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Caught Between Worlds

Bella's POV:

'Bella we're leaving.' Edward said, he stared at me whilst he leaned against a tree, his expression was unreadable.

'Why now? Another year-' he cut me off.

'Bella, it's time. How much longer could we stay in Forks, after all? Carlisle can barely pass for thirty, and he's claiming thirty-three now. We'd have to start over soon regardless.'

As I tried to understand what he meant he stared back coldly, so unlike the looks of adoration and love I became used to over our time together. With a roll of nausea, I realized I misunderstood. ' When you say we-' I whispered.

'I mean my family and myself.' Each word was distinct and separate.

It took a while for me to be able to speak. 'Okay, I'll come with you.'

'You can't, Bella. Where we're going... It's not the right place for you.'

'Where you are is the right place for me.'

'I'm no good for you, Bella.'

My anger came out sounding pathetic 'Don't be ridiculous. You're the very best part of my life. Please! What happened with Jasper was nothing, Edward, nothing!' I begged.

'You're right, it was exactly what was to be expected. My world is not for you.'

'You promised! In Phoenix, you promised that you would stay-'

'As long as that was best for you' he corrected.

'No! This is about my soul, isn't it?' The words exploded from me as I finally managed to convey my anger, but somehow it still sounded like a plea. ' Carlisle told me about that, and I don't care, Edward. I don't care! You can have my soul. I don't want it without you- it's already yours!'

He took a deep breath concentrating on the ground. When he looked back up to me, he met my gaze steadily, eyes hard. 'Bella, I don't want you to come with me.' He stared at me intently, spoke slowly, precisely.

His cold eyes watched as I tried to find his words real intent, I played with the words in my head until I came to the conclusion 'You... don't... want me?' I asked confused.

'No.' he replied without hesitation or apology.

My world came crashing down, as I looked into his extremely serious face trying to find any trace of deceit, I couldn't. I was overcome with dizziness, a buzzing went off in my ears. 'Well, that changes things.'

He looked away towards the trees as he spoke again. 'Of course, I'll always love you... in a way. But what happened the other night made me realise that it's time for a change. Because I'm... tired of pretending to be something I'm not, I am not human.' Yeah he sure don't look it right now I thought 'I've let this go on much too long , and I'm sorry for that.'

'Don't.' I whispered as I realisation hit me. 'Don't do this.'

His eyes confirmed what I already knew, he made his choice, my words had no effect on him. 'You're not good for me, Bella.'

Not good enough for him, something I have always known, now I needed to accept it.

'If... that's what you want.' He nodded, my whole body went numb.

'I would like to ask one favour, though, if that's not too much.' he said. I wondered what emotion was showing in my face, because something flashed across his in response but I couldn't identify it before it disappeared.

I didn't even hesitate. 'Anything,' I vowed with a stronger voice. How could I deny him, my angel, anything, even if it is a last request.

His eyes returned to the soft liquid gold I was so accustomed to with a intensity that was overwhelming. 'Don't do anything reckless or stupid,' he ordered no longer detached. 'Do you understand what I'm saying?' I nodded, the coldness in his eyes came back. ' I'm thinking of Charlie, of course. He needs you. Take care of yourself-for him.'

'I will' I whispered, he seemed to relax from hearing me promise.

'And I, I promise you something in return. I promise this will be the last time you'll ever see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I never existed.'

My knees started to go weak, I swayed, the blood pounding in my ears to a frantic beat, he obviously heard, as he smiled gently, his became distant.

'Don't worry. Your human-your memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind.'

'And your memories?' I asked I sounded as if I were choking.

'Well'- he hesitated for a short second- 'I won't forget. But my kind... we're very easily distracted.' He smiled a tranquil smile, though it didn't reach his eyes. 'Well, that's everything, you won't be bothered again. Goodbye Bella.' He turned to leave but I stepped towards him, reaching for him. 'Wait,' He saw my feeble attempt and turned toward me also, I thought to embrace me but instead he pinned my arms to my side.

I looked up at him, my eyes glistening, 'Take care of yourself.' and with that last comment he leant forward and pressed a brief kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes, a breeze blew past me as the pressure deceased, my eyes opened, and he was gone.

The path he went down still had the leaves bristling from his departure, I froze for a second then followed. A noise alerted me and I whirled round. 'Edward? Edward is that you?' could he have changed his mind? No, it came from the opposite direction of his departure. A flash of red registered in my vision, but it was gone just as fast as it came. My shaky legs carried me through the thick branches and undergrowth for what seemed like hours. I stumbled many times, covered myself in leaves and dirt, but as the sky grew darker, and I fell again, hard, I decided to stay down. I let myself wallow in the pain of rejection, abandonment and heartbreak. I cried until I was hiccuping violently, breathing hard.

I'm not totally sure how long I was like that for, I had the distinct feeling I was being watched, closely. Maybe it was my incapable human mind imagining things, but I'm sure a heard melodic chuckle, but it was soon replaced by a rustling growl and a hiss. In my numb state I was passed caring, if the bear or whatever wanted me, they could have me, I'd take it gladly if it took away the pain.

A commotion started not far from where I lay in my self pity. Thunderous clashes and savage growls erupted, reminding me so much of my experience with James. With a cry and a whipping breeze the struggle ended. Although I should have been trying to escape the scene, to fulfil my promise to Edward, I couldn't my mind was transfixed on him, his words, his broken promise. Why keep promises, when he can flip his aside without a care?

Not long after I was greeted with a large half naked man, I know alarm bells should have rang out when he lifted me, but in my catatonic state I barely made out what he was trying to tell me. All I know is his name was Sam, and he was taking me home.

Years have passed, and his promise was kept, or at least part of it. I never did see him again, but it was never as if they didn't exist. Promise broken right there! They filled my every thought, my every dream, taunting me, beautiful and depressing. Even after my transformation they never truly left my mind, just more like got pushed to the back of it.

Then again, I'm one to talk, I never did stick to mine. The first night I ventured out after he left, was with Jessica. We went to see some awful movie, where I had to undergo her complaining, bitching and gossiping throughout. On the way back afterwards, we came across a group of guys, I thought they were the same group of guys that tried to attack me from the previous year in Port Angeles. I started to approach them but stopped, startled and dumbfounded as my very own imaginary Edward turned up (another kind of breach to his promise of never existing if you ask me) anyway after that I became a sort of adrenaline junkie, dabbling in all sorts of dangerous and definitely stupid stunts in order to see him again. Pathetic I know, but at the time it was well worth it.

I had started hanging out with Jacob Black in the beginning of my danger seeking days, primarily so he would help me fix some bikes. I say 'help me' but really the dude did everything himself, all I provided was some major awesome passing skills, thaaaat I used to drop occasionally.... hey, not my fault for my lack of co-ordination qualities. Jacob and I really hit it off, we bounced of each other, and he soon became my own personal sun. He held together the hole that was ripped throughout my chest, he took care of me and promised to neverlet me down. I took comfort in him, but I didn't deserve him I was damaged goods, and he wanted so much more, more than I was able to give- to move on from him.

Just when I was starting to accept the fact my life would be without supernatural beings, guess who decides to turn into a werewolf? Jacob, well he didn't really choose, its due to a genetic gene passed down through the Quileutes tribe. He tried to avoid me, preaching about some crap about him being dangerous, but c'mon I chilled out with vampires for crying out loud, at least he has a pulse. So that plan never worked out, good thing too, seeing as Laurent and Victoria were back on my case.


Jake had gone patrolling this morning, leaving me on my own walking along the beach. Jake and the pack had been alerted to Victoria and Laurent's trail and would hopefully be able to take them down this time and quickly. But I was worried about if they didn't come back, I could feel the sides of the hole in my chest start to tug against me ready to rip back open. I needed a distraction, but what was there really to do when your restricted to the reservation until your furry bodyguard returns? I was ready to say nada, zip, zilch until the overhead peak of the cliff caught my attention. I made my way up, working myself up, and excited that I would possibly have a little get together with my imaginary chum. As I reached the ridge I started to steel myself, feeling the wind in my hair, I took off my shoes. Bracing myself I shuffled toward the edge, and held my breath waiting....


I smiled and exhaled, 'Yes' I answered out loud. Relishing in the sound of his voice, rich in velvet texture even when he disapproved.

-Don't do this, he pleaded.

'You wanted me to be human,' I reminded him 'Watch me.'

-Please. For me.

'But you won't stay with me any other way.'


He was cut off! I mean how does that happen he was in my head for crying out loud! I would have been extremely pissed if it wasn't for the fact I was frozen terrified by a sadistic melodic laugh... Victoria.

'Well, well, well, it seems you're even worse off then I thought since your absolutely crazy! Talking to yourself isn't very healthy' she chuckled.

I slowly turned, Laurent hurried through the bushes moments later, stepping out into the same clearing, he looked distressed but shock primarily took his features as he realised I was also there.

'Victoria! Hurry! Do what you must, we don't have much time!'

'Well lets make this quick shall we, I was planning this out in quite a lot of detail would have gotten you straight after your so called love first left you but that damn filthy mutt got in my way,'

Strangely enough I remembered the flash of red I saw in the woods that horrible day, and the fighting sounds I couldn't care less about at the time, its only after I found out what Jake and the rest really were that Sam revealed it was him fighting off Victoria, just before she was about to attack, he has been keeping a eye out for me ever since, and me and the pack get on great. Too bad that he chose this moment not to be here, could have used some help.

'But never mind, this will have to do, think of it as a mercy giving, after what I saw... how pathetic you conversed with that Edward-' she said his name with pure hatred, his name made my heart ache.

Laurent was pacing uneasily sending frantic looks everywhere,

'Victoria!! Stop your ranting and do the deed!'

She carried on as if he never spoke, she didn't even acknowledge him, '-he didn't really care that much for you after all hmm? Can't say I blame him, you are after all just a feeble human. Must admit doesn't go great with my revenge, seeing as he couldn't care less, guess your nothing more than a snack... sorry' well I can tell you she didn't look sorry at all, especially flashing those razor sharp, pearly whites.

She appeared in front of me before I could even blink, travelled ten feet in less than a second. She grabbed me with a steel type grip on my hair, tilting my head back into position, I didn't struggle, there was no point, Edward going crazy in my head ordering me to fight back. Yeah like I have a chance against one, never mind two! I started saying goodbye to my love...

A stampede of wolves came charging into the clearing, growls erupting everywhere.

Victoria's teeth plunged into my throat just as a wolf, I presume since it was furry, knocked us over, Victoria's canines still intact in my neck. Another wolf joined the tug of war, and I was released minus a chuck of flesh when the hot fiery pain started at the wound. I was already screaming out in agony, feeling dizzy gripping my neck as I lay on the floor.

I could see a whirlwind of fighting going on around me while I cried out from the pain travelling slowly down my neck. Three wolves surrounded Laurent, trying to snap away at his limbs and making good progress don't ask me how but he had his left foot missing as well as his entire right arm. How he was still standing? I don't have a clue! Meanwhile the other two wolves, Sam and Jacob I recognised, were working together against Victoria. Jake feigned to charge her right while he blocked Sam from her view directly behind him, so when he suddenly dived to her left, Sam carried on to her right and sank her jaws around her neck; But not before she caught Jake and snapped his left front leg, broken bones sticking out through his fur, he was flung out of her grip, blood spilling everywhere when Sam attacked her, then Jake collided with me at the edge of the cliff. My crying cut off momentarily as I had the wind knocked out of me from Jake landing on me, it was replaced by the howls of his frantic pack brothers as he knocked us over the edge of the cliff. My screaming kicked in again ten-folds because not only have I got a broken heart, not only does it feel like my chest was ripping apart through said broken heart, but my fucking throat has literally been torn open by a vampire, whose stupid bastard venom is spreading through my body, like my blood was gasoline but to top it off I'm fucking falling over a cliff! And not the side that would make us end up in the sea, but the side where the hard gravelly sand awaited our arrival. Only I could miss the safer option... always did get called a danger magnet. While falling Jake manoeuvred us so I was only his back, great add the death of my best friend to the list! I was gripping at him in agony as the fire was making its way down my midriff and upper arms, screaming bloody murder and cursing ludicrously on my way down! I have no idea where my potty mouth came from but I just rolled with it.

Jake surprisingly landed fairly well, if you don't include the loud cringing crack of his back right leg and the fact we both fell on our sides with a thud that hurt, I was still clinging to his back. Poor guy two broken limbs and all my fault not to mention me tearing out clumps of his fur while undergoing the Freddy-fucking-Kruger burning treatment, he howled out a agonising cry and I released my kung-fu grip as the pain spread throughout my entire body now I went limp, as we both whimpered in pain. I could feel Jake laying right next to me, we were covered and soaked in blood most of it Jake's, but a good fair portion was mine and I was livid, limp on the ground losing consciousness in between cries I would yell profanities that would make the vampires blush! I did also note that it was all aimed at bloodsuckers!

'Fuck... them! Fuck... ing...vam... pire scum! Bas-tards! Twats!' I screamed between cries sounding slightly like I had tourettes syndrome.'Arse... holes! Blood... suck...ing... leec...ches burnn in... hell...!' My brain started processing more than just the pain as I momentarily whimpered, laid limp skin/fur tight next to my own personal hairy sun. I felt like telling him to piss off I was fucking warm enough as it is! More like supernova hot! The fire dick in the fantastic four ain't got shit on me!

I heard the others arrive, shouting out, obviously they changed back, I wondered whether they had clothes on, whether they were packed well below... and that is where I had to double check my thoughts. Did I just think that? Fuck me side ways, what the hell is in this filthy vampires' blood, devil spawn?!? It must be because of the fire, I thought. I was feeling extremely tired now, who knew speaking vulgar took so much out of you?

'ARGHH its burns Jake, it burns! Please put out the fire!' I screamed my last plea, as the guys tried to calm me, comfort me whilst carrying me away I closed my eyes and decided it felt better this way, not concentrating on looking around being a nosey bitch!

I was laid out on a bed I suppose moaning now quietly. I don't know how long passed could have been hours, actually hell no, it was way more than hours no fucking way it was less than a day! Fucking bloodsuckers ergh they all went through this? Why the fuck am I asking when I already know?! Of course they do three days... anyway, yeah don't really know how long has passed but yeah this shit still fucking hurts! Hasn't let up once, if anything it's doubled then tripled! Bastard! Every now and again people would come and hold my hand, say pleasant things of how it'll be over soon, I'm doing well, how I'm sooo brave! They were met with whispered 'Fuck you!'s and 'I hate you!'s or my personal favourite at the moment 'Go burn in hell like me mother fucker!' I don't know why, but they laughed each time which got me more pissed! Fucking Mongrels! I don't know why they even bothered coming back, I verbally abused them at every nice gesture directed my way.

My mind became clearer, like there was a hundred times more space, I was able to think of many insults all at once without any effort or hesitation, ready and loaded for the cunts, who I thought somehow, were mocking me and my pain. I haven't had visitors for about say 500 of my own fast heart beats, I think its late, night time as I can hear with new clarity people sleeping at least a mile and ¾ away, that was another development! Even with my eyes close, I could somehow know with a 100 % certainty how far it was away up to massive distances too. It was while I was trying to preoccupy myself by thinking around the pain, when some of the fire started leaving my toes! I nearly cried out hallelujah! But bite my tongue not wanting to jinx it after all, when I felt my new sharp extra smooth teeth, my breath caught at the shock of it. They were deadly...and I liked the fact they were. I couldn't wait to be released from this hell hole, see if I have any cool powers woooo I wanna fly! Or something cool like.... like the Cullen's. Them, the ones who left, the ones who are tired of I pathetic little human... well I'm NO human now.

The heat was making a double attack on my heart intensifying, part of me thinks I was screaming out at the pain of thinking of THEM! I started screaming and shaking violently, my heart beat breaking into a frantic beat increasing in speed every nano-second. I heard the guys enter where I was staying yelling at each other. Asking what was wrong with me.

My back arched as my heart increased still and the heat stabbed me violently right in the centre of my heart. The heart those CULLENS broke! I felt my body shaking just as violently as my heart beat was racing...

'Why is she shaking!!' Jake screamed,

'Jacob you need to heal, calm down that's a direct order!'

All of a sudden many things at once happened... the heat disappeared, my heart rate slowed dramatically but didn't completely stop, and... and I sort of increased my shaking abilities furthermore which resulted me exploding into a... golden wolf.

'Oh my god she's massive' Sam exclaimed

'Erm is she suppose to do that? She's like twice our size! No fucking fair!' Paul questioned,

'Dude I thought she was going to be a vampire, she did get bit right?' Embry asked,

'Of course she got bit you idiot, it healed really fast but you saw it like us all!' Jared shouted.

I opened my eyes and they all gasped, over what I have no idea... oh wait newborn red blood eyes, yeah makes sense. What I don't fucking get is why I'm a werewolf!

What made me laugh was their expressions! They were priceless! Truly, dazed... wait, what I dazzled them? As a wolf? Aren't they meant to be... like repulsed?

They're expressions lightened as they heard my wolfy chuckle

'Bella, you're beautiful!' Jake of course.

'Yeah I'd do you if I was in wolf mode too!' Paul piped in with a grin, Jake growled.

'You'd have a hard time you're tiny compared to her! But you sure are pretty!' Embry added with a whistle. It was now Paul's turn to growl.

'Hey I could still take her! My wolf piece could is huge! And I use it damn well!'

'Enough, you can boost her ego after we figure out what's going on.' Sam ordered.

'Yeah, my head is fucked!' Jared said. That made two of us then, but then mine was becoming totally crystal clear clarity especially when I started thinking about it....

I fell off the cliff with Jacob he was bleeding like there was no tomorrow, and that covered me like a fat chick's period leaking while wrestling and me as the midget- not pleasant. It mixed into my wounds before it healed. I obviously am a werewolf. But am I a full vampire? How do I change back? Can I change back? Once I change back, can I then change back to a wolf? Can I do it at will? Arghhh!! Seriously, its lucky I've got all this extra mental room otherwise I'd explode!

I just want to change to back!

As soon as I thought that I felt a tingle throughout my entire body a pleasant sensation, my fur started to recede, my size decrease and my shape morphed into... Two long, actually light golden legs, two defined athletic arms,slightly wider hips, a well muscled toned stomach, I could feel my hair hanging down to my waist which was... perfect. Perfect.... like my breasts which were supple well shaped... that was all on show I realised as the guys all gasped.

I looked up to see all 5 werewolf punks staring me all over, lust, plain as day in their eyes. They were all dumbfounded, I wanted to be covered up now! I don't want them to see me, I wasn't embarrassed, I had a perfect curvy athletic body to die for, way better than that stupid bitch Rosalie's... I want a mirror to see my face I thought determined.

Two things again happened at my two requests:

I felt the way my mind folded like a protective barrier around my body covering me like a towel – great, I thought, awestruck but annoyed what was I supposed to do with a see through cover, that covers jack shit? Before I finished that thought, my … shield? Huh, my shield turned pitch black finally covering me. The boys standing like drooling knob heads finally snapped out of it and shut their traps, dazed, in awe they stared at me.

I felt another piece of my shield give way and made a circular plate shape in front of me, which soon after turn metallic shiny enough to make a decent mirror.

My face... my face, was again perfect! I still had my heart shaped face, but it lost that small extra chin, otherwise known as the bastard puppy fat. My features were again perfect, defined. My skin was as clear as a canvas, as smooth as silk, but I was no longer pale but slightly tanned... and my eyes! Not blood red! But a golden brown that shined so bright they sparkled, I got mesmerised by them, and realised I couldn't try my new cool powers out on the guys after all, since I was in fact mesmerising. They have a hypnotic come to bed – smoky liquid smoulder to them naturally. Fuck me! I would! My hair was the same colour as my eyes, long thick, silky, shiny, curled perfect ringlets that hung to my waist. I couldn't believe this was me... I looked like a goddess.

By the looks on the pack faces' I was indeed. I looked down at my toga strapless style 'shield' dress and thought it didn't match. To test my gifts.... I want it gold to match! Done, as fast as I thought it I giggled and the boys seemed entranced by the sound of it, lapping it up. Little fucking puppies.

I was again delightfully surprised when I heard my voice for the first time also...

'So guys? Stop drooling I wouldn't want to have to send you all to the vet!' I gigged, dazzling them, ' What do you think then?'

They were silent for about a minute then one by one cleared there voices and spoke up.

'You look beautiful' Sam started, looking awkward, no doubt thinking of Emily.

'You're absolutely gorgeous!' Jared exclaimed

'You look like a golden angel' Paul admitted,

'You're stunning,' Embry muttered still dazed

I turned to look at Jake, who I expected to speak up first, he shook his head, I'm guess clearing his head and said very simply but with a type of awe in his eyes 'You, you are perfect'

We discovered within that first week, that they kept me isolated on the reservation I might add, that I can not only change into a wolf but anything I want. I was watching a bird, amazed at the new clarity of my sight... I could see EVERYTHING! Every minuet detail, I started thinking about how cool it would be to be able to fly,to be a bird when the same familiar tingling sensation spread through out my body and I morphed into a golden sparrow. Thinking I was one heffer of a bird I wanted to decrease my size... and did instantaneously. Well that trick kept me busy the first few days of my new life, morphing from form to form, animals, famous people, each of the guy's. Playing tricks were hilarious along with the expressions of the pack I enjoyed surprising and amazing them. They all acted like a bunch of puppies on my lead, I relished in the attention.

We realised the mixed blood in my system, made my aggression soar and my personality change drastically. But I liked it, more shockingly so did the guys, they found me and my crude language funny and sort of charming... blokes?!

The amount of suggestive and sarcastic comments I shot out they found hilarious coming from the once timid shy, well mannered girl I once used to be.

Coming and going into wolf form became second nature, although I did have temper issues when it came to a certain filthy bloodsucking vampire family... hey its the wolf in me, so not my fault. When in wolf form I was able to link my mind to the pack, the difference was I could choose what I wanted to tell them. They didn't have free reign on my thoughts like they did with each other, this got another round of complaints and 'so not fair!' from the guys especially Paul.

The extra super awesome part was that was one of my vampire traits to, I could link minds! From how ever far away possible, as long as I've already... how do you say tasted the person's mind? Became familiar with it, it had it uses, like scaring the shit out of the guys! They didn't really expect mind intrusion when in human form haha. I can communicate mentally to whoever I like, and there wasn't a limit to how many minds I could link, up to now the biggest mind party I had consisted of: Jake, Paul, Embry, Jared, Sam, Emily, and Billy. They were all jealous and always had a look of adoration and awe around me no matter how much I pissed them of.

My mental and physical shields were amazing and so fun to play with, I trapped Paul in a small physical shield for 2 days straight after suggesting something I didn't approve of, lets just say he learnt his lesson! The biggest area I could cover both physically and mentally was a one mile radius we discovered after testing it out. I could also summon fire and ice/water which was amazing... like me! And last but not least I discovered I had a incredible sense of intuition, I could sense things, like what people were feeling, if they were lying, I would ponder on a question, and feel what the answer is, it would just pop into my very spacious mind. Another cool perk, I seemed to perfected the art of persuasion, whether it was through my new looks or not I sort of doubt since it worked on chicks.

I didn't go through the new born period, I was volatile yes, but craved no human blood, my mixed blood, the wolf in me, let me eat normally, occasionally I'd have animal blood but only in wolf form. I could sleep if I chose but really didn't need to. One of the best parts was I could drink! And feel the effects which feels so good! Drunken weekends I love, even though I wasn't able to return to Charlie, I stayed on the reservation the first two years of my life, while he unfortunately believed along with the rest of the town, that I died cliff diving, and my body, never discovered. I check on him regularly.

So to sum up, my name is Isabella Marie Swan and I'm half vampire, half werewolf, or more technically half shape shifter. I have 7 powers, mental shield, physical shield, that I can manipulate to make anything and moving anything. Mind communication, ice elemental skills, and fire elemental skills, my awesome intuition, my power of persuasion and my shape shifting. Although I must note the golden wolf is my primary form, the one I switch to without thinking. In the heat of the moment you could say, no matter whatever I change to my primary colour, unless I change it, is my new signature colour, can you guess? Golden Brown, the guys joke I should add power of attraction but vampires naturally attract their pray... but I seem to out do even them, people seem to gravitate towards me. I'm twice as strong, fast and beautiful than a normal vampire or werewolf, combined. I'm 5 ft 8, golden/brown perfectly formed ringlets that hung to my waist, a subtle golden brown tan, a perfect athletic curvy body with big alluring golden brown eyes, and I am........

I am caught between two worlds and absolutely amazing!

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