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Amu's POV

I woke up that morning to find Ikuto next to me. His arm was on my waist and he was hugging me in his sleep. I mumbled, "G-Get off me."

"Haruhi… Don't move…"

"I-I s-said get off me, p-pervert!" I stuttered.

"Aw, come on Haruhi! I forgot everything but you. Won't you give me a break?"

"NO! Why are you even in my bed?"

"I… I heard this large roaring. I wanted to make sure you were okay…" He looked at me with innocent blue eyes.

"I-Ikuto…" I gave in. "Fine. You can sleep with me. As long as you don't do anything… perverted."

"What's perverted?" He asked and I sighed. "It's when someone does something to another person that makes them feel uncomfortable."

"Like this?" he asked as he hugged me. "Get o-off, p-pervert!" I stuttered. Wait, why am I stuttering so much..?"Haruhi, I think I remember. I think I used…. To be… perverted." He clutched his head in his arms, trying to remember.

"What?" Was this guy a rapist or something? EW god, please no!

"I teased you a lot. That's all I remember." He sighed and leapt off the bed. "Haruhi, what are these?" He motioned towards my school books on the table.

"They're school books. Don't you go to school? I mean, not now, in the holidays of course, I meant usually."

He shook his head slowly, then nodded, then shook again, then paused. After some time he nodded his head.

"Y-Yeah, I think I do. I read books there. I had… people… with me. There were many people… Ugh…" he clutched his head. "But you weren't there… And there was a field, a big one. I used to go there, a lot."

This is interesting... It seems his memory will return little by little of I trigger certain events or words.

"So, did you have any siblings? Do I have any siblings?"

"I don't remember mine. But, you…" he staggered towards me. "You have a sister… She had long pink hair. Like yours. And…and she always had it up in plaits…" he put my hair in two low plaits.

"She… she…she's kind of blurry now, but I think she had auburn eyes…She was always sad. And…always crying. Then she stopped. She became moody. I don't know why. She just was." So he remembers things about me, well, more like Haruhi.

"So, Ikuto how was my house?"

"Well, normal-sized. There was a field behind it, a really big one…full of stones…and wooden things. I went there once a month to find you and meet you there."

What kind of field is that? Oh well, at least he's remembering things.

"Ikuto? What's wrong?" I asked. He was on the ground. Something was horribly, terribly, wrong, and I was sure of it.

"Ugh!" he clutched his head. It was throbbing.

"Ikuto! Are you okay?" I gasped.

"Agh!" he winced in pain. "H…Haruhi! Help me!"

"Hold still!" I grabbed him, as he fell. He passed out.

"Hello, Amu, Ikuto?" Midori came in. "What's wrong Amu? I heard Ikuto scream Haruhi, help me. "

"M…Mama! I made Ikuto remember things but now he's passed out."

"What? Quickly, bring him to the home office now!" Amu didn't hesitate; she rushed him toward there immediately.

"What did you make him remember?" Midori asked her daughter set up the analysis equipment.

"Haruhi Fujime. And mostly basic things about her, such as her home, her sister and he remembered his school."

"Describe her sister now, Amu."

"She has purple hair as long as mine and auburn eyes. She's usually moody." Midori typed in some data and pressed "Search".

"Mama, what is this?" Amu asked.

Midori ignored her daughter. She scrolled across the page and read the name aloud. She stopped at a picture of a pretty girl with features Ikuto described. "I found her." Midori muttered.

"She was one of my old patients. Her name is Amine Fujime. She was born with a twin sister, Haruhi Fujime."

"So… they're twins?"

"Exactly... She came with her sister a few times, then alone. Then she stopped coming altogether." She glanced at her daughter, then at Haruhi's picture. "I can see why Ikuto mistook her for you. Although he mistook her hair length…"

Midori clicked the picture two more times. "And apparently the eye color. Other than that she could be a perfect copy of you."

"But she could've changed, since this was taken when she was eight. Now Amu," Midori said, gripping her daughter. "I want you to go to Amine's house. Go now. And find out any leads regarding Sleeping Beauty here." She pointed at Ikuto.

Twenty-five minutes later Amu was standing in front of a house. As Ikuto had said, it was medium-sized. It had a red roof and was blue.

Amu knocked the door. A woman answered. "Hello. Who are you here to see?" she spoke in a loud voice.


"Mistress Amine! Someone is here to see you!"

Amine came down wearing a black shirt and black pants. "Who are you…? Oh!" She looked shocked. "H…Haruhi?"

"No, but…" Amu said. Amine ignored her. She touched Amu lightly on the cheek. "It's…solid…"

"That can't be…"she whispered hoarsely, wiping the tears from her face. "Dead people …can't be brought back to life."

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