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"It's an emergency! Emergency! Let me through!"

A body covered by a white cloth was rushed through Hinamori hospital. It was admitted to the Emergency room

"Mama, we need your help! There was an accident at Main Street, and three boys were injured, badly. One of them is need of immediate surgery!"

The doctor lifted her head towards her fourteen-year-old daughter. "Very well, Amu, please show him to me."

The white cloth was removed. There lay a young boy, who looked seventeen. He had dark blue hair, His strong face-like expressions outlined his face structure, other than that he was very handsome.

Amu gasped when she saw him. "He's beautiful," she said. Her mom nodded in silent agreement.

Slowly Doctor Hinamori put on her surgical gloves. "Where was he injured?"

"His stomach, legs, head, and arm." mumbled Amu as she lifted the piece of white cloth fully. (For those who do not watch doctor shows, there is another white cloth underneath, covering his area. So Amu did not see anything, don't get retarded thoughts.)

"Good Amu, your observation skills are getting better." Her mother commented. Doctor Hinamori grabbed the scalpel and slowly mumbled to herself, "This is going to be one hell of an operation…"

Four hours later, the operation was finally completed.

"Mama, you did an amazing job. And it was quicker too, it usually takes five hours. No wonder you're the world best surgeon." Amu commented.

The truth was Hinamori Midori was the world's best doctor and surgeon. She was called for multi-million dollar cases. But Midori felt that there would be someone to best her talent… And that someone was her daughter.

"Amu, your new assignment is to take care of this boy."

Midori often gave Amu assignments as training. Amu took them very seriously, as she wanted to be a doctor as well. She would be in charge of the Hinamori Clinic when she was older after all.

"Yes Mama." Amu paused. "Can I bring him home, so I can look after him 24/7?"

"All right," Midori laughed.

"Thank you." Amu took his bio and read it aloud.

Name, Tsyukiyomi Ikuto.

Age, seventeen.

Hair color, midnight blue.

Eye color, Navy blue.

Amu scribbled something in an empty column.

She had written:

Condition, Stabilized.

Under the care of Hinamori Amu

Midori looked out the window tapped her daughter's shoulder. "Amu, honey, you had better go. Papa is here."

"Wow, it is that late already?"

Amu put Ikuto in a wheelchair and pushed him out to her dad's waiting car. She put him in the car, and she folded the wheelchair and shut the trunk.

"Let's go, Papa."

"And who is this young man?" Amu's father asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He's…" Amu checked the bio. "Tsyukiyomi Ikuto. Mama wants me to take care of him."

"Ikuto, huh…." Amu muttered as the car sped off.

When they were back home, she helped Ikuto from the car and onto the bed next to hers. She pasted the bio on the bed.

Just as that she did that, Ikuto's eyelids fluttered and he saw Amu.

"Where am I?"

"You're finally awake!" exclaimed Amu.

"Ha…Ru…hi?" Ikuto's eyes opened wide.

"What? Uh, I'm not…"

"Haruhi…! I thought you were… in… France?"

"I'm not Haruhi. My name is Hinamori Amu."

"…Haruhi? Please, don't joke with me." His eyes were big and pleading.

"I'm sorry, Ikuto. I'm not …" Amu's phone rang. "Excuse me. I have to take this call."

"Hello, Mama?"

"Amu, I need to talk to you about Ikuto-kun. Is he awake?"

"Mama, he thinks I'm a girl named Haruhi!"

"Go along with it!"


"Because," Midori paused. "He is suffering from amnesia, and a… condition. If he says you are someone, just go along with it. If you don't, he might… die."

"A-Alright," stutters Amu. "I will."

"Thank you. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye."

Amu's POV

I hung up, nervously walking into the room. This is insane. Ikuto had gotten up was looking at my stuff.

"Are you Haruhi?" he eyed me suspiciously.

"Of course silly!" I laughed nervously. "Can't you take a joke?" Although this is no freaking joke. Your life is in serious danger!

"…Haruhi! I'm so glad." He rushed over and hugged me. "Now, I can finally ask you."

"W-What is it?" Okay I am seriously freaked out. Someone end this!

"I like you. But you've always been with someone… But now, he's gone. I kind of forgot his name."

"Did you blow him up? Kill him?" I was really scared then. What if he did? Then it would be so horrible. Sometimes, love can do strange things to people!

"No… I didn't…"

"Oh." I said relieved.

"When did you return to Japan?"

"Uh…Yesterday, I'm here…err…on… vacation?"

"So…Haruhi….will you go out with me?"

"I… Uh…Yes?" But I already have someone I like, Tadase!

"I'm so glad." He hugged me tighter. Will the madness never stop?

"But, Haruhi, where am I?"

"My house. My mum said you could stay here until you get better."

"Oh. The…accident." His midnight blue eyes looked grey. "I…I only wanted to visit you."

"Baka!" I said. "Do… do you know what I would do if you died?" Well, that's what a girlfriend would say, right?

"I'm sorry. But from today on, I'll be by your side…forever."

"I'm glad." This is insane. "But can you do me a favor?"

"What is it, Haruhi?"

"Call me Hinamori Amu."

"Why, Haruhi? Why can't I call you Haruhi Kojime?"

"Because, uh, in France, my translated name is Amu! Uhh yeah, that's right! And that's my translated name."

"But it sounds Japanese."


"Okay, but…"

"Oh, it's time for bed. But before that," I said, "Do you remember anything about the accident?"

"All I remember is you Haruhi. I don't remember my past, or anything else."

"I see…" This Haruhi person must be special to him. Otherwise he'd forget her.

"Oh, and Haruhi?"

"Call me Amu, remember?"

"Amu then."


"What's my name?"

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