"Andrea, it's time to wake up."

Andy groaned and snaked an arm around the woman next to her. "Don't wanna." She kept her eyes closed and snuggled closer.

Miranda sighed. "Honestly, I don't either, but we must go meet your young doctor friend." Blue eyes twinkled at the one bleary brown eye that now opened to regard her.

"Did you just make a joke, about age?"

Blinking, Miranda managed to shrug, even wrapped in the snuggle Andy had managed. "I think I did. Age does have its privileges."

Andy laughed. "Good God woman, I'm sore in places I never even knew I had and you..." Now using both eyes to study Miranda's relaxed face, the girl smiled. "You're amazing."

"Flattery, Andrea, really?" The haughty tone only had a trace of amusement. "You expect that to work on me?"

"Yes." Andy grinned.

Miranda laughed. "You're right! Unfortunately we don't have time to laze in bed this morning." Steady blue eyes traced the line of Andy's neck. "Before we go meet your vampire friend we must go to your apartment to get the coffee you have there."

"She's not a vampire, you're just getting blood drawn." Andy slowly moved away from Miranda's warm form. "I should grab a quick shower." Rising from the bed, Andy grabbed the pajama shirt from where it had fallen to the floor, where Miranda had thrown it, some time during the night. No buttons had survived so skin was exposed all the way down to her front. It did, however, stay closed enough to cover the two main things it was supposed to.

Miranda rolled to watch her lover pull on the matching pants. "My God you're sexy."

Andy stopped and turned to look at the older woman. "You think?" She rolled her eyes. "I'm kinda..." She wasn't sure what, but when she thought of herself, 'sexy' was not a word that came to mind; gawky, awkward maybe, although admittedly not as much now as a year or so ago. She swallowed hard as Miranda nodded.

"Oh yes. I think." She hugged a pillow to her and took a deep breath. "I most definitely think."

Smiling wryly, Andy chuckled. "Miranda, only you could make me envy a pillow." She held up her hands quickly to fend off said pillow as it flew toward her face. "Hey!" While dealing with the soft missile, she didn't realize the other woman had moved and Andy suddenly found her arms full.

"So." Miranda tilted her head slightly in question as her hands slipped inside the tattered shirt Andy wore. "Shower?"

Andy licked her lips. "Oh yeah."


Andy watched herself in the mirror, applying some mascara carefully. Finished, she glanced over at a quieter than usual Miranda. Usual being what she'd experienced with the woman for the past day or so.

It didn't seem like a strange scene; two women standing at a double vanity putting on makeup, but Andy felt the weirdness and tried to recall when it started. The day you were hired at Runway? She conceded that thought was true. But for the answer she really wanted, she thought back through the past half hour or so; since they'd gotten out of the shower.

She couldn't think about the shower itself or her instincts would get the better of her and she'd just end up ravishing Miranda, again; right up against the sink. The older woman gave no indication whatsoever that anyone else was in the room with her and Andy took a deep breath, returning her gaze back to her own reflection. When had this…distance, started? This maddening internalization was too much and Andy gave in. "What's wrong?"

Cool blue eyes flicked a glance at the girl and Andy recalled Emily hissing, 'You don't ask Miranda anything!' This isn't the Miranda Emily knows though, this Miranda is mine. She caught her lower lip in her teeth. "Miranda, did I do something wrong?"

Miranda stood up straight and regarded her reflection in the mirror. Satisfied, she gave herself one nod and placed the tube of lipstick she was holding precisely back in the makeup case. "Nothing I wasn't expecting." With a lift of her head, Miranda's eyes raked over Andy with grudging approval and walked out of the bathroom. "Shall we go?"

"No." Andy was hurt, and her face showed it as she trailed the older woman back into the bedroom. "What do you mean 'nothing I wasn't expecting'?" She flailed her arms, gesturing toward the bed. "That is something I wasn't expecting. This is all something I wasn't expecting!" Closing the physical distance between them Andy took Miranda's hands and held them between them. "Tell me what's wrong." Then pulled her Ace, a pout she was certain if patented would make her a mint from Runway employees alone. "Please."

Sighing, Miranda shook her head. "It's nothing really."

"It's bothering you so it's not nothing." Andy pulled Miranda to sit on the edge of the bed. "Talk to me." Everything had been fine until they'd gotten all dried off and began the makeup process. 'Time to slap on the spackle eh?' She'd joked and that, she realized, was when Miranda's demeanor had changed and suddenly she thought she knew why.

"Miranda, are you mad because I called makeup spackle?" She forged on. "I'm sorry, I know its part of your work…"

"Andrea." Shaking her head sadly, Miranda pulled her hands free and patted the girl on the thigh. She began to get up from the bed. "We really don't have time for this."

"No." Andy grabbed the older woman's shoulders and pulled her back to the bed. "We have plenty of time. Talk to me."

"It was the word spackle that caught my attention." Miranda began slowly. "I understand that is the substance workers use to fill cracks in walls in homes, yes? So, it is I suppose appropriate to fill…" Her voice broke.

Oh God. Andy understood. She thinks I meant wrinkles, she thinks… "Okay, Miranda, listen to me." She waited for liquid eyes to meet hers. "We are getting ready to walk outside the front door and meet a person you've never met before. If you want to scrub every bit of that stuff off your face and go, I'll be right next to you." She let those words soak in before confessing. "I wouldn't be very happy about it though."

"Of course you wouldn't." Miranda studied the weave of the sheet she was sitting on. "Stephen…" She sighed. "Stephen said I was 'frumpy' without makeup."

"Stephen," Andy gave the impression of spitting when she said his name. "…is an idiot." Andy smiled sadly at the raised eyebrows and pressed the back of Miranda's hand against her cheek. "This weekend has been wonderful, hanging out here with you…" Her eyes slid to the bed. "…being with you. It's better than anything I have ever dreamed."

"It has been very nice." Miranda conceded and admitted. "Better than I dreamed as well."

With a deep breath Andy continued. "This…" She used her fingers to brush close, but not touch, Miranda's face; now covered with a total makeup mask. "…this is the face you show the world, the Goddess, and I understand I'm… required, to share that." Her heart was pounding so hard, that she thought it would burst out of her chest at any moment but she spoke firmly. "But you, without makeup…you're mine Miranda." She smiled at the shock on Miranda's face. "So I'll always remind you to put on makeup when we go out, because 'they' can bask in the Goddess, from afar, but as long as I have anything to say about it, they can't have you." Lowering her voice, Andy nearly growled, "Idon'tshare."

Overwhelmed, Miranda sat for a moment staring at Andy. When the girl had spoken of dreams, her heart had began to pound wildly and then, the possessive declaration… the implication that this, whatever this was, could actually…last. It was more than Miranda had ever hoped for, even in her dreams, drug induced or not. She covered her hope with a chuckle. "Cheeky thing." Standing from the bed, she pulled the girl up with her and tilted her head in question. She'd heard the twins speaking with each other, recalling one of their favorite phrases and grinned. "Possessive much?"

Andrea rolled her eyes, relieved Miranda didn't make a big deal about her declaration. She was, lighter somehow, just knowing that Miranda knew how she felt and Andy laughed. "So much for pouring my heart out." She headed for the door only to be stopped by Miranda holding her hand.

"Andrea." Waiting for Andy to turn around and face her, Miranda locked her eyes with her oh so beautiful lover. She spent several heartbeats looking into the young woman's eyes before she spoke, wanting to reciprocate all that the girl had told her, and more, but instead simply spoke quietly. "Thank you."

With a little timid smile, Andy tugged the hand in hers. "C'mon."


Miranda stood in the living room, looked around the apartment and blinked. "How…quaint."

Laughing, Andy called from the bedroom. "I told you, you didn't have to come up." She changed into a pair of jeans, and grinned as she pulled on a sweater, the sweater. "I just need to grab the coffee and we can go." She walked through the living room toward the kitchen and pressed her lips together, knowing Miranda was giving her the once over. Returning to the living room, Andy raised her eyebrows. "Problem?"

Sniffing once, Miranda absently turned to look around the room again. "I had assumed you'd thrown that…thing, away."

"Never assume." Andy now bit her lips together to prevent the laughter that threatened.

"You're assuming quite a lot if you think I'm going to be seen in public with you while you're wearing that monstrosity." Miranda's nostrils flared. "Take it off this instant!"

Shrugging, Andy sat the coffee down and took off the shirt. Now she stood, in front of Miranda, her upper half only clad in her bra. "Now what?"

"Put something else on, of course."

Andy spoke logically. "I like this sweater Miranda, it's warm and comfortable, and best of all…clean." Pointing to the overflowing laundry hamper, Andy explained, "I usually do laundry on Saturday, but I spent all day yesterday at your house so nothing got done." She waved the sweater in her hand at the older woman. "So it's this, or nothing."

Miranda nodded once. "Nothing then."

"Okay." Andy tossed the sweater on the couch, grabbed the coffee and walked to the front door. Opening it she gestured for Miranda to go first. "After you."

"Andrea!" With a small sound of dismay, Miranda scooped up the shirt and replaced the coffee in Andy's hand with it. "Put your clothes on." She sighed and walked out the door, whispering.

"I don't share either."