riley!" my little sister screamed.

"Woah Nessie, I'm right here, you don't have to scream," I said as I picked her up.

"Mamma, Riley home!" she yelled out and wriggled around in my arms trying to get down. I placed her on the ground and she took off in the direction of the living room.

I chuckled and walked in the other direction towards the kitchen where I found my mum.

"Hey mum," I said as I sat down at the table.

She mumbled a hello back and I'm guessing waved a little. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and chuckled. After a few seconds she turned around and smiled.

"So, how'd it go?" she asked with a cheeky grin.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed an apple out the of the fruit bowl. "Oh you know…" I said casually taking a bite and acting like nothing happened.

She pouted at my behaviour and then started jumping up and down like an excited fifteen-year-old girl, it reminded me of when she found out she would be interviewing Robert Pattinson for her magazine. "Come on Riles, tell me what happened," she whined impatiently.

"Oh nothing really…." I looked up at her, trying to hide back a grin, "she said yes."

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed enthusiastically.

I chuckled and shook my head in amusement; trust her to get all excited about my first date before I actually go on it.

All of a sudden she turned serious and looked at the clock. "Shit," she mumbled to herself and quickly grabbed at loose sheets of paper that were covering the kitchen bench.

"I'm so behind on work. I need you to do me a big favour," she said hurriedly.

"Sure, mum. Whatever you need."

"Your father is working late tonight and I need to start writing this article for the magazine so I need you to feed, bath and put Renesmee in bed."

"I can do that," I said getting up and walking over to the fridge to find something to make us for dinner. "What time will dad be home?" I questioned.

"I'm not sure. I'll be in my study if you need me," she answered before running out of the kitchen.


After I fed Renesmee and myself, and bathed her, I went up to my room to my computer. I signed on to AIM and smiled when I saw that Charlotte was online. I waited a few minutes before starting a conversation with her, I didn't want to seem too desperate.

A few hours later I heard a crash downstairs and my mother's voice call out to me. "Riley! Why isn't Nessie in bed?!"

"Shit," I muttered to myself and quickly ran out my room in search of my sister.

I found her in the living room watching some action movie on TV. Something she definitely shouldn't have been watching.

I started walking over to her but she saw me and jumped off the couch and began running. I groaned and took off after her. "Nessie, stop! Come back here!" I yelled after her.

I ran into the kitchen and stopped to catch my breath, she was nowhere in sight. "Shit," I muttered to myself again.

"You said bad word!" Renesmee yelled.

"No I didn't," I yelled back, still trying to find her.

"I telling mummy!" She yelled again and jumped out from under the table and took off running again.

At the moment I heard the front door open and close and breathed a sigh of relief, my dad was finally home."

"Daddy!!" I heard Renesmee yell.

"Renesmee!" I yelled after her and running in the direction her voice came from.

I skidded to a halt when I ran into the front hallway and found my dad holding a giggling Renesmee. "Looking for something?" he said with a smirk.

"You found her," I mused.

My dad chuckled and nuzzled his nose into Nessie's neck, which elicited another round of giggles. "Why aren't you in bed munchkin? It's way past your bed time."

"Riley forget," she said giggling again.

"Well then daddy will just have to take you. Have you said goodnight to mummy?"

She shook her head 'no' and wrapped her small arms around my dad's neck, resting her head in the crook of his neck and yawned.

"Come on then lets say goodnight and get you to bed," my dad said as he started to walk towards the study.

My mum was still furiously typing on her computer and didn't even glance up when we all entered the room. "Someone here needs to say goodnight," my dad said kneeling down so Renesmee was level with my mother.

"She should have been in bed hours ago," she said quickly looking at me. I smiled sheepishly and mumbled a "sorry about that."

"Nighty mummy," Renesmee said leaning forward and wrapping her arms around my mum's neck for a hug.

"Goodnight baby, have a good sleep."

"Wuv you."

"I love you too," my mum answered kissing her forehead softly.

My dad then stood up and winked at my mum before walking out of the study and up to Renesmee's room with me trailing behind him.

"Your mum left her work to the last minute again?" he questioned as he put a very sleepy five-year old in her bed.

"Yeah, like always," I mused.

He chuckled and kissed Renesmee's forehead as he tucked her in. He moved away from the bed and I walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek, "Night Nessie," I murmured before following my dad out of her room.

"She really needs to stop doing that, one day it'll get too much," he said softly with a concerned look in his eyes. He was worried about my mum and it made me smile seeing how much he cared about her. He really did love her, a lot.

"Anyway, how was school?" he asked as we walked into my room and I could hear my AIM going off like crazy.

"It was… good. Really good," I said the smile that I came home with.

My dad looked at me questioningly and I couldn't help but laugh at his expression. It was the same look Nessie gave to me a few hours ago.

"What happened that was really good?" he questioned.

"Oh nothing, I just asked this girl out," I said nonchalantly.

It took him a little longer than my mum to process my words and when he finally did, he smiled and pulled me in to a bone-crushing hug. "My son, the ladies man," he said ruffling my hair.

He let go of me after a few seconds and sat there smiling at me. "So… how'd it happen?"

I had to laugh at his behaviour; he was acting like a sixteen-year-old not a thirty-nine year old. "I walked her home and just asked," I answered.

"That's it?" he asked me, shocked.

"Yes," I said slowly a little confused. "Mum gave me advice before I left."

"What did she say?" he asked looking genuinely interested.

"Umm… the three important things. Hold her hand, look into her eyes and… push a loose hair behind her ear."

He laughed and shook his head in amusement. "You should have spilt orange juice or something on her, that's how I got your mother," he said with a chuckle.

"Speaking of your mother I'm gonna go check on her. Make sure she's eaten something," he said giving me a fist pump and walking to my doorway.

He stopped and turned around smiling at me again. "Not too late, okay lover boy?" he mused.

"Yeah, yeah," I said motioning him away with my hand. He chuckled one last time before closing my door.


I chuckled to myself as I walked back down the stairs towards Bella's study. My little boy was growing up, only he isn't a little boy anymore. I smiled as I walked into the study as sat down in the seat across from Bella.

"What are you smiling at?" she questioned without even looking up.

"Your beauty," I mused.

She rolled her eyes and kept furiously typing away.

I sighed and stood up to walk over to her. I kneeled down next to her and pulled her chair away from the desk so she was facing me.

"Edwarddd," she whined, "I'm working."

"Not anymore, love, you need a break," I said firmly.

She glared at me and tried to turn herself back to the computer but I held on with a firm grip.

"No, Bella listen to me. You need to stop for tonight."

"But…" she started.

"No buts, no more work tonight," I said cutting her off.

She continued to glare at me until she finally sighed and slumped back in her chair. "It's just too much at the moment. I have a deadline every week for this stupid magazine that I struggle with, then my editor keeps nagging me about the next chapter for my book and then there's the kids, I just…." She trailed off and closed her eyes.

"Do you need me to cut back on my shifts? I can help out more at home, give you more time to write," I offered kissing her knuckles softly. She opened her eyes and smiled before leaning forward and kissing my lips softly.

"I never got my 'hello' kiss," she mumbled against my lips.

I smiled and kissed her softly again before pulling back and resting my forehead against her own. "So what do you say? Do I need to talk to the hospital tomorrow?"

She shook her head 'no' and smiled, "You're sweet, but I just need to get into a routine, plus having huge writers block hasn't helped at all."

I sighed and entwined our fingers, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Now what were you really smiling about before?" she questioned with a smirk.

"I told you, your beauty," I answered with a smug smile. Bella rolled her eyes again and let go of my hands.

"Besides my beauty, what were you smiling at?"

I sighed in defeat and looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back and looked at me questioningly.

I chuckled slightly and grabbed one of her hands and entwined our fingers again, with my other hand I slowly brought it up to her face and brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Suddenly realisation dawned on her face and she giggled.

"He told you," she simply said.

I smiled and nodded my head. "Bad advice by the way," I said standing up and pulling her with me.

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