I don't own the forbidden game. But, oh my god, I wish I owned Julian! Sadly, I don't. But, still a girl can dream right?

On with the story!

Julian sat with one leg dangling off of the counter in the More Games store, waiting. Waiting for…her. Today was the day. The day where Jenny Thornton would become his. It was a day he had been waiting for ever since he first laid eyes on her, when she was five. He was ecstatic.

He nervously wrung his hands over and over. Julian stopped then chuckled callously. Imagine! A two thousand year old shadow man, (Sorry. I don't know how old he really is. So, I'm just going to say two thousand.)who's sole purpose was to be as evil as possible, who was evil, was nervous over a human about to enter his world and his life! If his elders(the other shadow men) ever knew he was nervous of a human girl, they would torture him until his cold exterior was back in place.

Even though Julian was two thousand years old, he was so handsome. He had hair as white as frost, beautiful blue eyes that were the color of precise dawn light, a chiseled face that looked like it was carved out of stone, and a perfectly sculpted body that would make Adonis ashamed of his own. Whilst, all the other shadow men were so hideous, you can't even imagine! Julian knew he would be like that one day, when he was about to die. But, that was millions of years away.

The door knob to the More Games store twisted. This was it. The waiting was over.

Let the games begin.

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