Hi, this is my first fanfic that I think has definite potential, though being my first published, please excuse any poor writing styles – I'll get better, honest!

This is also a very rare use of first-person for me. I dislike specifying when the perspective switches, so I'll mark them with a sequence of characters: ~^~, and it should be clear from that point who I am writing through. This story takes place immediately after TP.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend of Zelda nor any of its characters. I do, however, own the plot and any extra characters laid out in this story.


It was all over.

All of it.

Nothing left.

I watched him.

He stood completely frozen.

Seconds ticked by like hours, and yet he remained perfectly still. I dared not look at his face; I could feel his despair.

All around us, pieces of the shattered Mirror of Twilight settled into the dust, only to disappear into the sands like children tucked into bed. A dream laid to rest.

As the last glimmer of silver vanished into the unknown, he collapsed heavily to his knees, dust stirring around the points of impact. His breaths were so heavy it felt like he was breathing straight into my ears.

And then the scream…

He threw back his head, so hard I knew it must have caused him pain. His mouth opened wide, and a mournful scream erupted from him. It echoed around the chamber, straight out into the ancient grounds. It drilled into my ears, and yet I could not close them. To do so would deny him his despair.

He could not word his feelings, yet they chose to all escape at once. A symphony of emotion played out of him. His breath ran thin, and his head fell, only to begin a new act.

I simply stood there. I felt so powerless. I wanted so much to run to him, to comfort him, to say how right everything would be. I wanted so much to, but I knew I could not help him.

There was only one other who could help him. The one who had done this, the one who drew it all to a close. Even I felt slightly bitter at her for what she had done.

For what must have been the sixth time, his breath ran out, but this time it seemed to have drained him of all will. He fell forward slowly, his arms outstretched to catch himself on the dusty ground. As he adopted a pose so natural, his head fell to his palms and the only sounds that could be heard were muffled tears. What had she done?

I stood there through it all. There was nothing I could do, no purpose to be there. And yet I could not leave. He needed a witness, even if he did not know it.

Across the horizon, the Sun sank gracefully into the sands, for a moment bathing the land in that light. He stopped his sobs, if only briefly, to gaze across the lands. This time meant much to him, I knew without even remembering. This time eternal had brought them together. How ironic that now it had torn them apart.

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