You can't help but smile when you see the girl – everyone's wondering what she's doing in the blue garden.

She's not in your world, she couldn't live with you, or your friends; she couldn't breathe under your sun, so she's happily sleeping in her blue garden.

She might not know much, but she knows that there's just one country, one flower, one smile, one finger pointing at the sky and the rest is just history.

You go out and fight for something you can't feel and you think you're strong and you say words you heard in a book, on TV, in a rock song, but she hasn't heard you, she never will, she speaks like she just created words, like honey in her eyes and you can't help but smile –

Why is she hiding behind that tree, is there a secret in the sap, in the roots, is she drinking the shade, is it any good? How will you know when she's really afraid?

Hinata wears her sweater in the warmest of weather, because there's a blue garden inside her.

You can't get it and you never will and she doesn't want you to.