Boy meets Girl

(Somewhere in Miator)

Sitting on a branch on top of the tree, a red haired boy look down as he saw a blue short haired girl walking down the stair not seeing nor noticing his presence. As the president of Miator walked down the stair she suddenly trip and would have surely kept falling until she reach the bottom if not stop. This would cause several broken bones and ruin her face completely but luckily she was saved by the red haired boy in time when he jumps down the tree and grabs her hand and supported her until her balance returned.

"Thank you for saving me" said Rokujou Miyuki.

"Your welcome" said the boy

Miyuki saw her life saver and smiled towards him with gratitude in her eyes. The boy had a short red hair and red eyes that had a glint of mischief in it. He was wearing a black suit and according to his height he should be a fourth year student like Nagisa and Tamao. Miyuki sense an oddly familiarity about him, she felt as if she had seen him before. Her smile faded when she remembered this is a girl's boarding school. Miator, Spica and Lulim are a girl's boarding school so why should a male be here unless they're a teacher or a guard she thought.

She started to compose herself as much as she possibly can and look the boy in the eye. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" she questioned. She narrowed her eyes: "I hope you know this is a girl's school, if any of the teachers or guards sees you, they will apprehend you. So you better have good explanation or I will have to report you"

The boy to laugh then smiled gently at her and said: "My name's Nagara, what's yours?"

"My name's Rokujou Miyuki" she answered. Miyuki couldn't help herself answering his question. When she looked at his eyes, her mind went blank and answered him like it was a reflex. She couldn't believe it herself; it felt like he took control of her mind. "Answer my question" her voice serious

"You have a nice name, well then I have to go but I hope to see you again since you are cute and seem to be one of my types of girls" said Nagara with a smile on his face while ignoring her question. He then jumped of the stairs, run to the forest and disappeared, leaving Miyuki alone confuse and surprise.

Miyuki stood there for a few seconds thinking about what just happened. When her senses returned to her, she decided to forget the whole incident since the boy will either be caught by one of the guards or teachers and if not, he might be seen by some students and be reported. The boy saved her life so as repayment Miyuki decided not to report him and forget she ever met him.