Run, Run hard, run fast and don't look back. That was all I could think as I ran through the forest surrounding the dam. I knew if I looked back I'd see them chasing me, I heard them; their feet crunching in the snow, their breathing and shouts. I heard the dogs barking and their paws pounding on the snow. They were gaining on me and I knew I couldn't run any further. If there was any chance of me getting away, I had to leave then and there.

I don't know why I didn't leave straight away. I suppose I wanted the satisfaction of seeing his face as I left. I wanted him to know he couldn't keep me forever. In hindsight I shouldn't have. I was only taunting the bull and later I'd get the horns.

They slowly surrounded me. I kept my breathing slow and felt the adrenaline slowly working its way back into my system. The dogs fought against their leashes and snarled at me, leaping but never getting close. The men had spotlights that blinded me whenever they passed over my face, but even then I could see the guns. I saw the large AK47 each man carried and they wouldn't hesitate to use them.

A gust of wind blew through the trees, my coat blew around me and the loose strands of hair caught across my face. I heard his voice from the circle surrounding me, but I couldn't place him until he stepped out. His large form black against the lights, unfamiliar in the darkness but his voice was strong and harsh with his Scottish accent setting him apart from the Americans around him.

"I always knew you'd leave, especially after what happened with the others. I just never thought you'd make it far before we caught you. I never thought you'd give yourself up like this…" He paused, waiting for my reply to his taunt. I remained silent,

"You should know there's no point running. I'll find you and bring you back. You'll always be here. You're mine now."

My hands clenched. I belonged to no one.

"I'm so much more than you know Stryker, so much more." My voice was low and angry.

I met his eyes for a second before I disappeared.

A/N: SO a while ago i posted a hiatus notice on this story, mainly because I felt it needed some serious love and attention. It had lost it's way and had basically gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and Izzy was being a bit of a Sue. However, I've had an overhaul of the story and in conference with the original writers these next chapters are the changes that have been made. I know many of you were very attached to the story but the truth of the matter is that it wasn't that great and I personally think this version is better. Not everything from the original was kept and in someways I'm glad, too many OC's and too little action. So Please read the next chapter and tell me what you think of the new and improves Flesh for Bones.