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Ronald Weasley was happy; he was best friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, even if she annoyed him almost all the time, and the three of them had stopped You-Know-Who from using the Philosopher Stone to come back to life. It was an interesting first year to say the least.

Ron was currently sitting in his older brothers room, chatting about the events that took place during the year, Fred and George were listening half-heartedly to the story being told. They only paid real attention when he said what had happened with Quirrell.

"Harry said he took off his turban and on the back was You-Know-Who's face!-" Ron was interrupted by Fred and George's gasps of shock.

They then said in synchronization, "But we cursed snowballs to follow Quirrell around and hit the back of his turban!"

The room was silent before being broken by all three of them howling with laughter.

"We are probably the only people-" Fred started but was interrupted by his twin.


"Who can say they have-"

"Chucked snowballs in You-Know-Who's face!" They both could not help but roll on the floor laughing, tears streaming down their faces.

After almost 5 minutes of solid laughing, George states solemnly, "I hope he doesn't keep grudges…"

I don't know why i wanted to write this, i just thought of it and was like, OMG i have to write that! there are bound to be other stories like this, but it wouldn't leave me alone.

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