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Caught Between Worlds.

Chapter 7.

All was silent as a broad, blond male vampire entered.

'Well, well ,well... aren't you a beauty! Finally caught you,' He wolf whistled. 'at last we meet.' He sneered.

He was followed by a group or rather a small army of newborn vampires. Wild, snarling red eyed monsters... 60 of them.

The angel's head snapped up and she started snarling ferociously.

'Riley!' she roared. The wolves exploded at once, five horse sized wolves filled the dance floor. Growls buzzing all around. The angel started shaking.

Edward's POV:

Riley! He is the one that is after Bella! My Bella! Who is now a vampire and is probably wandering this world alone. A growl began to build in my chest growing deeper and louder by the second, as recognition of who Riley was, hit my family they simultaneously joined in. I was surrounded by snarls and hisses, that combined - sounded like a giant swarm of angry bees or a wide range of industrial chainsaws letting rip. It took a moment to realise most of the clubbing vampires were also glaring and making threatening noises, although their were acting that way, not for Bella but because of the Golden angel's reaction towards Riley. She really does give off a remarkable impression that just seems to stick... she was a leader, muse, goddess.

Jasper's POV:

I couldn't believe Bella was still alive, the emotions that hit me from my family were extremely intense; shock, remorse, happiness, love, elation, confusion. I myself, was experiencing these and many more – not because of my power though. I have had a tremendous weight pressing upon me since her birthday – guilt and ten years of it. Guilt for starting all of this, for attacking her. If only I had more control, Edward wouldn't be a depressed, suicidal vampire and our family wouldn't be broken. I wouldn't have to feel all their overwhelming emotions, their mourning. Even though I wasn't extremely talkative with Bella or even went into close proximity to her, I did love her like a sister.

She made Alice so happy, which made me happy, I was in severe pain when I saw what my pathetic actions had done to my wife. She was never the same, she locked herself away, sobbing uncontrollably for weeks and that was just because we left her. It was all my fault! When news reached us that she died, well none of us could stop ourselves from dry-sobbing violently, we all became depressed, seeming withdraw from each other's company. I didn't know why she put up with me, why the rest put up with me. Why Edward hadn't killed me, I deserved it.

Knowing that she was alive and out there somewhere. This was a chance to get my little sister back? I would do anything to just see her again, bring her back to where she belongs... with us, her family. I am going to fix our family for everyone's sake. I'd have to beg her for forgiveness, I was more than willing after everything I put her through, I just hope she has not had to experience anything like I did before I met my Alice. I needed to protect her, properly this time, like a big brother would. I was relieved to not have to be tempted by her blood any more none the less, now we could really get to know each other, I knew she was a amazing person, we all did.

Seeing Riley AND newborns! It took me back into my memories that seemed more like nightmares... vivid ones, back to my savage, battling days, it was still so clear in my mind, I began to wish again that Bella wasn't subjected to anything like that. The thought alone made me cringe before I realised that HE was the vampire tracking down MY sister to kill.

I summoned from within the soldier... the warrior I had been so long ago, before Alice. My vision narrowed, my fist clenched tight as I instantly assessed the situation and began putting together a strategy, I snarled harshly the whole time.

Emmett's POV:

Bella's alive!!!! We gotta find her! She had always been like a little sister to me, one to tease, to protect. She was so funny, kind, cute and no doubt the strangest human I had ever met. I was glad I met her, glad Edward had, we had to get her back... most of the happiest times we've had has involved her. We lost our happiness when we left her, we lost all hope of ever regaining it when she died. I complained along with Alice the whole time, true I didn't cry when we left... I was beyond pissed, how could we just abandon our family? I did cry like a baby when we found out she'd died... we all did. Leaving her was the biggest mistake of our lives, existence, whatever, I don't care how long it takes – I'm finding my baby sister! I can't wait to see her again!

I was outraged when that bastard turned up!That bastard, Riley, is out to get my little sister! Just after we have a hope of getting her back! No! I would not let him touch a hair on her precious head. I felt my lips curl up when I imagined shredding him apart, I could feel my lips part to bare my teeth in a menacing smile when I thought about how I would burn him gleefully piece by piece. This fucker is going down!

Rosalie's POV:

You know the saying you don't miss something until it's gone?

Yeah well Bella was that something to me, I never realised what a effect she had on my family.... on me... it was huge, vital. Sure I despised her when I first met her and up until we left, I was jealous of the chances she had in life, in her HUMAN life. She was a unique case, anyone could see it, I was just to bitter to acknowledge it. I envied her chances furthermore since she could have the best of both worlds – human and vampire, I was so angry when she was oh so willing to give up those human chances up to become a vampire. I wouldn't have chosen this life if I was given the choice.

I was so happy when Edward told us we had to move without her - petty I know. As soon as I heard she had died, been murdered... that changed everything, I was unexpectedly crushed. When Alice announced it I couldn't breathe, I escaped to my room and dry sobbed for days. I was confused, I made it no secret that I disliked the girl from the start, so why did I react that way?

She was always polite to me, always seem to just take my snide comments on the chin. Sure, I could see it hurt her, I didn't care at the time, didn't feel remorse, I liked making her uncomfortable... but now I regret the way I was to her.

Her death... I wouldn't wish that upon anyone, especially not her. I reassessed my behaviour towards her and realised she had sort of fitted the role of a annoying little sister. The one that always wanted to know; what your doing, where you're going, if she could come out with you and your friends... you know the type. Even though she didn't ask those things, she gave off that vibe to me, I just didn't realise it. The one that no matter how infuriating she was, you still loved her, would die for her in a heartbeat.

I would die for her, my little sister, I love her. I wish a had this realisation years ago, when she was around.

When we found out she was still alive and that Victoria hadn't killed her but changed her into a vampire, my heart twinged painfully. She had been alone this whole time with a disgusting vampire constantly hunting her down?! She felt as if she had failed her, Bella had always been such a frail, clumsy, delicate little thing, how could she even survive out there alone? The beautiful warrior made out as if Bella was really powerful but I just couldn't see it. I wondered how they knew each other, their personalities seem worlds apart... what could they ever have in common.

I vowed to myself to find her and be the big sister I should have been from the start. She didn't know where to start but figured they should start with the filthy mutts that surrounded the angel. She remembered them from Forks.

My first act at redeeming myself to Bella will be to eliminate the disgusting parasite, Riley. I began to crouch into my hunting stance, snarls ripping from my throat. No matter what happens to me, I will ensure that he will never threaten my darling sister's existence again! He's mine to kill!

Esme's POV:

What kind of mother abandons her child, her youngest child?

Me, I was weak and didn't fight for the chance to stay with her like I wanted... like we all wanted. She was part of the family and would remain that way, no matter how brief our time was together. If only Edward himself, would have changed her, we could have all been a family. We could have all been happy at this very moment, Edward would finally get the mate I always knew he deserved, my lovely little Bella.... she would still be alive.

He was so stubborn and it broke my heart to see him give her up. I lost my desire to do anything, my renovating was long forgotten or more like unwanted, I found myself sobbing relentlessly, in the past ten years, there hasn't been a day that has past that I've not shed a tear for my daughter. I had already lost one child years ago and then it happened again! My baby boy and my beautiful Bella.

My heart came back to life when we heard she was in fact alive... and a vampire. I was ecstatic, I would never have to be without her again for the rest of eternity. All we had to do was find her. I couldn't wait to see her, hold her.

When the broad vampire entered with his legions of newborns - I was scared, scared of what would happen, to me, the remainder of my family. Scared that we would never get the chance to search for our Bella because that horrible army seemed ready to kill anyone and everyone.

When I discovered that it was indeed the brute who was seeking my Bella, all self preservation went out the window, I was urging to fight... to kill him, Riley.

He will never touch my daughter! I will not allow it. But this, this Riley is here now, if ever a chance to help my daughter would be now by getting rid of him once and for all. I felt a familiar, yet extremely rare loss of control, the same a mother bear would feel when forced to protect her cub against hunters, I felt tremors rattle my frame through the intensity of my rage. i would find my little girl again if it was the last thing I would ever do.

Carlisle's POV:

I am normally not a violent man, anyone could tell you that but at the moment I saw that vile creature, Riley - I saw red. At that moment the monster I have suppressed since my transformation began to surface, violent growls trembled from my chest. My lips pulled back I bared me teeth to the sudden visitor and his army.

This was the vampire that was to kill our Bella! She was practically a daughter to me and I have regretted leaving her with every fibre of my being. She was so kind, sweet, caring. A daughter you would be proud of... I was proud of her - I have to find her. But first I have to deal with this monstrosity.

Alice's POV:

Bella's alive! I have to find my best friend, my sister. I was beyond puzzled at why I couldn't see her in my visions. Is my power failing? I didn't have time to sulk because the door flew open and in came the being, that I only knew existed because of visiting this club tonight - when it was unveiled that he was hunting Bella! I didn't want to know what kind of person he was, if he had a family, the mere fact he intended to harm Bella was enough to make me want to destroy him.

Riley's here and I want him dead! I hate him and will kill him for her... our Bella... I'd face him and his vicious army single handedly if need be. I started growling fiercely, so fiercely my entire body was shaking with hate for him, I wanted vengeance, I would get it no matter what!

Saloona's POV: (P.S. I'm not really there! Haha)

The Cullen's all had the same idea at the same time as they stalked forward of their own accord toward Riley, 'army be damned' that was the identical - albeit crazy - but mutual thought that they all each came up with instantly. They stomped right up into a invisible force - one of Bella's shields.

As she and Riley conversed, you could feel the animosity rolling off her. Riley scanned the crowd but missed the Cullen's, assuming that every clubbing vampire was Bella's own allies, she quickly dismissed it, to everyone's disappointment. Especially Emmett, his groan was the loudest among the crowd, the rest of his family was a close second.

Riley didn't seem to believe she was capable to defend herself with only her wolf friends backing her up... he didn't know it but she didn't even need them, she challenged him and he answered by signalled for two of his 'soldiers' to attack. They didn't even make it that far, they were made into charcoal whilst still in the air.

The tension in the air became tight as Riley realised he wanted her, no one liked what he was insinuating, especially Bella as a blazing ring of fire rose leaving the 'clubbing' vamps and the Cullen's on the outside. The Cullen's were willing to risk their lives by passing through the fire just to get a chance to assault Riley but they couldn't. The were being kept away by one of Bella's physical shields, all the other vampires seem to accept this and just started concentrating on watching the battle that begun to unfold. Emmett couldn't be tamed as he repetitively charged the force field in hopes to break it. Deafening thunder bellowed through the club. He was quickly joined by his family, who tried to combine their efforts, hoping it would work, they could break free, they could get Riley.

The Cullen's watched too, despite their efforts to break the invisible force, amazed by Bella, her fighting, her powers - they still didn't know who she was until Riley revealed it. He announced her name among the crowd reverently after she and the pack destroyed his army easily, within a few minutes and distinguished the fire. After they discovered Riley could teleport, after he saw the glaring Cullen's and glared right back, threatening them of how they would pay. The Cullen's were extremely shocked but none the less deliriously happy, speechless... after making plans to go find her they discover she was here all along. Bella was here and she was... she was... The Golden Warrior Angel of Death. The most feared being in the whole of the supernatural world. The most feared in the normal world.

Edward's POV:

Bella was here! Bella was Thee Golden Angel Warrior of Death. At that moment everything made sense, I gasped as did the rest of my family. Although everyone was attracted to her, me included, it explained why I wouldn't feel guilty about betraying Bella, even though I knew I should - it was because she was Bella. That's why I felt as if she was close by - because she was. Why I couldn't hear her mind. Why the old image of Bella was pushed to the back of my mind, as if I had sub-consciously identified my mate, the only other person I have ever been attracted to, my Bella. It made room for her new image to fulfil the forefront of my mind.

All this time I have locked myself in my room, denying myself anything in mourning of my Bella. I would hardly listen when my siblings used to tell me the rumours about a Golden Warrior Angel of Death, when they brought me my food – I wished I would had listen more, not that I would have been able to make the connection consciously – she's so different.

I was that pathetic but if I had any idea that Bella was alive, I would have search the earth for all eternity until I found her and begged her forgiveness. All I can do is hope she would take me back. I needed to hold her, the urge I've had ever since I realised I loved her.

It seemed my family and I were lost for words, she was so amazing, lethal, spellbinding. We couldn't believe how much she had changed, she was... dangerous.

Alice was the first to break the silence as she stepped forward and questioned in a state of shock and pure bliss. 'Bella?!' she screeched.

Bella began to shake even more so than she had in result of Riley's presence, believe me it was a incredible accomplishment, until she... she... she exploded into a golden wolf, she was huge. Twice the size of the other wolves and twice as terrifying. She was stunning...

… and she was heading right for me, howling in outrage she charged towards me and her friends joined her mid way to flank her sides. If I hadn't had been so happy, I would fear for my life at this situation but saying that... I would gladly die at the hands/claws of my love, my angel. I spread my arms as 5 ferocious wolves stampeded toward me, leaded by the most astonishing creature, Bella.

Bella's POV:

'Bella?!' Alice squealed beaming at me as she was first to break the silence.

That was it! Emotion overload... Riley got away... again! He revealed who I was in front of the clueless family that abandoned me when I was pathetic and human. Neither of our parties were aware of the other's presence until now...

I guess the wolf's out the bag... literally...

I finally exploded into my wolf form, golden fur burst from my smooth skin. I roared in disbelief and charged for the family that left me 10 years ago the pack joining me mid way as they flanked my sides.

The pack were going crazy in their heads.

I had enough room in my head so I could totally focus on them while listening to my friends through our wolf synced minds.

Kill them all... I call dibs on Edward! - Jacob fumed.

No way, I want him! - Paul screamed.

We hardly have time to debate this Paul! He's mine! - Jake barked back. They continued to bicker between themselves, neither one gaining the upper hand.

I'm ripping the women apart – all of them! - Leah snarled.

I could see her playing it out in her head, tearing Esme, Alice and Rosalie to pieces...

We'll handle the rest! - That was Embry, by 'we' he meant himself and Seth who agreed bitterly determined.

I could see in our joint mind that they were planning their attack on Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett. They were visualising it, similar to the way I had directed them before with Riley and the newborns but lacking my I don't know... coolness? They all hated the Cullen's for what they did to me, what happened because of me meeting them, resulting in my first encounter with James which lead on to Victoria and Laurent which lead on to Riley and a army of newborns.

A small part of myself whispered - would have been dead a long time before that if you didn't meet them. Tyler's van. Rape... I'm just saying.

I told that part to - shut the fuck up. I was so grateful at that point that I could control what thoughts the pack could see of my mind. Despite myself I couldn't help shocking myself and the others when I snapped to their defence...

Don't you dare touch them! - I ordered. I'm not exactly sure why, I guess I still felt something for them deep down, they were my family once, my life.

I quickly dismissed those thoughts with a screw that.

I settled with the facts that it was Edward who hurt me, Edward who should pay, the rest of his family shouldn't be harmed and I should be the one to punish him and him alone. I let the pack see this fact, knowing my powers were securely hiding my annoying quiet inner doubts, and they seemed to accept it reluctantly, groaning and moaning as they stopped at my command metres from the Cullen's while I soared on.

Stop your fucking sulking! Go shift back - there's clothes outside in the cars. Go now!!

They obeyed my last order and as they left I sent forward a physical shield that hit the Cullen's like a tidal wave, pushing them across 10 metres and pinning them to the wall with such force that the building shuddered.

I had a nagging thought to be careful in case the building collapsed but I guess that since this is a club for vamps they knew fighting was bound to happen because they reinforced the whole club.

The Cullen's cried out my name as they hit the far wall, I charged on closing the tiny distance between me and him. He didn't make any indication to move, his arms were spread apart as if to embrace me. I pounced on him, claws curling in on his chest, he screamed out in pain as I slammed him into the ground.

In one precise motion I locked my jaw around his throat and tore off his head while his family stared, one moment frozen, the next struggling frantically to escape the bounds I put them in.

His head popped off and I stared down at it, it blinked back at me, seeming at awe and dazed at our closeness even in my wolf form. I still pinned his non-struggling body to the floor and started to lean closer to his severed head. I wanted to get a better look at him – the man that broke my heart long ago. His head had only rolled a arm's length away.

Unprepared I took in his scent, I started to get lost in his eyes and my breath caught. I regretted it, and pushed away the unwanted feelings that was rising to the surface. No! He abandoned me! My father died!

I dipped my head toward his and roughly pushed it away with tip of my nose, disgusted... with him or myself – I didn't know but somehow it didn't escape my attention that I brushed his cheek - that his skin was pure silk against my nose....

Snap out of it!

This time when it rolled it travelled a further distance that made him settle at the feet of the Cullen's. When it stopped rattling around like a dropped coin, I regained eye contact with Edward and kept it as I began to quickly bite off his fingers and thumb of his left hand one at a time. I continued snapping away; the rest of his hand, then his left fore arm, after I tore away his upper left arm I had quite a collection in my mouth.

I had room in their for a couple more limbs but didn't like the thought of a finger slipping down my throat or the fact I looked like a giant hamster so I spat them out. The pieces showered like rain over his, his siblings and parent's heads - they cried out throughout the speedy process, still trying to escape my hold... I didn't listen and their attempts were futile, it had took all of 3 seconds to shred his arm to pieces.

They're are fucking lucky to get those pieces back! A little gratitude wouldn't go amiss, I've done so much worse to others. That's where I got the idea of what to do next afterwards.

I repeated the shredding on his right arm and began to start on his legs, still keeping eye contact, always keeping eye contact. Ripping off each off his toes, then the rest of his foot, crunching through bones as I severed his calves, bite away his knee-cap, my teeth hacked away his thigh. I spat those pieces out at the 'family' again before I finished by ripping his hips away from his torso, making sure to aim my teeth for his groin.

Edward had the saddest eyes I had ever seen, filled with so much emotion. 'Bella?' he choked out softly. Not angrily like he should have been that I had just bit his head off - literally. Not pleading like every other vampire had been when I distributed this punishment or trying to barter his way out of this horrible predicament. He sounded broken – which yeah I guess was true.

I had killed many vampires so I knew by ripping them apart piece by piece, they basically became a big jigsaw that crawled to put itself back together again, unless you burned them - thus killing them.

The purpose of letting them live? They would feel a lot of pain as their body reattached themselves; bones, muscle, nerves and skin. It was the one of the worst none-fatal punishments I knew and dished out very well. I chose it for Edward but I guess 'subconsciously' I didn't want to use my power to set him a flame, I'm still not sure why.

I wrapped a small shield around each of his 36 severed pieces and made them rise so that they hovered in the air, right on eye level with the Cullen's - excluding his head that was still on the floor, his eyes wouldn't look away. I only wanted to look him in the eye as I bite into him, snapping him apart piece by piece. So I could see the pain it caused him and he could see the ruthless determination in mine, I was not the same girl he left, obviously - but something familiar stirred as he gazed upon me, still not angered but in pain, clearly from what I had put him through but there seem to be something more sadder under the surface.

Those beautiful eyes, he still looked like Adonis – just without the body, I didn't like the way I was feeling. I began getting more confused by the second. Was it guilt? Guilt?! What the fuck did I have to be guilty for?

A lot – that same annoying voice fumed. Why! How could you do this!

He hurt me!

He doesn't deserve this!

It's not like I'm going to kill him! No fire involved!

I tried to calm myself down so I could change back to my normal form to put the second stage of my plan into action but found that it took a lot of effort. I found that extremely unusual, I normally had excellent control.

It must be because of the Cullen's - those bastards stir up all sorts of emotions, some I couldn't understand, some I wouldn't understand and some I hated. I needed to get the hell out of here, away from them, they're making me doubt myself, the life I lived and loved till this day. They were making me weak, I couldn't let that happen.

The pack had only exited a minute ago, I could meet them at the cars.

I started to turn away, just to turn right back again, shifting back to normal in a nano-second, imagining what I wanted to wear my shields granted my desires and covered me in a gorgeous, golden, strapless bustier mini dress.

Being me I couldn't leave without opening my gob. The years of being on the spot light has made me a bet dramatic and theatrical at time - or so I'm told.

Plus I really wanted to follow through with my plans.

The Cullen's stop screaming and their struggles ceased as they caught sight of me again. Their mouths gaped for a while and they seemed to forget about the mutilated pieces of Edward hanging in front of them. Damn I'm good.

'Bella!? Why!?' Alice cried, horror struck. They all were.

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