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Chapter 13: The End?

4 days after the accident, Takuya is still recovering in the hospital, he's still unconscious but breathing. All of his relatives went to visit him, also his closest friends. Terrence also visited him and so does his little brother, Tommy, which cried when he saw the one who saved him from bullies in the school of his brother. They are now worried and afraid of what will possibly happen to Takuya from the day they know that his head was suffering from bleeding.

His father was in the hospital for the past 4 days. He didn't went home or go to work, he'd stay there for a long time to watch his son recover. The twins and Zoe decided to go home as which that their parents are now worried about them.


Today, the weather was not quite good. It was dark, a signal that any time, it'll rain. Gray clouds are forming in the dark sky & thunder is heard around the city. Zoe was sitting in a chair in front of the ICU door. She wears a purple T-Shirt underneath her black hooded-jacket. She also wears a dark-blue jeans and black high-cut sneakers. She was staring on the floor, probably thinking about her boyfriend's condition.

Suddenly, Takuya's father came in with a cup of coffee in his hand. He sat a little close at Zoe, and he offers the coffee to her.

"No, thank you." Zoe said, in a soft voice.

He accepted her excuse as he drinks the small cup of coffee in one single gulp. He wiped the coffee off his mouth and asked her, "How long do you know my son?"

Zoe sighed and let her hand run to her face, she replied, "I've met him since the first day of school. I told myself that he's a good person so I've became friends with him. And so he is, he's a gentle person and a really nice guy. But I don't know why he's acting so weak and miserable for the past months until the day the twins told me about what happen to his life." Takuya's dad looked at the girl; he was stunned about what she just said. She now knows that all of Takuya's sufferings came to him.

But then, Zoe continued, "After that, I thought that maybe just because he's just tired from all the pain he had, he decided to leave. But, it's not that he hated you, he just wants a little time for him to be happy or to be free. Even that you've been a bad person to him, he still loves you the fact that you're his father. I've felt the same way as him; my father is currently in Italy, leaving me and my mom here alone. I felt that I've lost a father or I just hated him because of leaving us behind. But when I grew up, my mother told me that he's doing it for our sake, especially mine. And days have passed; my father tries to visit us every year in his vacation."

Takuya's dad was touched from the story. "I hope he would forgive me from the things I've done to him."

"He will, someday. I know that he will forgive you. No matter what it takes or the world will be upside-down, you're still his father." Zoe encouraged. She knows how to encourage old man.

All of a sudden, there's a weird beeping sound that came from the ICU lab. They rushed to the window and saw the Takuya was furiously shaking and the ECG was making that weird sound. His dad rushed inside the room while Zoe calls for help.

He gripped the hand of his son, holding for his life. The ragged lines in the ECG are fainting into a single line.

On the other hand...

"Hello? Anybody here?" Takuya was standing in the middle of a blank room. There's nothing inside of it. Just him surrounded by white.

It was now raining. The doctor and nurses came rushing in the room, and so does Zoe. The nurses assist the doctor as they bring the ICD to the patient. The doctor holds onto the device, rubbing it to each other to make electricity.

Takuya walked all around, he can't see anything except for white.

"Takuya?" A familiar voice was heard in his ears. He glanced at the back and can't believe from what he just saw.

"CLEAR!" The doctor shouted as he put the ICD in Takuya's chest. The electricity runs inside his body. It makes his body to arch. The line is still not changing. They still repeat the procedure. Zoe is starting to sob, but she's holding it.

"Mom, is that you?" Takuya was shocked from what he saw. His mother, standing in front of him, he'd waited for this moment to come. He runs to her, hugging her tightly. Tears fell in his cheeks. His mom was very happy that she saw her son again.

"CLEAR!" The doctor shouted for the last time and shocked Takuya again. But it didn't affect him. The ragged line became flatten, and screech sound was heard. The doctor glanced to his watch, "Time of death, 4:42PM." He announced.

Zoe, let herself cry.

"No!" Takuya's dad uttered.

"I'm so glad that I'd see you again mom. I've been waiting for my whole life to see you again." Takuya said. He let go of her mom but his face was changed when he saw the expression of his mother. "What's wrong? Are you not happy?"

His mom looked at him, she hold his cheeks, wiping the tears off. "I'm very happy to see you Takuya. But it's not your time for you to leave." She said.

"What? I can't understand you, what do you mean that it's not my time?" Takuya asked.

"Your father still needs you."

"Why does he need me?"

"Takuya, remember what I'd said to you, always love your father. No matter what happens, or even he hurt you, he's still your father. You wouldn't exist if it wasn't for him too. He's really sorry for the things he'd done to you and he'd promise that he'll never to those things to you again."

Takuya understand what she's saying. He knows that a parent is always a parent. Sometimes they hurt their children, but it also the way they say, 'I love you' or 'don't do the wrong things you've done again'.

He nodded in agreement and once again, hug his mom, "I will miss, mom."

"Don't worry Takuya; I will always be with you."

In a blink of an eye, his mother disappeared. He wiped the tears from his eyes and turn back as he running, back to the world he had left.

His dad kissed the forehead of his son, leaving him breathless. He was now left alone, without a family anymore. Zoe can't stop crying from heartbreak, as her love passed away. The ECG was still connected to him as the nurse is ready to take it away.

But, the ECG beep again, the flatten line became ragged again. His dad looked to his son; Zoe on the other hand, stopped crying from the sound she heard. The patient's eye was slowly opening.

"Takuya?" Zoe uttered.

His eyes were now open, still adjusting from the light. His dad rushed to him and hugged him tightly. Tears running into the eyes of the mid-age person. Zoe smiled that he was alive.

Takuya can't believe that he saw his mother again. Even though he spend a small time with her, it was still memorable for the days that will pass...


2 years later...

Takuya was now in front of the burial of his mother, with his 2 years girlfriend, Zoe. It was the death anniversary of her mother. She kneels down and places the bouquet of white roses in the top of the marbled headstone.

As she stands up, her boyfriend placed his arms around her shoulder. Then he spoke, "I hope mom likes white roses."

"Of course she'll do. It's his son's present." Zoe said.

"And her daughter-in-law." From the words Takuya said, it made her blush lightly.

But, out of the blue, their lips collided.

It was a long kiss, Takuya wrap his arms into her waist as she hold onto his shoulders. But it was ended by a horn of a car. They break the kiss and saw Takuya's dad waiting for them. They looked at each other, smiling. His father signals them saying, 'come on, let's go' or 'we'll be late for something'. Takuya then hold Zoe's hand, pulling her to the car.

As they get to the car, his father then pulled himself into it.

"Are you two ready to graduate?" He asked.

"We bet we are!" Takuya stated as his dad start the engine.

It was a fine weather for a graduation; it is a beautiful day for it.

As life goes on, someone will disappear and leave you. But in the case that you will think you're alone, think again. There's still people who loves you, even they don't show it or you can't see it. Just believe that in life, there are people that will leave you, however, there's still a replacement for that person who left you. Just keep holding on to your life, and keep moving.

The End...

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