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Much of this world, of all worlds, is strange, but time is truly without comparison. Without time nothing would exist. Time is uncontrollable, unstoppable… It just is.

On countless occasions I found myself wondering about time, how different it seemed to me now. No longer was it a constant, and no longer did it merely flow along a straight path. The river of time could be diverted at any moment, for I remembered, not even the Goddesses knew the future. It was up to us to decide it.

Many more times I had considered the future, especially in the aftermath of our incredible journey. In such a short space of time so much had happened that would shape the future for us all.

The trial was one of them. The Question of the One who had wronged so many. Such were his crimes that his name needed no mention. I believe every single Twili gathered to hear the final sentence. It was likely me who saved him from immediate death; my final duty as Princess of the Twili, ironically, protected the life of the one who had ended many others. But Link was right. Justice had to be done. And so when the Question was asked, it was answered by the fairest court I could assemble. Even I stepped aside, remaining only as a juror. The Council I had selected met with the greatest challenge I could give them, an event that would tell me if my hopes would be realised. I hoped above all that these twelve fine men and women were truly those I could entrust the Twili to.

Amongst the maelstrom of hatred that day shone hope, and much of it. Link was with me, watching from the galleries. Turos had remembered his encounter with us in the Nothingness, and I told him of how I had needed Link's help to banish the darkness. He realised on his own that the entire Twili owed their lives to him, a Light-dweller, and upon learning of the Goddesses' gift to both realms, I could see his opinion of the Light change. It took days, but he finally agreed that, if one Light-dweller could be selfless enough to save not only his own world, but the world of a people he had no relation to, and twice, that the deep-set hatred of the Light had become meaningless. He came to agree with me, that to spread this to the rest of our people would take time, but he could not object to Link's presence.

Link knew the risk of coming here, but I found it hard to believe he chose to do so and not bring a sword, even an ordinary one; before the Question, we had journeyed to the Sacred Grove to place the Blade of Evil's Bane to rest once more. I found myself do something strange when he did; like he, I too thanked the sword, placing my hand to its hilt and whispering my gratitude for its aid in the salvation of two worlds. The blessed blade did not harm me like I feared, but I instead felt its satisfaction that its purpose had once more been fulfilled. In the days after, Link experimented with many blades, not one to his liking, but when necessary he would wield a sword. This time, he told me, he wanted to appear as a friend, to help us quell the hatred of the violent Light. He trusted the Twili would return to their calm nature I once told him of. As it happened, there was hatred in the air, but directed so far away from Link that he had nothing to fear.

Turos made me proud. He did not bow to the calls for Zant's immediate execution, nor did he ignore the cries of those who had lost their loved ones at his hands. His slow nature, that which often irritated me, finally made sense. He took much time, listening to everyone he could. He consulted long and hard with the other Councillors, and when I told him solemnly that Zant's fate was left to him, he decreed that it would be just. He even called Link and myself to give our evidence; it was the only time I saw Zant break from his distant stupor. Chained and bound as he was, sealed inside a crystal like Rallic, when I took the stand, his eyes darkened with grim acceptance.

He had sent many to their deaths, caused untold destruction and suffering, and his crimes against the Royal family were terrible. But although his will could be bent with little effort, his true nature was not pure evil. Without a single reason, he had aided us in the destruction of the darkness, returning to the people he knew would only wish for his death. His crimes were great, and despite being influenced, it was he who had committed them. He knew without doubt what accepting the great power offered to him would lead him to. Mere thoughts of treason were harshly punished, and those who committed it were often shown no mercy. He was quite lucky his actions had helped us, or we would have thrown him to the kargorocs.

When it came to his own defence he barely spoke, admitting his guilt and declaring that all he wished was to either live, or to die. His time of being caught between the two had changed him, and wished only for certainty.

Turos' final judgement was heard with baited breath from all gathered. He mentioned a death sentence, and for a moment I feared it was to be his conclusion. But to my surprise, he declared it purposeless; it would allow this man, this criminal, an easy escape, and he instead decreed that Zant, who had robbed others of their lives and their freedom, would be imprisoned for the rest of his life, so he could spend every waking hour thinking of the results of his actions, perhaps even wishing for his own death. As he explained these reasons, the jeers of the crowd died away, and with his final conclusion that the Twili's nature was as a civilised, peaceful people, and that to extend a barbaric punishment upon him was to betray our very nature, silence befell the room. And after the fallen usurper had been soundlessly led away to begin his sentence, one of the jurors rose to the Council and began to clap.

Within moments, all had arisen and the applause was deafening. It was just as I had hoped. Turos was a strong and wise man, and for his show of justice, had captivated the Twili. He and the Council truly could deal with such severe matters, and I knew they would be able to take on the responsibility I had discussed with them. It was not long after that we set in motion my plans for the realm, and it was done so carefully that it met with near-unanimous support. Not long after, the realms of Light and Shadow revealed the portal to their denizens. With Turos' steadfast, almost philosophical explanation of the reasons for accepting the world of Light, and Zelda's inspirational speech for peace between the worlds, so little resistance was met on both sides. Of course, we may have had a bit of help in that sense.

The voice that beckoned us into the room early that morning was tired and frustrated. We both stepped in to find Zelda hunched over her desk, a quill in one hand, her head in the other as she stared at a near-blank piece of parchment.

She sighed heavily and turned, rising to greet us with a tired smile. "Midna… Link…" We both hugged her warmly, Link placing a kiss on her cheek.

"You look exhausted," I commented. She really did look it; her hair was no longer neatly straightened and her eyes were heavy. Her hands bore a few inkblots; her desk was scattered with scrunched-up parchment and the remnants of meals. A goblet of wine, almost drained, was in easy reach.

Zelda sighed wearily. "I feel it, Midna. I've been working on this for nearly two days."

Link glanced over at the parchment. "Your speech?"

Zelda nodded. "It's just… It's so hard to find the words. Whilst I cannot dwell on the first encounter between our peoples, I cannot ignore it either. And to find ways of conveying the subject without assigning blame… It is so hard…" She sighed again.

"Zelda, you really are exhausted. You need to rest, approach this tomorrow when you're refreshed."

The Princess gave a shallow laugh. "I would love to, if I were able to sleep for as long as you," she said with a sideways glance at Link, who smiled meekly. "But in truth, I have so much to worry about I have such difficulty sleeping."

I felt a pang of concern for her; not only were we approaching the unveiling of the portal to Hyrule, but the wedding and coronation of Zelda and Orlon. Add in my official role as Ambassador to the Twili, a role that was supposed to ignore our friendship… Her life was changing, and fast.

"Things will work out, Zelda," Link told her, placing his hand on her shoulder. "They always do."

"Ha, I wish I had your confidence," Zelda sighed, her voice fading as she turned away. "I feel like I'm leaping into the unknown. There's so much uncertainty about the future."

Link smiled. "Actually, we've come up with one way to help with that."

Zelda gave me a quizzical look. "How?"

He said nothing, but instead held up his left hand, showing the reverse. Traced in black was his Triforce. I knew where he was going with this.

"We've done some reading on Hyrule's history. The Triforce in particular," he said, "has some very interesting powers."

"When the three pieces are united, the completed Triforce will grant the wishes of whoever unites them," I said.

Zelda laughed lightly. "Since when did you start reading history, Link?"

"Since it started saving the world," I laughed. Link merely shrugged, smiling.

"And yes, I know that legend," Zelda continued. "What of it?"

"We have all three pieces," I said, flashing the Triforce on my hand. His and my piece often glowed in the presence of the other, but over time, they seemed to grow used to the closeness. However, now given Zelda's presence, both our pieces began to glow, that familiar warmth flowing through my hand.

Zelda started to follow us. "What would we wish for?" She said, holding up her own piece; it too glowed gently gold.

"What we all want," Link said. "It is said that those pure of heart would be able to bring about peace and prosperity for all life, for the longest time."

Zelda looked him in the eyes. What he said must have made sense, and was probably very tempting. "Peace and prosperity for all life… that'd do you out of a job, Link!"

"Hey, I'm happy now!" He laughed.

"What do you think, Zelda?" I pressed.

Zelda was silent for a while. We let her think as her Triforce glowed; she was channelling its wisdom. For long moments she remained still and we allowed her thoughts to roam, before her tired eyes opened, sparkling with renewed energy. A soft smile graced her face, and her weary, exhausted appearance seemed to melt away, her face shining. She looked at both of us. "Let's do it!" She said with a nod. "It's the will of the Goddesses, isn't it? That we should do this?"

"No-one can know their intentions. Even they don't know the future, right?" Link said with a sideways smile at me. I smiled back; he had told me of how he heard the words of the Goddesses in the aftermath of the prison's destruction, and I found it a perfect way to tell him what they had told me.

"No," I replied. "But sometimes, we can make a good guess!" I smiled, feeling the warmth of the awakened relic on my hand. Link and I held out our Triforce hands. I noticed Zelda was the odd one out, being right-handed. I held my hand out level with theirs, feeling the warmth of my Triforce spread up my arm. Our fingertips met and all the symbols glowed gold, pulsing with warmth and energy.

I took a guess and lowered my hand under Link's; the glow increased and he quickly followed my lead, placing his hand over mine. On his hand, the top triangle filled in, glowing gold. Two pieces had merged – power and courage. But we needed guidance.

I looked to Zelda and saw a twinge of nervousness in her eyes. I knew why – so much power in one place, and the last time it was united, it had reduced a place larger than this entire castle to rubble. She met eyes with both of us, took a deep breath, and suddenly, all of her fears seemed to fall away. She clenched her fist for a moment, nodded and followed suit, holding her hand over Link's. As I watched, the final two triangles on her Triforce began glowing. I felt the power of the Triforce radiate through me. It was a friendly power, but of such potency I had never actually used it after the prison. But now I knew what I would do with it, to use it safely.

I heard Zelda breathe again, before her face set. Suddenly, she pressed downwards onto Link, pushing our hands together.

Our hands became gold.

The power surged through me and the light in the room turned to gold.

Our thoughts merged; I could feel Link and Zelda as though we were one, almost like when Link and I had merged before.

The pieces were united, and the Triforce seemed to accept us; familiar, heated energy flowed through all of us, waiting for its command.

'Ready?' I heard Zelda's voice, clear of echoes and with a strange power behind it.

'Ready,' came my love's voice in my mind.

'Ready,' I thought as firmly as I could.

'Here goes.' I sensed Zelda breathe deep.

'We wish for peace and prosperity for all worlds forever,' we said as one.

A single pulse of light flashed from the Triforce as we held that moment.

Link spoke, "That was it?"

A single instant later, the magic of the Triforce exploded outwards, bathing the room in an incredible golden light. We felt the light wash over us, pure energy spreading out of the room and into the lands themselves.

I had no idea how long we stood there, but it was an impressive moment. We had just harnessed the peak of an ancient power to fulfil an ancient prophecy. Hopefully, we'd done it right.

When the light finally faded, we opened our eyes and looked at each other.

We still stood in Zelda's untouched room. Nothing had been disturbed; even the scrunched-up parchment remained in place.

The light returned to normal, barely changed.

It must have taken minutes at the most.

Imagine that – the fate of the world determined in moments.

"Do you think we succeeded?" Link said for all of us.

Zelda and Link's hands gently released each other and mine, and I cast a look upon it.


The back of my hand… it was as blue as it had ever been, my skin untouched!

The Triforce – it was gone!

I heard sharp intakes of breath from both Zelda and Link as they doubtless realised the same. "Oh Goddesses…" Zelda whispered, her breaths light and rapid. "It… it's gone…"

Link's face was one of utter devastation as he looked upon his hand. His scarred skin no longer bore the black mark, just like Zelda's pristine hand.

"Well…" Zelda whispered. "That was unexpected."

"But…" Link whispered. "Why?"

Zelda slowly adopted a small smile. "The Triforce grants one wish, and one alone, to the pure of heart. It is its ultimate purpose, the use of all its power… It must have returned to the Sacred Realm…"

Link looked at his hand longingly, his face slowly turning to resemble a puppy whose favourite stick had suddenly been taken. Though I knew why, only he would understand the relic's meaning; I had not allowed myself to even nibble at the Triforce's power. Deep down, though I knew the symbolism of the relic, I was not destined, nor had any desire, to use light magic. The height of power… it had to be to choose never to wield it. The union of light and shadow had no need to run so deep… Soon we would stand as equals, separate in ourselves, but united as our peoples. If our actions eased the upcoming events, it was a worthy price.

"It was for the best," Link sighed heavily.

I looked at my hand again. There was no trace the relic had ever been there. "Do you think it worked?" I asked Zelda.

The Princess softly rubbed the back of her hand, sighed and gently smiled. "The future can never be known," she mused, looking to the window. "But I believe it is safe to trust that something marvellous will become of this." She moved to the window, laying her hands upon its sill and staring out over the land beneath her. Link and I stood beside her, watching the land below with her. Of the citizens awake at this hour, none appeared to be any different. It was as if our actions had gone completely unnoticed. She turned to us and smiled. "Only time will tell."


"Time will tell."

Time never told a lot of things. We had to discover its mysteries ourselves. But perhaps Zelda was right that day. The only way to know what the future held for us was to wait and see. And it seemed we'd been right to trust in that power. For years now, the worlds had been at peace. Zelda finally took up her rightful title as Queen, ruling beside King Orlon. And despite my fears that their marriage was one of necessity, just a show to unite two lands to ensure trade stability, they seemed to have fallen for each other. It was as Zelda had said; the peaceful time brought out the best in Orlon, raising his confidence, and Zelda guided his newfound strength. And whilst it had been many years since we had last seen Hyrule, we knew the land was safe. I could feel it.

We had journeyed for longer than I had ever thought possible. When we first left Hyrule together, to visit Arylus, it had rekindled our shared love of adventure. Zelda knew what we planned to do as soon as we returned, even though Midna and I had only properly discussed it on the journey home. But it was what we both wanted, and I felt that longing I had pushed away, that thrill of discovery, the call of the real me. This was exactly what I wanted, to be with her, travelling as we once did. Discovering and seeing the wonders of the world the Goddesses had created. There was so much to see, it could take a lifetime. But to spend my life out there… it was truly what I wished. The Hero had already ridden off in one direction, away into the dense folds of history and his own legend. I only wished to ride off in another, down a path of my own making.

Zelda didn't try to hold me back. She held neither fear nor concern for the future, but brightly shining hope. What we'd all done for the safety of our worlds, our own futures… To know that we had fulfilled the Goddesses' wish, served our purposes to them and our land, that in the time of peace and stability we had ushered in we could live for ourselves… It was perfect.

It was three years before we left. In that time, we watched the lands recover and prosper as we prepared for our journey. It was hard for me, to sever the ties that still bound me to this land. But everyone understood my reasons. They came to know the true me; that this was what I needed. Even Colin was supportive of me; he had held onto his childhood for as long as he could, and over the time we prepared, I passed on all the skills I knew to him. As he grew, I knew he would train long and hard, but he didn't force himself to grow too fast. With his bolstered confidence he was much happier, and though our final goodbye for so many years was tearful, as we departed I saw him smile.

Even Ilia was able to smile a little as we left. She told me she knew it was what I had to do, and I told her to do what she truly needed, to find someone who would make her happy. She said she would, and would never give up hope; because wherever I was, even at the farthest point of the world, she knew I would always remain in Hyrule in spirit.

I often thought of them, even… it must be… twenty years, perhaps, later, when once again, our journey reached a split.


"We need to go left!"

"No, we go right!"

Our journey had consisted of this for… how many years now? It was hard to tell, so very far from home…

Link and I stood at the crossroads; another chapter break in the story of our lives now. One way led to civilisation; the other led to anywhere.

Guess where Link wanted to go…

"I mean it, Link, I'm tired! The guy back in Holodrum said Labyrnia has inns and hot food, stuff we might not see for a week if we head off that way! And you know what that means!"

Link mock-rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah, you'll kill me before the week's over!" He grinned. I made a playful swipe for his ear to etch the point in, which he managed to dodge. "But we know what's in Labyrnia; we don't know what's down this road!"

"It's less travelled for a reason," I replied, noting the overgrown road as opposed to the well-kept route to Labyrnia. "There's probably nothing!"

"Then why make a road to it?" Link smiled, stroking his beard. Goddesses, did he need a shave; it had been a couple of weeks since we'd been anywhere I could give my little wolf a proper grooming! The little goatee, I didn't mind, but the full-on beard had to go!

I rolled my eyes. "I miss the times I could call 'Princess' on you!"

Link grinned, coaxed his horse over to me and wrapped me in a hug. Placing a kiss upon my cheek, he whispered to me, "You could always just throw a stick the way you want me to go!"

I flicked my fingers, summoning such a stick from the tree in the middle of the fork. I waved it in front of him, watching with glee as his eyes followed it ceaselessly. "Don't tempt me, buster!" I bopped him on the head with it and tossed it away.

Link grinned widely at me, his deep blue eyes as alive with energy as they had ever been. I sometimes had to remind myself the he had left his adolescence far behind him; he was easily in his forties by now, perhaps nearing his fifties. A combination of not knowing his birthday and every land working on different calendars meant I could never tell for sure. Ah well, I'd know if we ever went back to Hyrule; he'd decided to celebrate his birthday on roughly the day he'd first met me. 'It's when this 'me' was truly born!' He told me.

I glanced at him, as happy astride his steed as he had been when I first met him. Yes, he had aged, but he remained in good shape; he and I would spar regularly when we rested to keep on form. His skills with his sword remained strong; though his reflexes had been slowed a little by time, his sight was sharp and his feel for the blade remained.

My eyes caught the brown hilt of the sword slung across his back; the Master Sword had been returned to slumber in its ancient home. Instead, Link had somehow been given this new blade, the Wolf's Fang, in a very odd event; on his first trip through the portal, Link had discovered, like me, he was immune to its effects. We were exceptions, it seemed. Weeks later, after Zant's trial had concluded, Link had discovered that, whilst he entered the Twilight unarmed, this new sword had appeared on his back. It was a gift, we knew, as when I watched Link spin the sword through his fingers, his face told the story. It was just as the Master Sword, blessed and enchanted, but it was his. And on those rare occasions he required it, the blade sang for the blood of his enemies.

It had been an amazing time, those years before our final departure from Hyrule. I recalled how the changeover of power to the new government of the Twili went smoothly, with almost no resistance; for many months, Turos and I had painstakingly constructed the new system, lining up candidates, drawing out procedures, all in addition to my remaining time as Princess. Many Twili were sad that I had chosen this path, but I did not lie; I told them I could not be the ruler they deserved, and my final farewell from the palace was met with an incredible show of respect.

I remained in contact with the Twili all through our preparations, and as the realm recovered it became stronger. For the common people to be so involved with the shape of their own future gave them a renewed sense of purpose, and over time they themselves crafted the leadership they really needed. To my expectation, the idea of creatures of shadow entering the light was taken tentatively, and even after Turos himself met with Zelda to discuss relations between the realms, movement between worlds was slow. A few did leave to see what life was like in the light, but most remained in the realm, content with their purposeful lives steeped in peace and prosperity. Those who entered the world of Light found they remained much as they were. By contrast, the realm received regular visitors from the realm of Light; the scholar… Chad, or something like that… was there almost daily. Each time, his form became softer and lighter as he adapted to our world, and as he learned more, he decided to stay, becoming the Light's permanent liaison to the Twili. He was met with open arms, and I heard rumours he finally took a Twili woman as his bride. I was never more proud of my people.

The only concern was the Twili serving the longest custodial sentence ever imposed. For the time I kept in contact with the realm, he requested no visitors, not that I wished to see him. The guards told me how he spent his days staring blankly up into the Twilit sky. Ever since, I had come to realise something. Though he knew what he was getting into, he hadn't been in control of his actions, likely at all, and yet he insisted on being punished for them. Perhaps he had done this to provide the Twili with somewhere to vent their rage, and in doing so quell their hatred of the light. I would likely never know; he had likely already died in prison. But I had to wonder if purpose would keep him living; not long before we left, the guards told me he had suddenly requested parchment and quills, and for days on end had written continuously. Even as I left he had shown no signs of stopping. Perhaps he still wrote now, as we stood here years later.


I was snapped out of my thoughts by the hand waving before my eyes. I batted the hand away and rolled my eyes at Link. "What did you say?"

He mock-sighed. "Okay, I give in, let's go to Labyrnia. It's probably worth a visit anyway."

I ruffled his hair. "I really did train you well!"

We both laughed. Link clicked his tongue, coaxing Epona to the right path. I followed suit, directing Gevistr to walk beside him. Both were beautiful mares, and so they should be; their mother was Link's original Epona, now long since passed. A few years before our journey had begun, his mare had borne twins, both strong fillies, and it was on these beautiful beasts that we had travelled for so many years. Link had named his steed after her mother the instant she was born; the resemblance was amazing, and just like her mother she was strong and bold. Gevistr, by contrast, was a solid dark brown with faint darker stripes, earning her the appearance of freshly sawn wood, hence her name. She was timid, but when threatened or scared, became unstoppable.

Riding along the beaten track to Labyrnia beside my love, I could not help but feel so complete. The hard months apart, so long ago, but so fresh, had been made up with years of happiness. We were finally free to live our own lives as we wished, and the years we had done so for had never been better. And I could only see more on the horizon. I settled back in my saddle as Gevistr walked beside her sister. "So, Labyrnia it is then. I knew you'd see my way," I grinned, and he smiled back. I sighed happily. "I wonder what we'll find there."

The End

Well that's it – Heroes is finished! I'd like to say it's been a heck of a journey; I feel I've learned a LOT as a writer whilst writing Heroes – this is the first thing I've ever published in any form, it's the longest thing I've ever written, I've never written romance or angst before, and the entire fic started as a way to vent my feelings on Midna's departure in Twilight Princess. I never thought Heroes would garner so much attention, and I seriously cannot thank my readers and reviewers enough! I'm really honoured by the number of reviews, faves, alerts and general views Heroes has received, and I hope it continues to do so for a while yet And I really hope those who've been following Heroes will give the sequel a go! Oh, and I'll just add, no matter how old this fic is, keep reviewing it, cos it's very likely I'll still have this email address and I still love reading reviews!

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And now…
"What're you supposed to be? The Knight in Tights?"
…the world has changed…
"Who are you?"
"Your best hope of getting out of this mess."

…the legends have been forgotten…
"Those old bedtime stories just earned a new chapter starring you!"
…society is on the brink…
"Still no word on the missing Hylians?"
"Not from anyone we can trust."

…ancient powers are awakening…
"We are torn between what we want to believe, and what others tell us to believe. Anything else is the truth."
…and the fate of the world…
"What happened to my kingdom?"
"Some people call it 'progress.'"

…lies in the hands of those who may destroy it.
"And the white horses they rode in on were turned black in the ashes of the world they came to save."
The Legend of Link: The Scars of Time

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