It was a normal day for the titans. Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing videogames, Jinx and Terra were cheering their boyfriends on (Jinx and Kid Flash didn't work and Terra remembered everything and came back), Robin was teaching Starfire how to cook cookies, and Raven was sitting by the window reading a thick book. The TV blared CYBORG WON! Beast Boy gasped and threw his controller down.

"WHAT! HE CHEATED!" Beast Boy yelled at the TV.

"Beast Boy, the TV isn't going to answer back." Raven said. Beast Boy looked at her and glared.

"I realize that."

"Well then, save us all a headache and don't do it." Beast Boy huffed. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"It's okay BB, in my mind, you always win." Terra said, wrapping her arms around Beast Boy. Raven rolled her eyes. Beast Boy noticed this.

"You know, people might actually like you if you didn't do what you're doing now." Beast Boy confessed to Raven. She took a sip of her herbal tea and kept reading. "Hello?" Raven kept reading. "Fine then, be your bitchy self." Raven sipped her tea and read. Beast Boy stopped trying and told Terra some cheesy jokes. "Who has the easiest job in the world?" Terra shook her head. "Candle makers…They only work on wick ends!" Terra and Beast Boy started laughing.

The door rang through the tower. Raven got up and stretched. "I'll get it." She walked down the corridors to the door and opened it. The Titans East were at the other side. "Um hi." Raven said.

"Hey Raven." Bumble Bee said, sticking out her hand. Raven didn't take it so Bumble Bee continued. "Our jet ran out of fuel and we landed here. Do you think Sparky could fuel it up for us?"

"Sure, come in." Raven said. She moved to the side and Titans East came in. She noticed Mas and Menos weren't with them. "Where are Mas and Menos?"

"We left them at the tower." Aqualad said.

Raven nodded. She closed the door and walked through the corridors. She entered the common room and Robin spoke up, not looking away from the cookies that were moving.

"Who was that?" Raven was about to answer when Bumble Bee cut her off.

"It was us." Everyone looked up and ran towards them. Raven walked off to the cookies and destroyed them before they got loose. She then went back to her spot and grabbed her stuff and teleported into her room. She sat on her bed and meditated.

"Why are you guys here?" Terra asked.

"Ran out of fuel in the jet. Cy, can you give us some?" Speedy replied.

"Course man, but it's gonna take some time. You guys will probably have to stay the night." Cyborg replied. They nodded.

"Shall we partake in a movie?" Starfire asked.

"Yes!" Everyone shouted together. They all grabbed their jackets and headed into the garage. They climbed into Cyborg's car and Beast Boy's green Hummer. Speedy stood by the garage door.

"Are you coming?" Robin shouted.

"Nah, I think I'll stay here." Speedy shouted. Robin nodded and the cars drove off into the light snow. Speedy walked back upstairs and made some hot chocolate.


Raven woke up from a pleasant dream, a dream with silent Beast Boys. She looked at her clock. It read 2:15 P.M. "I've been asleep for an hour. Great." She got off her bed, grabbed the book she was reading and the empty mug, and headed for the common room. As she walked there, she noted that it was silent. Maybe my dream did come true. She made it and opened the door. She walked to the sink and placed her mug in it and walked to the couch. Where is everyone? Maybe they went somewhere. She looked for a note and found none. They left me again. I wonder if Cyborg hooked the jet back up. She transported to the roof. The jet was there and so was the fuel tank, but they weren't connected. She knew how it worked, so she connected the pipe to the side and teleported back to the couch. She sat down and started reading. She was reading for a good five minutes when Speedy walked up behind her. He bended down to whisper in her ear,

"Well, the sleeping beauty woke up." Raven turned around in a battle stance. Once she saw who it was, she dropped the stance and sat back on the couch. "To bad I wasn't able to kiss you."

"What do you want Speedy?"

"To hang out with a hot titan." Speedy replied, feeling smart.

"Starfire and Terra aren't here." Raven replied, turning a page in her book. Speedy dropped the smile.

"I know." Raven decided it was time to drop the subject.

"Do you know where they went?" She asked. Speedy flipped over the back of the couch and landed on the left of Raven.

"To go see some movie." He replied.

"Why aren't you with them then?" Raven said, her eyes glued to her book.

"Cause I knew you were still here." Raven nodded.

"That's a first." Raven whispered to herself, but Speedy heard.

"What's a first?" Raven shook her head, not replying, so Speedy kept begging. "Please tell me, please tell me, please tell me!" Raven rolled her eyes.

"You're as bad as Beast Boy!" she semi-yelled at him. "People don't miss out on stuff for me." Speedy looked at her.

"Really?" He asked sympathy in his eyes. Raven looked up at his masked eyes and felt the sympathy.

"Don't feel sorry for me." She replied, looking back at her book. Speedy smiled.

"I'll always miss out on stuff for you babe."

"Don't call me 'babe' and I highly doubt that." Raven replied. She got up and walked in the kitchen to make some more tea. Speedy followed.

"Fine then, I'll just have to prove it to you." Speedy said.

"How are you going to do that?" Raven asked. She reached for a box of tea bags, but they were too high, so Speedy grabbed them for her. She took them and mumbled a thank you. "You know, this is the longest conversation I've ever had with some one outside of Titans West." Speedy nodded.

"Well, maybe if you did more stuff with people-." Speedy started.

"They know I can't because of my powers." Raven said.

"But you defeated the dude! Do you even try?" Raven sighed. He got her there. Speedy turned Raven around. The touch tensed her up, but he didn't care. "You're too afraid to try. Here, why don't we try an experiment. You come to the movies with me tonight and see what happens with your powers. If they act up, I'll drop it. If they don't we'll go from there, okay?" Raven looked in his masked eyes and knew this was him, not some dare. She sighed.